Monday, July 8, 2019

Took a Little Time...

Thanks for the lovely comments about Shadow. I really appreciated them!

I took a mini-break from blogging. I wasn't in the mood to share anything but more thoughts of Shadow. I'm feeling a little better now though the house still seems strange without him.

On Thursday we drove to daughter's in Minnesota. It was only a quick trip - for the long holiday weekend here in the states. We went with MIL and FIL. It gave them a chance to meet daughter's boyfriend and see their new house. We had a lovely time. The huskies were pleased to see us and I got lots of cuddle time with Shasta.

The journey back was horrible. It took us a LOT longer than it usually does and the traffic was pretty bad. We made it back late. Poor hubby had to go straight to bed and get up for work in this morning. I'm sure he will be pretty tired when he gets home from work. He has a really early start in the mornings - 5am on Mondays.

It's going to be a busy week for me. I leave on Friday to go to England for six weeks to visit Mum. I can't wait!

I have the requisite washing to do today and cleaning then I'll be sorting some photos and checking out blogs. Hope everyone has a good Monday!


  1. Welcome back, Sharon. Glad you had a good visit with your daughter. I did, too, as my daughter came down for the long holiday weekend, mostly to attend Anime Expo, but we got some together time, too. She goes back, today. And then, she'll come back, next Friday, to attend a conference the following week!

    Hope you have a good day, today, and get caught up on the laundry and cleaning, etc. Your poor husband - 5:00 a.m. is too early to start work on any day, especially a Monday!

    1. Thank you! Husband did okay. He ended up going to bed quite early Monday night to make up for the lack of sleep!

  2. Have a good day and may all the chores and responsibilities go smoothly for you.

  3. Hope you have a wonderful break away and enjoy the precious time you have with your Mum and family. Safe travels.

  4. You sound like you are ready for your holiday over here Sharon. Have a safe trip and wonderful time.

    1. I'm really excited! Don't much like the travel, but lots to look forward to!


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