Thursday, July 25, 2019

Hot Hot Hot/Sandringham Flower Show

Yuck.  It is terribly hot. I've had enough and can't wait for things to get a little cooler.  It's difficult to sleep as it is so sticky. Mum and I are having a lovely time.  We're off for a week on Saturday to Weymouth. I'm really looking forward to it.

Yesterday we went to the Sandringham Flower Show. It was a hot day but we had a lovely time looking around. There were so many beautiful displays and a lot of  plants I would have taken home if I could have. These were taken on my phone as I didn't bring my laptop to sort out camera pics

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Arrived in England Safely

I left for England last Friday and -after a bumpy start where the plane I was on almost didn't take off - I made it to England on time.  The second flight was uneventful but really busy.  There were no spare seats at all. I'm having a good time with Mum.  I'll write more later.  Just wanted to check in.

This was from our trip to Woodbridge today. The weather was beautiful.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Getting Ready

I'm trying to get moving so things will be done when I leave. I had a horrible thought last week, when getting ready to go to daughter's, that I wouldn't have enough capris/trousers to take with me to England or shirts so today I went through my wardrobe and pulled things out and tried them on. I hate shopping for bottoms especially as they are either too short, the hips are too tight or the waist is too big. I had prepared myself to do some (horrible) last minute shopping, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that I have enough to take with me for the trip! I shall probably have to whittle down the pile as I probably won't need them all. I shall take more tops as I can be a little clumsy and don't want to be doing washing all the time. Mum has a washer but no dryer so things have to be put out on the washing line weather permitting.

I also got up in my craft room and did some sorting. There are a couple of small projects I'll be taking with me so that I have something to do in the evenings. I won't take too much as it is all extra weight and I'd probably end up not doing it. I also took care of some of the things I hadn't got around to putting away yet. I'm hoping to leave things at least a little organised while I'm gone.

I did take a walk in the morning. I saw a mother and two fawn down by the lake. They were all so cute. I did take a picture but - story of my life - I haven't sorted them yet. I also had a hair appointment.  Tomorrow there are a couple more projects on my list and son will be coming up to eat with us and say goodbye to me. We keep in touch via Facebook Messenger while I'm gone so it's not like I'll be totally out of communication.

Today's photo. This is one I took while we were on our camping trip up north. I really enjoyed waking up in the morning to see the sunrise with the slight mist over The Lake of the Clouds. It was such a beautiful sight.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Took a Little Time...

Thanks for the lovely comments about Shadow. I really appreciated them!

I took a mini-break from blogging. I wasn't in the mood to share anything but more thoughts of Shadow. I'm feeling a little better now though the house still seems strange without him.

On Thursday we drove to daughter's in Minnesota. It was only a quick trip - for the long holiday weekend here in the states. We went with MIL and FIL. It gave them a chance to meet daughter's boyfriend and see their new house. We had a lovely time. The huskies were pleased to see us and I got lots of cuddle time with Shasta.

The journey back was horrible. It took us a LOT longer than it usually does and the traffic was pretty bad. We made it back late. Poor hubby had to go straight to bed and get up for work in this morning. I'm sure he will be pretty tired when he gets home from work. He has a really early start in the mornings - 5am on Mondays.

It's going to be a busy week for me. I leave on Friday to go to England for six weeks to visit Mum. I can't wait!

I have the requisite washing to do today and cleaning then I'll be sorting some photos and checking out blogs. Hope everyone has a good Monday!