Wednesday, January 31, 2024

End of January

Can't believe this is the last day in January! This month has flown by. Baby A will be one month old in a few days. She is growing in leaps and bounds. Still not sleeping a lot. Today was another fussy day. 

It is unseasonably warm here in Minnesota, so we took her outside for a little while today. She was still bundled up as it is chilly. I don't think she particularly liked being confined in thick clothes. The dogs were curious as to why she was outside too. Rather funny. They wouldn't run around and play like they normally do. 

This is a short one. I did put together a couple of cards, but I forgot to take a photo so that shall be in another post. 

I've actually completed 31 days of my 366 project!


A lovely sunrise through the window!

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

It's Tuesday

Woke up this morning feeling achy after yesterday's fall. I'm so clumsy sometimes. I was trying to hurry and - for some reason - I always think there is one step at the back door from daughter's house to the garage and there are two. I missed. Ouch. Next time I am going to be really careful! I've almost done the same thing before but have managed to catch myself. Not this time! My poor ankle is black and blue. I have stayed off it most of the day and iced. Hopefully, it will be alright. It's my 'bad' ankle, one I've sprained several times before, pulling tendons and ended up having surgery on it. I'm hoping things will be ok this time. 

It was a rough baby day today - and last night. She was very windy/gassy and just didn't seem to want to settle. As daughter hadn't got a lot of sleep last night she went back to bed this morning and I looked after baby for several hours this morning. Hoping tonight will be a bit better!

I haven't had a lot of time to do much today. I am debating whether to do a bit of crafting before bed or just tumble into bed lol. It's already 10.20 and I shall be up at 6.30. What to do!

I did manage to look at a couple of camera photos from yesterday when SIL got home and took over some baby stuff. 

 Day 30/366 Phone Photo Things That Make Me Smile 

Baby A under shirt today - so appropriate lol

Monday, January 29, 2024

Sunday Walk and Beginning of a New Week

It was so foggy when I went out yesterday. I did have a nice walk along the river and then I went back to the wildlife refuge as there was lots of ice on the trees there. It was really quite wonderful. Son-in-law was having some of his family over to meet the baby, so I thought I'd stay out of the way and get in a good walk. It certainly made me feel as though I can tackle a week inside again. I was so tired out when I got back though. 

Here's a little video of how the ice was on the plants. 

It was really quite a magical wonderland. I took lots of photos but have to find the time to sort through them all. 

When I woke up this morning there was still ice on the trees and a little fog around. Daughter decided she was taking a nap later in the day and encouraged me to go out and take some photos. It was really quite magical. It warmed up pretty quickly and the ice all disappeared. It was nice to get out. 

Later in the day I was clumsy, missed a step in the garage and went splat. I feel a little bruised as I hit my head on the garage door as I went down and twisted my ankle! My ankle is a bit swollen so I'm keeping it up. Hopefully it will feel better in the morning. At least I'll be able to stay off it until Saturday as I wasn't planning to walk again until then. 

Hope everyone had a better start to the week!

Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile 


A walk along the river. This is another part of the Mississippi River. It runs through downtown St Cloud. There are some lovely gardens there, not anything growing at this time of year, but a nice place to walk. It made me smile to get out for another walk. 


An icy tree. It was really beautiful. I was glad to get out for just an extra little bit. 

Saturday, January 27, 2024

It's the Weekend :)

I think I'm all caught up on my comments now. I do appreciate all your comments. I do read them although I'm behind (the story of my life) with replying. Days just seem to be sliding into one another! The last couple of days seem to have flown by even though I haven't been out anywhere. 

Today - Saturday - felt like I recharged my batteries. I slept in for a bit this morning, as son-in-law was home. Turned out he was staying in bed longer too lol and daughter was up when I did get up, so I took Baby A and she went back to bed! 

Later in the day - shock, gasp - I got out for a walk. A long walk! It was a bit drizzly when I left, but it did clear up and the sun came out. It was lovely to just get out and walk. The temp was a little above freezing - a heat wave at this time of year for Minnesota - and the sun felt nice while I walked. I went to the wildlife refuge today and walked one of the trails there. I was gone for a few hours. I can't describe how lovely it felt!

Tomorrow I'm going out again. Son-in-law is having some of his family over to see the baby so I thought that would be a great time to leave them to it and take off for another walk. I'm planning to go to another park by the Mississippi River that also has some gardens to walk in. I know there is nothing growing right now, but sometimes there are some birds to see and there are lots of statues and such that I'll take a look at and maybe a few photos. I'll probably be in most of next week I'm sure, so I want to get out while I can. 

While I was out today I saw lots of trumpeter swans. There were three pairs on the frozen lake talking to one another. I love the sound they make! When there are a bunch of them it's really loud. 

It's not the greatest video, but I thought I'd share.  Don't they make quite the sound!

Phone Photos Things That Make Me Smile


Baby A gripped onto daughter's hand while she was holding her. Really was a lovely, sweet moment. 


Getting outside in the sunshine made me smile today. Really was a much-needed recharge of the batteries. 

I'm going to catch-up reading blogs while Baby A is sleeping and before I fall asleep!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. How's the weather on your end? 

Thursday, January 25, 2024

A Few Crafty Cards

These were made last week or so. I haven't had a lot of crafting time this week - very little - but I hope to get some this weekend when son-in-law is home. I'm going to have a lie in and then do some crafting and go for a couple of walks.

Anyway, these were really easy to do. They are from a Hunkydory kit called Under the Stars Concept Kit. I have a bunch more to like. They have a wildlife theme, something I really like!


The days really are blending together. I am looking forward to the weekend as I really need to get out for a walk. I don't think I've spent so much time indoors in years!

Phone Photos Things That Make Me Smile


Sasha the Husky. She generally looks pretty grumpy but is really sweet around the baby. 


I took a photo of Baby A playing on her little playmat. She really likes kicking her legs around and watching the musical part with its bright lights


She looked adorable in her little sleep sack this morning. She was all cosy and warm and very snuggly - until she got hungry and screamed lol

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Tiring Few Days

Haven't posted the last few days. Baby (and Mum) have had a rough few days sleeping. I've been helping out as much as I can. I'm pretty tired myself. Hoping baby gets the hang of days and nights soon lol. I was going to post last night but by the time baby and daughter went downstairs to try to get some sleep it was after eleven and I was tired out myself! I was up early again this morning, taking over for daughter so she could get some sleep as she was up a lot again last night. 

I thought I'd better post now while daughter is up and I'm awake lol. 

I did get out on Saturday and Sunday for a walk. It felt really good. On Saturday it was still very cold (see last post) so I didn't walk far. It was nice to get out for a drive and a little walk. Sunday the temperature was a little better - still below freezing - but I decided to go out to a different park. I'm a little nervous about driving new places here around here where I don't know my way. But I did a little research and found the back roads (thankfully not covered by ice any longer) and went to the Bend in the River Regional Park about half an hour away. It's a lovely little park. I've been there before with daughter. It has an old homestead of old buildings and there is a path along the top of the bluff looking down on the Mississippi River which was completely frozen! 

Even though it was cold it was lovely to get out for a long-ish walk. There was absolutely nobody about. I didn't dare look too close in any of the windows as I'm a big scaredy cat lol. 

A couple of my favourite buildings

I took lots of photos of different textures and things I saw there too. I participated in a Webinar the other day that talked about different creative photography and a lot of the surfaces looked as though they would make interesting photos that I could use for different projects. I'm glad there wasn't anybody about to see me taking close-ups of rust lol. 

A phone photo of the river

The frozen Mississippi River as far as my eye could see!

I haven't had time to do any craft stuff - sadly. I'm actually in the mood to do some. 

I actually have to post a few Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile. They might be repetitive as my life seems to be baby lol. 


Out for a drive, saw the lines in this field and had to pull over - made me smile


A lovely walk along the river and another barn at the homestead


Can't help smiling when I'm looking after this little girl

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow!

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Saturday Morning and a Finished Craft Project

I meant to post yesterday, but when evening came, I started to feel really cold and shivery. I'm not sure if I had a fever or was just drained. I ended up going to bed really early and (with the usual wakeups in the night several times) stayed there for about ten hours! I suppose I must really need the sleep. Babies are quite tiring lol. Baby A has been really fretful the last couple of days and night. She isn't getting much sleep, and neither are the new parents. Sigh. She is adorable and those moments keep them smiling. I've been trying to do as much as I can but, as I said, Baby A hasn't been getting a lot of sleep and wants to keep eating. 

This is earlier than I normally post but I am awake and Baby A is (finally) getting a little sleep so I thought I'd post while the going is good! 

It's bright and sunny out while I'm writing this. I am hoping to get out for a walk or two sometime this weekend but it is bitterly cold again today

As of 8am 

It is supposed to warm up (ha ha) tomorrow to 20F/-7C . In the week it might actually get above freezing which is a big warm up for here!

19/366 Phone Photos Things That Make Me Smile

I finished another project! I'm attaching a video clip of a flip through of the album. It turned out quite nice! I thought I was going to run out of the Woodland Paper but made it work.

I might add a few more embellishments, as I have a few of those left. Not sure yet. For now, this is it. 

I hope you can see it! I'm off to catch up on blogs while baby still sleeping. I hope everyone has a good Saturday. 

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Days Blending Together

Still plodding along. Baby A had her two-week checkup yesterday. She now weighs 9lbs and is 22inches long! When she was born, she was 8lb 8ozs and went down to about 8lbs, so she has gained a pound in a couple of weeks. She is out of her newborn outfits and in the 0-3months clothes now. She was quite alert at the doctor's office. It was really cold outside, but we tucked her up well and hurried into the office. She didn't like being put in her car seat much. I suppose it's being strapped down. She does seem to like her hands free!

After her adventure yesterday she was quite restless last night so today I tried to help out taking care of her while daughter got some sleep. I did manage to watch a Webinar on Abstract Photography with my online camera club. It was really interesting. I'm hoping to be able to do some soon. 

As for now, I'm ready to take a shower and go to bed! I'll catch up on comments and visiting blogs tomorrow!

Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile 

16/366 is another of those ones I'm not sharing. Baby A was wearing a really cute hat in car seat. Made me smile!


Was a beautiful sunrise this morning. I wasn't out in it, but I did watch through the window - as much as I could see! I'm missing my walks at Asylum Lake and seeing the snow, but am enjoying watching Baby A's first weeks.


I snapped this photo while Baby A was sleeping on me, her little hands curled against my jumper. So sweet!

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Some Craft Projects

I thought I'd share some of the craft projects I've been doing. Usually, I do these after daughter and son-in-law have taken Baby A downstairs to their bedroom and before I go to bed. 

I've (sort of) completed three cards using the toppers I have posted before. There are no sentiments on them as I did not bring any with me that suited and I don't want to buy more as I have some at home. 

I have completed the mini-album I was making. The basic waterfall album was made from paper too. I really enjoy this woodland paper. 

I find these really fun to make. 

This is another one I've started. The actual album is made from a kit, but you have to put it together the way you want the album to be and then decorate. I'm using more of the woodland paper as I have a bunch left. 

Hopefully I'll have the finished one to show you soon!

I absolutely love these papers. I have some cut aparts that came with the papers and I'm hoping to make some cards of out them

Monday, January 15, 2024

Still Cold

I got out of the house for a bit today as it was son-in-law's last day at home. I was going to go for a walk, but it was far too cold for that! It didn't get above 0F/-18C today and the windchill (it was windy too!) was waaaayyy below that. I took the car for a drive and did get out briefly to take a couple of bird photos and then got right back in the car! It was brutal! Even though I wasn't outside long my lips are chapped. At least daughter's car was in the garage, so it easily started. The same can't be said for my car back in Michigan. Husband could not get it started this morning or this evening, so we are thinking it needs a new battery. In the money department, it seems as though we take two steps forward and one step back!

Here in Minnesota Little Baby A is still not sleeping well at night. Poor daughter was really tired today and I'm sure it's only going to get worse. Baby A is quite gassy. She does have some times in the day when she is wide awake and other times quite restless after feeding. I hope things get better!

I did finish my craft project, though I forgot to take photos so hopefully the light will be good tomorrow so I can take some. I've been reading quite a bit. I do like being able to read in bed at night and in the morning when I get up!

I did get up early enough (ha ha) today that I could see a bit of the sunrise

Not the greatest view or the greatest photo, but hey, as cold as the temperatures are, it is nice to see the sunshine!

It was this cold at 9am this morning.

Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile 14/366

Look at these adorable little feet! Don't they make you smile? They did me!


I'm not posting the photo as I'm not showing granddaughter's face, but this evening as we were sitting in the living room son-in-law was holding Baby A and the puppy (Sierra) snuggled up right next to them. It was just adorable!

Baby A is certainly giving me lots of things to smile about!

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Weekend Chill

It's pretty cold today. I stayed inside.  I did let the dogs out into the garden. One, Sierra, proceeded just to sit down in the snow and cold. I went back inside. She's a Great Pyrenees mix, has a double coat and doesn't seem that bothered by the cold, much like the husky, Sasha. 

It was 3F/-16C with a windchill of  -16F/-27C! Brrr. 

 Goofy Sierra. She wouldn't come in when I called, and I wasn't chasing her around the garden. BTW she did bark when she was ready to come in and I let her right back in. I think she was waiting for her husky buddy Sasha, but Sasha pulled a muscle or something and the vet recommended limited activity for two weeks. Try keeping a husky still for two weeks! The best we can do is limit the time they play together outside so that means one dog outside at a time. 

It's only going to get colder over the next couple of days. Luckily, we do not have to go anywhere. I was hoping to get out for a walk, but I think that's not recommended with the temps so low. I really am missing my walks!

Back in Michigan husband says they have got about 10 inches of snow so far. It's good it happened at the weekend and they don't have to go anywhere. Their temperatures haven't been too bad but I think it's supposed to get colder there - though not as cold as us. 

Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile 12/366

It's baby again. She really is delightful. A snuggly armful. Babies just smell so lovely. 

Last night she was awake more than asleep. Baby A and I had a little talk about that today lol. She was awake enough and aware that we had a lovely (albeit one-sided conversation) but she was looking at me and paying attention (I think lol). Daughter slept in and son-in-law kept baby downstairs. So this morning I spent a bit of time doing some crafty stuff. I've been listening to some Charles Paris BBC Audio Dramas while crafting so it was fun. 


Doing some crafts

It's a little waterfall mini-album using some woodland papers I brought with me. It isn't finished yet, but I'll show more when it is. 

What plans do you have for the weekend? How's the weather where you are? 

My sister said she had a little snow in Ipswich last Monday but it didn't lay and she was thankful as she doesn't like driving in the bad weather and she has to pick up her grandson on Mondays!

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Smiling Every Day

Baby A seems to be more aware each day. She is quite a gassy baby and the faces she pulls are so funny! She has this one where she scrunches up her lips into a little o shape. It's utterly adorable. She is awake for little periods and enjoys looking around. The dogs are still a little curious about her. Sasha slept beside her bassinet the other night and seems concerned when she cries. It really is quite sweet!

I actually went out for a walk today - gasp! It was pretty cold. 10F/-12C with a wind chill of -3F/-19C. It was cold but I bundled up - double bottoms, double top, double gloves, hood up and boots. The sun was shining and once I was walking for a bit it didn't seem that bad until one way I went and when I turned around the wind was blowing bitterly in my face. It did feel nice to get out for a bit. I was a little nervous as the roads were a bit icy in place. I'm glad I went out though as there will be a little snow tomorrow and the temperatures dip down at the weekend for a pretty cold high of -4F/-20C and a low of -10F/-24C. Brrr. Back at home in Michigan they are under a Winter Storm Warning - schools have already closed tomorrow - and snow is forecast in the amount of 8-14 inches! It won't be as cold as here, around freezing, but all that snow! I think a little part of me might miss it even though there is some snow here lol. 

I've been reading quite a bit - two more books finished - and doing a little crafting. Daughter found me up a desk/reading lamp so I should be able to see a bit better. The light in the bedroom where I've set up a table to craft on, is not good. Hopefully, I'll get a little bit done. 

Son-in-Law goes back to work next week so I think the plan is that daughter and I will try to get on some sort of schedule. I've been helping out where I can and cooked a few meals. Son-in-law's tastes are a little different from my family so it's taking a little adjustment. He says he isn't a picky eater - ha ha - but there are a lot of things he won't eat. I'm sure it will all work out. 

Phone Photos Things That Make Me Smile


Keeping an eye on baby at night is such tiring work! She makes me smile. 


Baby A loves having her hands free. They swaddle the baby when she's sleeping at night as her hands and feet seem to get cold so easily, but when she has them free she moves them all over the place. She has quite the grip too!


It was lovely to get out today for a walk. The sun was shining and, although it was cold, it felt good to get out!

Monday, January 8, 2024


Woke up to a bit of snow today. It snowed on and off throughout the day. A lot of the time I enjoyed cuddles with baby. She was a little fussy with wind/gas. She did wake up enough to have a few photos taken. I must admit that I really admire people who do baby photo shoots. They aren't easy! We managed to get a few photos; I hope they turn out okay. I'm sure there will be more in the future. 

I made a Chicken Alfredo thingy for dinner tonight. I think it turned out okay. We put in a Walmart order to pick-up yesterday. There aren't many grocery shops around here and quite a few of them are rather expensive. We went with Walmart, and it turned out okay. Daughter was quite pleased with the quality of the bananas she received as well as the dates on some of the other things. She's thinking about trying out their delivery service and see how that goes as she is thinking that it would be helpful when she does go back to work. She lives out in the country a bit though so she's not sure they will deliver. We will have to see! There is a food shop in her town, but they are quite expensive and what they have is limited. 

Last night, after everyone had gone to bed, I did a little crafting, but it didn't last for long as I was quite tired! Not sure I'll do any tonight as it's quite late already. I did start another book, reading it while I was holding granddaughter. 

8/366 Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile 

Baby A was awake for a little while today. I got out this little comforter/blankie thing and she seemed to look right at it, batting it with her little hand. It really made me smile!

I'll try to have something not baby related tomorrow, but Baby A is making me smile a lot!

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Days Flying By

The days seem to be flying by. We're all trying to get used to having a new baby in the house. Baby A seems to have gotten her days and nights mixed up! She sleeps pretty well during the day and stays awake a lot at nighttime! Poor daughter is tired and still sore. I'm trying to help as much as I can, keeping an eye on Baby A while daughter showers or sleeps. I think Baby A is having quite a bit of gas too which might be making her a little fussy. I'm sure things will settle down after a while. She also has a bit of a stuffy nose, but the doctor said it was normal. Daughter's husband still has another week off work and he's really a hands-on dad. Obviously as daughter is breast feeding, he can't help with that, but he's helping as much as he can. 

Baby A really is delightful though. She moves around a lot even when she's sleeping! She's had her eyes open more the last couple of days and seems to spend time looking around. The dogs are getting used to her, they seem a little startled when she cries. Sasha, the husky, sits by her living room bassinet while she's sleeping and seems quite curious about her. I think daughter and her husband are quite pleased how the dogs are adjusting. 

I haven't been out for walks. There has been some snow overnight and I'm sure you all know how I feel about driving in the snow! I have been working on photography projects while I have some spare time and doing a bit of reading. I have a list of photography projects that I want to get done this year. While I'm at daughter's I'm working on organising and labelling my SD cards and re-looking at some older photos. I am missing being out taking photos, but I have been taking quite a few of the baby! It's certainly different for me as I tend to take nature photos. 

Yesterday was #1day12pics. It's something A Year with my Camera does and I am trying to do each month with a theme. This month I chose to do 'New Baby'. My daughter and son-in-law understandably want to limit online photos of the baby so the ones I chose for my twelve photos are details. You can't see her face. 

Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile 6/366

Sierra was so tired out by all the baby happenings she fell asleep with her toy close to her. Made me Smile!

7/366 - The first book finish this year! I was actually a little disappointed in it. I usually like the books by this author, but I found this one a little flat. I was glad to be done with it!