Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Burning Questions...well...

They aren't really burning questions, just things that have crossed my mind in the past week or so.

* Why is it that the only bottle of hand sanitizer that I have in my car is one that makes me sneeze? I put it on, end up sneezing, blowing my nose and having to do hands again. Sigh. I do have other little ones I can toss in there. I got some at Christmas from Bath and Body works (little travel size) to stick in baskets and didn't end up using them.

* Why is it when you're told you can't do something it makes you want to do it? It's probably just because it's not allowed lol.

* Do snacks and alcohol constitute emergency supplies? This is definitely tongue-in-cheek. I have discovered that I didn't realise how much we actually snacked. As I'm trying to limit shopping to once a week now that we're nearing the end of that week we're running out of snacks and that makes me want them more (see previous question lol).

* Is there a difference between self-isolation and quarantine? I thought there was a difference, the first being voluntary and the second being not-so-voluntary, but over the last week or so (since the stay-at-home order) I've seen people posting on social media about quarantine with family or pets or such.

This one is not a question, more of an observation. I feel as though someone somewhere is either laughing or playing a joke on us - the price of petrol is ridiculously low and NONE OF US CAN GO ANYWHERE!!!

It's the end of the month and the last half of it seems to have lasted forever!

Hope everyone is surviving and staying healthy

Today's photo is of the crow that has been visiting my back garden. I think it must have seen the blue jays pinching the peanuts off the fence. The crow is a lot bigger than the blue jays and had trouble balancing. It was quite funny to watch!

Monday, March 30, 2020

Not Motivated

I'm having trouble getting motivated. I'm having trouble sleeping some nights. I admit that I am failing at getting stuff done. I am just feeling blah. This whole thing is making me a little paranoid - a tickle in the throat, shivers, aches - do I have IT? So far so good. I remind myself that I am lucky - I am able to go for walks. I am not restricted entirely to my house.

While I was out walking today at the local park I saw this sign that gave me a chuckle. The way I read it made me think we were no longer allowed to be amused! I wonder if that includes my garden as the chipmunk in it makes me amused.

I talked to my Mum on Saturday. She is doing well but I think that having to be inside all the time by herself is getting to her a little bit. It makes me a little sad that I can't do more. I think in times like this it's a real struggle being so far away. At least it is easy to chat and Skype.

I have mostly been taking photos, sorting photos or playing with photos lol. I think it takes my mind of all the negativity and keeps me amused. Obviously I should be doing other things. On one of my photography groups someone showed a photo they had played around with in Photoshop so I gave it a go with a daisy photo I had taken. I like the way it turned out!

I tried it with a landscape and played around. It looks pretty abstract. I could have fun with this lol.

I don't know much about Photoshop but this was easy and fun.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Almost the End of the Week...

Tomorrow will be husband's last day at work. Hopefully it will only be for a couple of weeks, but I have a feeling it will last longer. I don't get politic on my blog because goodness knows, we get enough of that, but I am feeling a little better that some financial help will be given to those who end up laid off because of the virus. It makes worries a little less. I know that husband doesn't like it as he'd rather be working but we'll make the best of it - and hopefully stay sane and still talking to one another at the end of it.  I am thankful that we can still go out for walks.

I did my food shopping today. I actually made a list, stuck to it and got enough for a week (I hope). I am really trying to avoid going to the shops unless I really have to. It will help with the finances too. The weather was nicer today. I went to do the food shopping first thing and then went for a walk. It got really busy! I shall be making sure that I go early in the morning so that I can avoid people - not just because of the virus, but because I genuinely enjoy walking when things are quiet.

On my way back from shopping today I drove down the main road of our city, the one that has all the shops on it. It was very quiet. It was almost eerie. There aren't a lot of shops open anymore. I certainly hope that once this is over the majority of them will be able to return.

I have been spending far too much time out in my garden rather than thinking of other things. Not good. I shall try to do better next week. I think right now we're all trying to carve out new routines. It will be strange adjusting to having husband home during the week.

I shared this photo in my online camera club and it made people smile. I hope it brings a smile to your face!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Another Day...

I'm trying not to stress too much about husband's job or the financial and medical implications the loss of it may have. Over here your medical insurance is generally attached to your job and I was worried what getting laid off would mean. For obvious reasons it wouldn't be helpful to be without insurance at this time. Anyway husband says his company will still carry the insurance and then we will have to pay for our premiums when husband goes back to work. I hope it is just for the two weeks. Anyway enough of that.... I'm going to try not to moan too much. I must admit that I'm limiting trying to read about the virus or the news too much (just enough to keep up to date) as it doesn't help my mental health.

I thought today was going to be sunny. I got up early to get to the park so that I could have a nice peaceful walk before it got too busy. It was only sunny a little while before the clouds took over. It's still quite cold. I didn't quite need my long undies today, but I did wear my gloves and my hat. I keep waiting for things to warm up but it seems slow coming after a burst of warmer weather a couple of weeks ago (though it seems longer than that!).

While I was out walking at my local spot yesterday I was amazed to see that a beaver had chewed through the bottom of one of my favourite trees on a point I call 'the point'. I had been at the same place on Saturday evening and the tree hadn't even been gnawed on. As I stood there taking photos the whole tree fell over! Luckily I was not in the direction it fell. Yes, we did get snow on Sunday night!

And this morning when I was there it had started on the other tree!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring!

Monday, March 23, 2020


No happy, cheerful post today. Feeling a little down. State on lockdown. Husband has one week left of work and then at least two weeks out. Not sure what the bright side is. Seems like we take one step forward and at least five back. I know the reason it's happening. I understand it. Doesn't make things any easier.

We went out early yesterday for a walk. We did drive a while to get there. I'm not sure if that will still be able to happen. We were pretty isolated up there in the sand dunes. It was a lovely walk.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Phew it's Friday!

I keep waking up in the morning waiting for the other shoe to fall. So far doing okay - we made it to the end of the week with everyone healthy and still in work! I must admit that every day I'm holding my breath as I know it's probably coming soon for husband and oldest son. It is not a good feeling. Taking walks and watching the birds in the garden is keeping me somewhat sane. The weather has been blah which doesn't help but tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be sunny, but cold. Husband and I shall be going out walking as long as we are allowed.

My Mum is doing okay. It was my sister's 60th birthday on Tuesday - they did still manage to go out for lunch (the restaurant was almost empty). Sister, thankfully, got my card on time for her birthday! She really liked it. I did remember to send off mum's Mother's Day card so hopefully she'll get that on time. I will get her something when I visit as there isn't anything she really wants and she still has lots of gift certificates left from Christmas!

I hope everyone is doing okay. Shelves here in the supermarket were pretty empty again today. I got a few bits but won't be going over the weekend. Husband usually picks up something that he cooks over the weekend, but this week he'll have to chose something we already have lol. I'm sort of glad I procrastinated a bit on eating down the freezer and cupboards.

Today's photo is another bird. I think he's saying 'I'm just going to close my eyes and snuggle down until this is over'.

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Muddling Through

The situation seems really fluid and is moving so fast and I think that's part of what's having people panic. The shelves here were really empty over the weekend, but slowly restocking is being done. The shops have cut their hours so they can clean and restock each night. I think now that the panic buying has been done things are just evening out.

It's really strange out - husband says the drive home is quite quiet, probably due to the schools being closed. In the morning however it seems busier than normal and the place I usually walk has a lot more people going there! I must admit that (being the dentist chicken that I am) the only good thing to come of all this is that my dentist appointment next week has been cancelled. Phew. I was dreading it. I do feel sorry that the workers have temporarily lost their jobs. The restaurants and bars have all closed here too - only drive throughs are open - so more workers impacted.

I  must admit that I've been out walking a lot. I want to make the most of it while I can in case we all have to stay inside. Besides things here are starting to 'spring'. A heron has returned to the lake now that it has defrosted and the geese are starting to mate and build nests. I actually saw the beginnings of buds on the trees! It would be a most spectacular time of the year if not for the worry.

I hope everyone is keeping well.

Here's another bird with attitude! Caption anyone? Jacky from Dicky Bird's Nest came up with a great one for the swan on the last post!

Sunday, March 15, 2020


We avoided the shops as much as possible this weekend and instead got out for a couple of walks. Yesterday we took a trip to the local bird sanctuary. They have some rescue birds and some wild birds. We fed the swans and ducks (the place sells corn) and then took a walk around the lake.

We had time after that to take another quick walk at a nearby park before I had to Skype Mum.

Today we got up early and were out at the lake bright and early. It was already quite busy despite being cold. They have cancelled church services in a lot of places and it seems as though everybody was outside instead! There were lots of people out fishing. The car park at one park was packed full of cars with trailers that had pulled boats!  I suppose it was because it was a lovely sunny day so people were taking advantage.

We took a lovely walk along a trail called The Lost Lake trail. We've done this one before but we did it the opposite way this time as there is a part that is quite wet and marshy and as the water levels are so high we wanted to make sure it was accessible. It was quite wet but there were board and thick tree branches across the worst parts. We made it to the lake and the water was so high it had covered most of the trail on one side! We did manage to make our way around the other side to the path we needed to go on. Phew!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

Friday, March 13, 2020

What a Crazy Week!

I'm not going into the politics of it but what a crazy week! Things are shutting down left and right and people are shopping like there's no tomorrow. I am definitely not a people person so not being around crowds is fine by me. I'm hoping that will also mean that maybe so many people won't be out and about and things will be quieter. That's one upside for an introvert like me.

Weather wise the week has been blah. There has been sunshine but grey days too. I suppose that's part of spring. I can definitely tell that there is an upshift in the number of brighter days. It does make my mood a little lighter. I was up early again today for another sunrise. I was quite tired yesterday, went to bed early so woke up early and then I started to think about things and - of course - then I couldn't go back to sleep!

I actually remembered to pick up my photos today from the shop so I finished my February pages for my monthly album. I have been meaning to pick up these photos since the beginning of the week and several times have walked into the supermarket meaning to pick them up and walking out without them!

Oh last Saturday I did do my #1day12pics for my online camera club (collage below). On the first Saturday of each month you take 12 photos. It's supposed to be one photo an hour, but these were taken more in two chunks. There are some textures from my walk along the beach on my morning adventure and then from my time sitting in the garden in the afternoon to the moon at night.

I hope everyone had a good week and are staying safe and sane wherever you are in the world! Thanks for all the comments on the last post. Son's progress on heading for his new job is going ahead - so far!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Plodding Along and Changes...

Well, another week is just plodding along. Our clocks changed here on Sunday so things feel a little off. I have to remind myself of it when I call Mum tomorrow as she'll now only be four hours ahead instead of five. I must admit the time changes always confuse me. The one in autumn is only a week or so difference before hers change, but in the spring hers won't change until the end of the month! I shall have to remember when I call and Skype.

I did manage to get up early on Monday to see a Sunrise. That won't be happening very often once it starts getting a lot lighter in the morning. The only good place in the city to go see clearly is at a park that doesn't open until 8am! I thought it was going to be cloudy on Monday but when I woke up I saw the beginnings of colour in the distant. I had to dress really quickly and drive as fast as I could (within the speed limit) to get to the park in time. I just made it as the sun was beginning to peek over the horizon.

On the subject of changes, there is one coming to our family. I wrote a few weeks ago about son having an interview in Baton Rogue, Louisiana. He finally heard from them and he got the job and has accepted it! I am both excited for him and a little sad. It will be a big change and it is a long way away - 1020 miles away. I am trying to look on the positive side and see that it will be a another new place to explore and photograph. When I was talking to Mum about it she told me how she felt when I decided to move away. We hadn't ever talked about it before. Then she told me that she thought of it a sign that she'd done her job right and that I wasn't tied to her apron strings and unafraid to fly the nest and explore. I'm trying to go forward with that attitude.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Another week

It's gone by in a flash. As usual I had good intentions and that's all that they ended up being. It's been an up and down week weather wise. Snow one day, nice and sunny and fairly pleasant the next. It's that time that really is a rollercoaster of weather. On the good days I've been getting out and enjoying the sunshine. The other day I stood in the park, closed my eyes and just listened to the singing birds. They obviously know it's almost springtime. Their song says it all.

On the Homefront not much is getting done. I am sticking to the daily jobs, but not decluttering is getting done. I did take back some of the library books that I've read and I took a bag of books to the library bookstore for donation.

I did get up into the craft room and try to make a card for my sister's birthday. I ended up making two. I showed them to my Mum (via Skype) and she said she thought my sister would really like the second one. Sister loves to garden.

I've made an envelope for the second one (as I made the base card too) and it will be on its way to sister. Which one do you like best?

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Maybe an Early Spring?

We've had a little bit warmer weather the past few days and the birds have been out and about. I was really excited to hear my first red-winged blackbird of the season. To me they usher in the first days of Spring. As soon as the days get longer and the sun seems to come more often they appear. Their song is quite distinctive and I heard them before I saw them. I also saw my first chipmunk! If they are coming out of hibernation it certainly must mean something!

I have been out walking every day this week. On Monday there was still quite a bit of ice at the local nature park. I took a drive to the lakeshore as the sun was shining in that direction and had a wonderful walk along the beach. It was lovely and sunny there and pleasant to walk in. There was still quite a bit of ice at the beach. I liked that there weren't too many people around as it was a work day.

As I've been out a lot things haven't been progressing too much on the Homefront. I am keeping up with my everyday things, but nothing extra seems to be getting done. I have started working on a card for my sister. I've finished one, but want to make another as I have an idea in mind. I might be asking for help deciding when I've finished the second. It's what I'm going to work on tomorrow as it needs to be posted to get to my sister on time.

Tomorrow is also Mum phone call day. We're trying to decide on a holiday and dates before I book my plane tickets. At first she didn't want to go away for a week and now she's decided that she wants to. We were thinking about a trip to Ireland but she's going to check and see if there are places on the holiday before I decide on dates.

Hope everyone is having a good week. Are you seeing signs of spring where you are?

Sunday, March 1, 2020

March 1st

Wow - it's March! Spring is slowly getting closer.

Mum always says 'in like a lion and out like a lamb' for March. It was however a really beautiful day. The sun was shining and the temperatures were above freezing. On Sundays we generally go out so we thought we'd head towards the lakeshore as this week temperatures are supposed to be getting warmer and any ice that is there now will probably be melting. It was well worth the trip. The sun was beautiful! So was the ice!

I took this photo with my phone, but you can see the ice. There were loads of ice balls in all difference sizes along the shore.

We didn't go too far out on the ice as it didn't look very stable. You can see the beach so I was standing where water normally is. There was ice a lot further out but with the temperatures being above freezing you have to be very careful about going on the ice as it can be deceiving. Better safe than sorry!

We were actually talking to a man on our first stop (at the lighthouse) and he told us that there had been another possible drowning nearby last week. Apparently a man walked out onto the ice at the beach and wasn't seen again. The person he was with (who had stayed on the shore) ended up calling for help but he wasn't found. I know that at the lighthouse near us there was no ice on Wednesday and now there is quite a bit - because it's formed so quickly it isn't stable or very thick!

Bless - I meant to reply to your comment about photos the other day and completely forgot! You mentioned about getting photos from your phone printed. I'm not sure what kind of phone you've got but if you download the Shutterfly app you can get free prints - you do have to pay shipping. Or you can get a free photo book each month (you pay shipping for this too). I've been thinking about doing it so will let you know if I do!