Friday, March 31, 2017

Wrapping up another Week

Weeks just seem to be flying by. It's Friday again and I'm joining in with Tricky over at FAST - Family Attempting to Survive the Times for another Five on Friday.

In this post I'm just wrapping up the week with five random things from my week. Feeling a little down this week - too much rain, not enough sunshine and too much paying attention to the news. I really need to just take a break from it for a while as it is all a little depressing.

Here's what I've been up to

Using up food leftovers. I'm really trying hard to cut down on the amount of food waste we have. I hate throwing things out. I'm working on clearing out the cupboards and freezer and rotating goods. The evening meal this week included Quesidillas made with leftover chicken and the remainders of barbeque sauce from the fridge. I paired this with some salad stuff my MIL had given us.

Mine was made with a couple of different cheeses and some onions. I sometimes toss in mushrooms if I have any leftover.

Reading - I really enjoyed this book. I'm still trying to sort out books (took another two bags to library bookshop this week!). This one had been on my shelf for a while so I picked it up with the thought that it would be packed off to the library. I opened it up and started reading and couldn't stop! Wonderful story. It was a sort of time travel romance with a twist. I really enjoyed it.

Knitting - I've progressed onto easy hats. Very easy hats - ha  ha. I thought I'd at least give them a try. I managed two different styles. I am quite pleased with myself as they turned out not too bad.

I like the first one better. I think it might be the kind of yarn. It's a little more stretchy. I might make another! I'm trying out some wrist thingys now - wish me luck! I finally found a pattern for some fingerless mittens that are knitted with two needles and not in the round. I wouldn't mind trying circular needles but I don't think I'm coordinated enough to use double pointed needles. Yikes! They look scary and complicated.

Lots of rain this week. It rained Saturday and Sunday, drizzly and dull Monday and Tuesday, Sunny Wednesday and rainy again Thursday and probably today too. Sigh. The good news is that things are finally beginning to grow.

These tiny, tiny flowers are beginning to grow in the garden. They are really small - way smaller than a penny but it is more colour than I have seen in ages.

Apparently there are some things living in my garden

While taking photographs one morning I found these laying on the grass. And while I was out trying to capture the morning dew on a funny looking plant this tiny fellow hopped in the frame.

When I was checking out my photos I accidentally zoomed in and wow it looks really weird!

Shudder. I don't usually like creepy crawlies, but this was smaller than half the nail on my little finger so nothing to be scared of lol.

Hope everyone had a good week and the sun shines for the weekend.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Walk in the Woods

After four days of clouds, rain and dreary drizzle the sun finally came out today. Cheers me up no end. I drove to the local preserve to take a walk.

I was so excited to see some signs of Spring


Some birds around picking up juicy goodies from the soft mud

Maybe soon there will be leaves on the trees. Such a lovely place to walk. Sometimes it's really packed but today it was quite empty. Perhaps because it was fairly early or maybe still rather chilly. I love walking here.

Monday, March 27, 2017

I dream of Summer...

Yesterday the weather forecast said the rain would stop. I woke up this morning and it was still drizzling. Yuck. Dreary, rainy days don't do a lot to brighten my mood. I got some cleaning done. I managed to kill the vacuum cleaner. I was gingerly sucking up dust and cobwebs after getting a desk down from a bedroom and ended up sucking up a string underneath the vacuum while I was hosing. Horrible nose, disgusting smell. Vacuum dead. Luckily it's just a belt that needs to be replaced.

I'm dreaming of warmer weather although it has been above freezing, which is an improvement. I'm dreaming of green on trees and bright flowers in the garden.

I'm dreaming of summer evenings by the lakeshore, camping out and listening to the gentle waves as I sit by the campfire. I'm dreaming of being able to get out and about and when I'm home, having the windows open to let in the fresh air. It always seems such a long time between New Year's Day and the summer season. Sigh. Anyone else?

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday outing

No walk as such today. It was raining all of yesterday and still raining when we got up this morning. Rather than sit in the house hubby and I decided we'd take a drive. We bought a Sat Nav/GPS yesterday for the car so hubby wanted to try it out. We've been using our phones for navigation but they don't always work when we're close to the lake shore.

Not too many photos to share today. We visited a couple of lighthouses, but with the weather as bad as it was we only popped out of the car for a few minutes - as long as we could stand without getting drenched - before hopping back inside again.

We couldn't get very close at all today. The pier (walkway) was closed and blocked off. They are trying to save it so doing renovations. I can't say I'm surprised. Last year when we went there were holes right through the concrete into the lake below!

This is a photo from last year. As you can see they have pulled down all of the metal work. It is supposed to be closed for the rest of the year.

The beaches still have their winter protection up. Lots and lots of fences to help stop drifting sand. They have to take these out and clear up the drifted sand a little before the summer season starts.

By the lake it seemed kind of desolate, but in a few months the beach will be packed with people playing in the lake and soaking up the sun.

We also stopped at another park, but by this time the rain was steady and definitely set in for the day. We hadn't been there before so thought that, as it was nearby, we'd see if it was worth planning a day trip to do some trails. A definite yes!

Looks beautiful but we didn't even make it down to the beach! Just popping out of the car was getting us drenched. Hopefully we'll revisit next week if it is dry.

Even though it was raining I'm glad we got out. It's great to be able to do these mini-trips together after so many years of me working on Sundays. It saved me sitting home moping because I'm missing Mum on Mother's Day.

And on that note I'd like to wish a lovely mother's day to all Mums and to all those important women in our lives.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dreary Saturday

It was a really beautiful day yesterday, too good to last. I did make the most of it and went for a little walk.

Today was just the opposite - rainy and dreary. Certainly not a day to get out and about. I stayed inside, did a little crafting and Skyped Mum. It's Mother's Day tomorrow and always miss her more on such days. She received my card and bookmark. I've arranged for some flowers to be sent to my sister's house tomorrow where Mum will be spending the day. Hope she likes them!

I did get some things done on my to-do-this-year list. I framed a couple of cross stitch items and I framed a print I ordered from a photo I took a few weeks ago.

Two pieces framed - dozens to go lol.

I've also been busy knitting. I did another cable and am working on a hat. It will be my first hat. I picked really cheap yarn this first time in case I mess it up too much. It is actually black though it looks dark blue. I took the photos with my phone so not the greatest!

They forecast rain for tomorrow so maybe no walk this week. Sniff. Sniff. Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all those who celebrate tomorrow.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Wooden Trestle Bridge - Five on Friday

It's the first week to link up with Tricky over at F.A.S.T - Family Attempting to Survive the Times for Five on Friday. I really wasn't sure what I was going to post but wanted to show my support so I thought I'd hold on to a few photos from our Sunday out trip and share five facts about the place we stopped at - The Hamilton Railroad Bridge.

 This rather rickety looking wooden railway bridge is actually still in use! I was actually surprised when I read that as I had seen it up close! It is a 420 foot (128metre) trestle bridge.

It is thought to be built sometime in the early twentieth century but no-one seems sure of the date.

It's quite a popular fishing spot. Even though it was quite chilly when we stopped by there were several people fishing.

The reason it's a great fishing spot is because of the Hamilton Dam where Trout and Steelhead are said to collect. The dam is thought to have been built by early settlers to power a saw mill and rebuilt in 1855 to power a flour mill.

Rabbit River is the name of the river. Not sure why it got its name - makes you wonder, doesn't it?

I think this is number six but so excited I had to share!

While we were here I saw my first sign of Spring! There were actually some buds growing on the bushes. I was so excited. Can you tell?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Messy Desk - not much has changed!

Desk day again. It's Wednesday so it's time to join with Julia and the gang over at Stamping Ground for another What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

The view on my desk hasn't changed much from last week.

I finished constructing a mini-album and am currently putting together photos to put inside. One of my goals this year was to get my photos organised better than they are (sitting in boxes). I'm been putting some into a journal sort of thing and want to put more groups of photos in albums. I haven't decided whether to embellish or not.

I did make this little bookmark. I like the saying - it reminds me to try to think positive.

I have been out and about taking photos. I saw my first really cute Raccoon on Sunday (shown in previous post). I'm really enjoying all I'm learning in the course.

Thanks for all the comments! I really appreciate them. I'll be off hopping around the desks sneaking a look at what everyone has been up to. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Peek-a-boo - Raccoon (Sunday Walk pt 2)

There's a lighthouse not too far from Saugatuck State Park. It's actually in another State Park though Holland State Park is mainly just a really big beach and the lighthouse. In summer it's really, really busy. There were actually quite a few people about on Sunday. I think we're all tired of the cold and cloudy days and when temperatures get up a little we all hurry out.

There was still a little bit of ice on the walkway

There were a few people out fishing

As we were walking along the walkway hubby spotted a little fellow sleeping between the rocks and the walkway pretty close to the water but not in it.

He poked his head up and around the corner

Isn't he really cute? I've never seen a raccoon up close before.

It didn't seem bothered by us. He took a little look at us and then curled up and went back to sleep.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday Walk (part one)

Woke up bright and early this morning - actually hubby woke up bright and early. I stumbled out of bed half asleep a little later - expecting sunshine. Not. It was cloudy and overcast. Not at all what I was expecting. I thought perhaps the weatherman had forgotten what the sun looked like again. We bundled up in our long undies anyway and headed out for our walk. Despite being cold and dull it was an improvement over the rain from yesterday.

First we headed off to Saugatuck Dunes State Park. The name should give a hint as to the terrain we were walking in.

Trees, trees and more trees.

When we came out of the trees there it was! Blue sky and some sunshine.

We took a nice walk along the beach and looked for a place to walk up again.

Definitely not this one! Some of the dune climbs are quite steep and I'm not in shape.

This one at least looked a little easier. It wasn't a bad walk. I think it will be really pretty in the Spring and Summer though getting up and down the hills will be a lot sweatier in the heat!

We ventured on to another State Park and a scenic detour after this, but I'll leave that for tomorrow.  We saw a really cute little fellow hiding out at the lighthouse! Can't wait to share the photos.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Snow has given way to rain and wind this morning. It's a constant drizzle. Not a pleasant day to go for a walk. We were hoping to get in a small one this morning and a longer one tomorrow. Not nice weather at all.

We did take an hour drive to South Haven Lighthouse. We thought maybe a little walk along the beach. Not. The wind was bitterly cold and the drizzle was relentless and quite harsh combined with the wind.

At least someone was enjoying the weather! Brave soul. The water must have been freezing!

We couldn't walk along the walkway to the lighthouse as the waves were washing over it. I almost didn't wear my long undies, but was really, really glad I did! By the end of our short time on the beach my fingers were so cold I could barely press the button on my camera. Some of the photos ended up really misty looking as the drizzle was on my camera. 

They are forecasting sun for tomorrow and a little warmer so we'll be heading off first thing in the morning. Hopefully some brighter photos tomorrow!