Friday, August 28, 2020

Social Media - Instagram - Crafty Project

Still hot. We got a downpour of rain and thunderstorms and it was cool....for about 30 minutes. It heated right back up with stifling humidity as well. Phew. It was another hot night last night. I was up several times due to foot/leg cramps. I am sure the heat is not helping. I went for my walk this morning but it was horrible - I was all sweaty at the end of it (and not because I was moving at a fast pace!). Thank you for all the comments yesterday. I appreciated them.

Still sorting and getting rid of things. I hope to do a little reorganising next week as I've pulled out lots of magazines from the magazine holders and now can condense. It certainly is a job and a half. I think it will take me a while, but as long as I keep taking steps forward I am happy. I can see some space emerging. The trick will be not filling it up again! I still have a LONG way to go. The next go round will be a little tougher!

I am trying to do better about posting on this blog. I really need to update my photography blog but - as you all know - I am not very organised and before I know it days have passed without a post. I should write down in my planner to do it and then perhaps it will get done. I am doing pretty well on Instagram remembering to post. I don't use a lot of other social media. I have a Facebook account but I rarely post on it. I use it to belong to a couple photography groups. I have two Instagram accounts - one for my photography and the other for my home life (books, crafts, documenting life). If I could figure out how to post a button I would - tried it once and it did not work!  I have included a couple of links in case anyone else is on Instagram. It's my favourite social media as I can choose whose feed to see and it is all crafty or photography. It's nice to be able to choose!

My Photography

Crafts, books & more

I have been up in my craft room doing a new little book. This one is a waterfall album. It is really easy to make. I love it! The pages are great for 4 x 4 photos so I am going to have to dig some out!

It's supposed to cool down tomorrow. If it's still really hot and humid I'm not taking a walk. I'll have a rest day. I'm going to take a break from sorting too and maybe spend a lot of time crafting.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Wednesday - hot hot

Groan. I know there are hotter places, but I have had enough of the heat. I can't wait for it to cool down a little. It was really difficult to sleep last night as it didn't get below 75f/24c.

Going for a walk this morning I was just so sticky! I did go though. Something...a little unsettling happened. Not bad. I'm just not sure how I feel about it. Anyway, here goes. I'm a member of a couple of women only photography groups and once in a while there is a post about how some male photographers can be quite dismissive as though you don't know a thing. Mind you, some of the women in the group are professionals with magazine credits, shows and such. I've never encountered it before. There are even a couple of really nice guys who have pointed me in the right direction for birds and such. Not today.

I met up with my walking friend J. J and I met at our usual spot and there was a younger guy there taking photos. We just said hi and went on our way. Later when we were done walking we were sitting on a bench chatting and he came past to go to his car. We started talking to him having a nice conversation about birds and photography (J isn't a photographer, but a birdwatcher). The younger guy has his camera with him and I've got mine (incidentally we had the same lens). This other guy comes up and stands there and then proceeds to jump in and start talking to the guy about photography, his camera, what photos he's taken and such. It's really to the point where it seems he is deliberately ignoring me, so much so that J says quietly to me 'That's really rude. How come he's not asking you any of those things?'

When we get up to leave the guy then does ask me what camera I have. I tell him. He says 'oh that's okay'. I replied 'I like it', left it at that and walked off.  I felt like telling him that the lady I learned from tells us it's not always the equipment but how you use it. Ha ha. I should have. Sigh. BTW not that I feel the need to justify my camera to anyone but it is a newer full frame model.  J actually apologised to me (like it's her fault!) and says I'm sorry that happened. I shrugged it off but I'm left feeling a little off.

Still, I cannot dictate others reaction to me so I shall channel my inner Elsa and let it go.

On the sorting things note - another box of books has left the house as have several crafty magazines! One good thing that has come from sorting all those magazines is that I have found some wonderful 'free' gifts that came with some of the Papercrafting magazines including a lovely kit that I have (partially) used along with some other bits I had to create a couple of cards. One is for my Aunt in Australia. Usually Mum and Aunt write a lot but neither is getting out a lot so I said I'd make a card for Aunt and sign it from me and Mum with a little note. The other is for Mum's birthday.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Any Magazine Hoarders?

Ok. So apparently my problem is not only books it is crafty magazines. I have SO many of them. I was sorting out a bookshelf when I realised the bottom shelf was filled with cross stitch magazines (these aren't the only magazines I have). There are so many of them. I was telling Mum that even if I lived to be 150 there was no way that I would be able to stitch all the designs I had marked in them. Yes, I had looked through each magazine and carefully put a post-it note on each design that I was interested in doing (in the past). That's how I knew there were too many. I cannot stitch that much. BUT they are so cute! X would love it! (this is my inner voice that had me holding onto them). Eek!

So today I am taking a break from the book sorting to sort through some magazines. I am sitting going through them, thinking about the designs I can realistically do or would be interested in doing. Depending on the state of the magazine I am either pulling out the designs, or keeping the whole magazine. I am tackling this the same way I am tackling the books - making a quick sweep through and getting rid of the ones I know I can and then I will go back at a later date and cut them down even more. Luckily some of these I can stick on Ebay for really cheap and make a little money. The others I will either donate or (the ones I've pulled apart) recycle.

I am keeping in mind the long term goal - I want to move somewhere up north, where the house will probably not be big, but there will be land around to enjoy. If it ends up being just a dream I will have a much cleaner house!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Photo to enjoy - one of the lovely young Blue Jays that visit my garden. This one is enjoying the sun. Makes me laugh!

Friday, August 21, 2020

Still Going

I am happy to report yet another box of books has left the house! Some I am finding really easy. I am sure it will get more difficult as the piles get smaller. I obviously have a huge amount of books. More, I must admit, than I thought. I am finding them everywhere! I must admit that shopping for books is something I tend to do when I'm feeling down. Other people shop for clothes and shoes - I shop for books! Admittedly most of them are used, but I do buy a few new ones. It still seems overwhelming but I am appreciating the encouragement. It certainly helps. I know others struggle with this too.

This week reading Jacky's Motivational Monday post over at Dicky Bird's Nest really helped. I think sometimes she's just writing these for me!

Although I've been sorting through books and craft magazines I have been getting some cross stitch in - though not a lot this week. This was a design in one of my too-many cross stitch magazines I have. I am finding it easier to let these go too and just choose to hold onto ones where I think I will get to the designs. Obviously even this pile will have to get smaller too - but first go through I'm letting go of the easy ones.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Another Box of Books Bites the Dust...

Another box of books gone! They are all packed up and ready to leave the house. There are still many more to go.

I've been sorting, getting rid of lots of crafty magazines, more than I ever thought I'd be able to let go. I am finding it quite freeing, but what I still have it so overwhelming. I know it's a little at a time and as long as I keep going the piles will be getting smaller.

I have been up in the craft room a little this week. I made this lovely little album using more of the cards and envelopes I had. This is also used paper from my stash as well as some tags. It really made me smile to make this.

I know I've made quite a few of these but I am really liking them and I am using up things I have.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Week Over?

I must admit I've been in a bit of a wobbly state this week but it has gone quick! I think that's just it, we have to keep plodding along and making the best of things.

I have been working hard on the book decluttering. Sometimes I still feel as though I'm moving one pile to somewhere else, but I am sorting through things and getting rid of things. I have another box of books ready to go to the library bookshop (when they open) or the charity shop (if the library bookshop doesn't open soon). Getting rid of some of them aren't bothering as much as I thought they would or perhaps I'm just a little bit more ready. I still have a lot to go through but it's nice to see things leaving the house. I have even been sorting through some magazines (crafty ones) ripping out the bits I will use and recycling the rest. The recycle bin was almost full again this week.

I have been upstairs crafting a little. It's been quite hot again though. I have begun working on getting things organised more up there and have found some things that I didn't remember I had. It's like going shopping at home lol. I am pretty sure there are things up there that I'm going to get rid of. There are some decorative papers I know that I won't use. I was thinking up making up a collection and then putting them all together in the donate box. I hate the thought of tossing them out.

There have been a couple of lovely mornings out walking this week. The light is becoming quite beautiful in the morning. These are phone photos but I thought I'd share. It has (sadly) been quite busy at the place where I walk in the mornings. I am hoping that once things cool down it will be a little quieter. Selfish of me but I miss the peacefulness of my walk.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Monday, August 10, 2020

Weekend/Decluttering Update

Thanks for all the encouragement on the decluttering of books. It's going fairly well. I am going with the flow and am finding some a lot easier to get rid of than others, but each little bit counts.

I have officially declared August as Book Decluttering month. I've been in a bit of a funk lately - haven't talked about it much - but I was supposed to leave on Friday (rescheduled trip) to visit Mum for six weeks. Unfortunately the flights were cancelled and as the quarantine order is still in effect the trip has been put on hold indefinitely. I am trying not to think about it too much as I just feel like crying. Some others on here have left comments before about being in the same boat so I know others understand. It's really tough being so far away from an aging parent and not knowing whether you will see one another again.

Deep Breath.

Anyway, so as I am going to be stuck here for a while I have decided that I will be using the time to do something...well, useful. I am going to sort out stuff (mainly books) but other things too. I have a goal in mind and I am using that to motivate myself.

As I was feeling a little down this weekend (and it was hot) husband and I decided to take a drive to the National Wildlife Refuge a couple of hours away and do the Wildlife Drive a couple of times. I was hoping to see pelicans and I did! They were beautiful to watch. There aren't many seen in Michigan but we had seen some here last year when we went. When we passed by the area where we had seen them last year we saw only two. I was happy to see them, but wishing there were more. Sure enough, another mile or two later and there were loads!

What a beautiful sight! On our second go around the wildlife drive some of them had broken away and were fishing. It was amazing to watch. They fish as a collective and push the fish into the middle of them and then they feed.

It was absolutely beautiful to watch and well worth the drive!

So now it's Monday again - back to the sorting. I sold three 'lots' of 10 books each over the weekend so they will be out of the house tomorrow. Yeah!

Friday, August 7, 2020

Decluttering Encouragement please - books

Ack so I got started. I've cleared out two boxes of books which I feel is really good, but there are so many everywhere - yikes. I was working on a particularly tall bookcase, cleared out a whole box (probably 12 x 12 x 12) full of books but the bookcase still looks the same!!! It's still full. It looks as though I haven't got rid of any books. Obviously that means some more need to go. Sigh. I really want to move onto some more that I know I can get rid of. It just seems so overwhelming!!! I know I just have to keep going because any progress is some progress and closer to the home I want.

This is the bookshelf after. I don't have a picture of before. Sigh. This is just one bookcase. It just seems overwhelming.

What tips do you have when you're feeling discouraged? How do you decide what to get rid of?

Thanks for the input.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

New Week, New Month, New Post

Wow August. How time flies when you're not having fun lol. 

I have decided this is the month to do some major book decluttering. Yikes. This will be difficult for me.  I love books. They are my escape and some are a little like old friends bringing comfort and joy when times are tough. I am planning on purging some I even wanted to keep to read. I will be telling myself that I can borrow or acquire them again. Hopefully they will be going to a happy home where someone else can enjoy them.

Hopefully throughout the month I'll have piles to show you. If anybody else is decluttering let me know and I'll check out your link and hopefully get some motivation!

Picture today - these mugs make me happy. I smile every time I look at them.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Finding Happy

At the beginning of the year I decided to participate in an 366 photo year challenge. Any long term readers of my blog will know that I find it really difficult to stick to projects. I was determined to go ahead and give it my best shot. To make things a little easier I chose to do all the photos with my phone and I decided on a theme of 'Things That Make Me Smile'. Back then I was optimistic. I was having some down days but I thought that if I focused on the good it would help my moods. Of course that was pre-Covid 19 days. I've kept on with the project. It's been a struggle sometimes but I'm glad I've kept on going.

So for another of my things that make me happy I thought I'd share my collages for the month of July. There are lots of pictures of my walks - I've already said how much joy those walks bring me, but there are other little day-to-day things.

Days 1 - 11

Days 12- 22

Days 23 - 31

Thinking of this project and this week of looking for happy it has made me realise that sometimes it's just the little things that make us happy, make us smile. It can be something as simple as beautiful skies in the morning, passing a lovely flower, doing something that brings you joy or perhaps just a simple kind word from someone.