Friday, September 23, 2016

Random - Five on Friday

Friday is rolling around again and I'm joining up with Amy over at Love Made My Home for Five on Friday. This is going to be a fairly random collection of Five as my mind seems to be bouncing all over the place this week. Still in a bit of a funk. I'm hoping to be out of it soon. I'm just having trouble getting back into daily life after so long away. This five is just five things from this week.

BOOKS - I've read a couple this week.

This was a fun read. I really like Nancy Martin's books. She writes the Nora Blackbird series too which is well worth a read. This is the first one featuring these characters. It was a nice, light read with mystery and a little romance.

To be honest I struggled with this one. I've read lots of Janet Evanovich before (especially Stephanie Plum series) but I had trouble connecting with these characters. I did manage to finish it, but was glad I borrowed it from the library and didn't buy it - out in hardcover.

FOOD - I think my husband missed my cooking more than he missed me! I usually don't cook frozen foods (unless I'm being really lazy). I need to find some new recipes though. I try to plan a menu for a week at a time. This week including toad-in-the-hole, fish tacos and homemade chicken strips w/potato skins.

BIRTHDAY - today my middle son turns 25. I'm not sure where the years have gone. I was five months pregnant when I came to the states. My son was born in New Mexico at an Air Force Base. It wasn't a nice experience. Was sure I would never do it again. I had a two year old and a new baby and it was one of the loneliest times of my life. I don't think I would have made it through my first year in America if it wasn't for my kids and hubby. I am so proud of him. He was diagnosed with Asperger's when he was eleven and had some struggles but has turned out great. He has his own apartment in another town and has a good job.

CAMPING - it was a lot of fun. Michigan is really beautiful. We went to Port Crescent which is up on the tip of the thumb of Michigan. It's about a four hour drive from us.

Had a LOT of fun.

The dog had a lovely time swimming for the first time. She's really funny and sweet. I can't wait to go again!

LOOKING DOWN - I've done a post about looking up. This time when we were out walking at the campground I looked down. The trails were filled with fungus. I think it's because it was dark and wet. I'm not an expert on fungus, don't know names but I love taking pictures of it. I find it really beautiful.

I could go on and on. I took a lot of pictures on this walk. There were so  many different colours and varieties. These woods were really beautiful. We'd love to go back but it might be a while. There are so many more State Parks we have to visit!

Thanks for joining me on this Five on Friday. I'm off to see what other people are up to this week!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday Again? What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

I can't believe another Wednesday has rolled around and it's time to join up with Julia and the gang over at Stamping Ground for WOYWW. Sadly there isn't a lot on mine. Mostly blank.

After feeling poorly last week - finally felt better on Saturday - and camping over the weekend I seem to have lost my mojo. I think I have a case of the post-holiday blues as I seem to have trouble getting going again. I have managed to get back on the treadmill but that's about it! I think it might be time to make some lists to kick start myself going. Perhaps I just left my mojo on the plane somewhere over the Atlantic. I hope it returns soon. Perhaps it's just because I have a lot of ideas running around in my head and don't even know where to start.

I did have a great time camping at the weekend. On Saturday morning we stopped at a market in Port Austin and I found a lovely stall selling scarves. I couldn't resist and bought the one below.

It has the name gypsy and the colours are so vibrant, so Autumn. The picture doesn't do a good job of highlighting the colours. I shouldn't have taken the photo at night!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Camping - Another Lighthouse

A week to recover and then we were off on a camping trip. This was something hubby and daughter booked up while I was in England. We spent the weekend camping at Port Crescent, Michigan. It is across the other side of the state from us - a four hour drive away. We didn't get off very early and ended up at the campsite when it was dark. We had to put up the tents in the dark. Well to be honest hubby put the tents up in the dark! Saturday dawned with rain. It rained until about two in the afternoon. We didn't let it get us down.

We took a trip to Point Aux Barques lighthouse. Very pretty.

Daughter with her dog, Shasta at the lighthouse. It was built in 1848. This lighthouse was also home to Michigan's first female Lighthouse Keeper after she took over for her husband, Peter, who drowned in 1849.

I dropped my phone in the rocks - almost lost it - couldn't see it and there was no service so couldn't ring it. Luckily hubby found it after about five minutes of looking! It had fallen between some of the rocks and (even luckier) didn't get wet at all. Phew!

Harder to see - Harbor Beach Lighthouse. Quite drizzly weather and the only way completely out to the lighthouse is by boat. I didn't fancy taking a trip in the pouring rain so walked out as far as we could. I think this might be one to come back to on another trip!

Shasta was quite fascinated by the waves!

Once the weather had cleared to took her down to the pet-friendly beach so she could play!

This was a stunning beach. Not sign-posted at all. If we hadn't asked at the campground we wouldn't have even known about it!

She had lots of fun! 

Love this picture!

As the weather had cleared there was a beautiful sunset.

I have more photos to share - probably a Tuesday post! Nice relaxing weekend. I'm glad we decided to try camping this year!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Fun Photos - Five on Friday

It's been a while since I joined in as I've been away for seven weeks! I was off visiting Mum and family in England. Had a lovely time. I've got lots of pictures to share. This Friday I'm joining in with Amy over at Love Made My Home for Five on Friday. I'm glad Amy is still planning on doing these posts. It's fun to visit others and see what they've been up to and where they have been.

Today I'm going to share five fun photos I took while I was visiting Mum.

Morris Dancers. It's been years since I've seen any! We stopped at Ripon, Yorkshire on our way up to Scotland and Mum and I decided to take a walk to the cathedral where we came upon the dancers. I remember seeing them all the time when I was a child, not so much since!

My hometown, Ipswich, had an art trail of pigs around the town this year. Pigs Gone Wild. There was a map available and it was great to see all the families out and about searching for pigs. They will be auctioned off to raise money for St. Elizabeth's Hospice. Mum and I went to see quite a few of them. Ed Sheer-ham was one of my favourites! It is named for the singer Ed Sheeran who is from Framlingham in Suffolk.

Another piece of art I took a photo of is the famous Scallop on Aldeburgh beach. It is dedicated to Benjamin Britten who apparently used to take walks on the beach.

The words on it say 'I hear those voices that will not be drowned'. They are from Britten's opera Peter Grimes. It is very striking.

My 'new' Great Nephew, Archie. So cute and cheerful!

A really cute gargoyle. This was on a church in Cambridge. There were so many on this church but this had to be one of the cutest. Yes, I like them. What can I say? I find them really interesting. I am going to google the name of this church and see if there is a reason there are so many of them. I'm not a Christian, but churches and cathedrals are such interesting buildings and the architecture on them is truly beautiful.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Scottish Castle

I took this lovely picture as we were travelling along in the coach on our way to Gretna Green, where we were staying in Scotland. Unfortunately I don't know the name of it! I guess I will have to google and see what I can find.

I was really impressed with the beauty of Scotland. It was so beautiful. The views are just gorgeous. I was so inspired. I am starting to dig through my photos. I will be sharing some - can't resist!