Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Back Again

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the last post. I do appreciate them. 

We had a lovely weekend away. The weather was good, nice and sunny. The campground was packed, but we had expected that as it was a holiday weekend. The mini cabin we stayed in was quite nice. The only thing was that it was fairly close to a busy road, so not very quiet during the day when we were sitting outside. The nights were quiet though. 

I got up and did sunrises and stayed up and did sunsets. Lovely to see. The campground was in a State Park that was on the shores of Lake Huron which is a Great Lake on the east side of Michigan. The beach was busy at sunset, but it was big enough that we could walk along and have a little slice of sunset quiet by ourselves. At sunrise I was the only one on the beach. Lovely. I sat on one of the downed logs and watched the colours in the sky and the birds (including eagles) flying over the lake hoping to catch some breakfast. 

It was a lovely break. We did some walking, there were a couple of trails. I'm not sure this campground will be one we'd go back to though. It was quite small and crowded and some of the other campers were quite loud. There is supposed to be quiet times between 10 and 8 but people were certainly making quite a bit of noise after 10. The good thing for us is that as we were in the mini cabin we were spaced a little bit away from actual campers.

Tomorrow is the first of June and time to start my 50 in June decluttering. I'm glad that some people said they were going to give it a go too! I think being away from the house and then coming back makes me see what needs to be tackled AND makes me want to do it!

I'll finish now with some phone photos of our camping trip

Mini Cabin


A walk along the trail

Along the Beach

Friday, May 26, 2023

Off Camping for the Long Weekend

It's Memorial Day weekend here and we are off camping or sort-of glamping this weekend. We're staying in a basic mini cabin for Saturday and Sunday night. It does have electricity so a step up from our usual tent camping, but we won't be taking along anything fancy. It's a chance to decompress and enjoy the outside. The weather is supposed to be quite nice, maybe a little chilly at night, but the good thing about staying in the mini cabin is that we can take a small heater with us if things get too cold. I am looking forward to seeing a sunset or two. We'll walk a little bit, but it's more about relaxing. The State Park we are staying at is on the lakeshore, so there will be a small beach. I won't be sitting out sun worshipping, but I will be enjoying taking a walk along the beach. 

We come back on Monday. On Tuesday I am going to start planning for my 50 in June decluttering challenge. I am really struggling about where to start. I'm going to think on it and maybe work out some sort of plan. I think the goal should be to tackle some of the areas that are really bothering me. I am hoping that, by doing this challenge, it will motivate me to keep going and continue sorting the house. 

Something happy for today. I love these flowers that I saw at some gardens while visiting daughter. There wasn't many flowers around. The gardens were beginning spring planting as the winter there is longer. Google Lens tells me that these are Bleeding Hearts. They are so beautiful and vibrant

Hope everyone has a great long weekend - it's one of the few Bank Holidays the US and UK share (though for different reasons) 

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Getting Back In The Groove...or not

Up bright and early this morning for a walk. I was walking along, took a stumble, tried to right myself and ended up splat on the dirt path. Luckily the only thing hurt were my knees. They are feeling a little rough tonight. I saved my hands as I was wearing light gloves (my hands were a little chilly, thank goodness) and I saved the camera and long lens. That would have been a very expensive tumble! I was certainly glad there was no-one around to watch my splat!

I thought I'd share a few more photos of our visit with daughter. One day we took a drive to Minnesota's Largest Candy Store. I like to go there as they have English chocolate. There are sweets/candies from all over the world. Lots to see too! I imagine it's a really fun place for children, though expensive too lol. I stocked up to last me (hopefully) until I go to visit sister in August. 

I'm doing some thinking about June Challenges. I need to get this house sorted and I need to do some decluttering. I'm thinking of Fifty in June - getting rid of at least 50 things out of the house. I'm beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed by the stuff. We brought some things back from daughter's house and I need to make choices of what I can let go. I just find it really hard to let go!

More tomorrow - hopefully!

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Long Time No Chat - Back From Daughter's

Just a quick check in. I'll try to write more tomorrow and catch up with blogs. 

We had a lovely time at daughter's. It's a long drive there and back. We had lots of time to just relax and hang out. I celebrated both Mother's Day and my birthday with daughter.  Now I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and clean up the house a bit (ended up bringing quite a bit back with us as well as some things I'd left last time) and catching up with the washing. We go on our first camping trip this weekend so things will be busy until then. 

The puppy, Sierra, was adorable. She was better behaved than I thought and listened well. She obviously has puppy energy though. 

A couple of photos of the dogs




Hope everyone is doing well!

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Thursday... and Off on An Adventure

Just another day today. Walk. Errands. Cleaning. 

Lovely sunrise

 And watching some beavers at the lodge

And here's one I took of a beaver. They are so adorable!

Tomorrow me and husband are off to daughter's for a week! Really looking forward to it. Not the drive. Too long. But looking forward to spending a week with daughter. She has time off work so it should be fun. We will get to meet Sierra

I am taking my computer with me as we are driving so plenty of space! I shall hopefully be checking in though I shall be enjoying my time with daughter. It will probably be September before I see her again!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Another Day...

Got up and went for a walk. It was a lovely day. Fairly warm this morning. Lovely and sunny. Looks like Spring might (fingers crossed) be finally upon us. Things are certainly starting to look a lot greener and brighter. 

After my walk I got all my errands done and came home to sit in the garden for a little while before husband came home. I've been watching this Groundhog at the bottom of the garden.  It comes into our garden to eat. I have persuaded husband not to mow a small portion of the garden for No Mow May. I'm not sure entirely what that is, but my understanding that is a way to try to get people to think about how they share their garden with animals and birds. Our garden is quite long and there is (admittedly) a wild bit at the back. Husband is just expanding that for a while. Because of the way our house and gardens are set up with our neighbours it isn't an eyesore for them. Most of the end of their gardens butt up with ours. 

I think (from what I've been told) that Groundhogs can be a bit of a nuisance. We're keeping an eye on it in case it thinks of undermining any structure near us!

Really likes all the grass. 

Another visitor we had this week was an Opossum

Not the prettiest looking thing (though those ears do remind me of Mickey Mouse!). They are good for the garden. They eat pests and are good for getting rid of ticks (ick, ick). It was out early Sunday morning though I've seen it several times at night. 

I'm off to bed. Think I've rambled enough lol. Hopefully back tomorrow. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

I forgot to say yesterday that we did end up going to some garage sales on Saturday. I got up early, went for a quick walk to watch the beavers and then headed home to go with husband and son for the sales. We haven't been to this one neighbourhood sale for years. It is really big. We park and walk the streets. It was packed. I found lots of (too many) goodies. Husband found a couple of things. We had a good time. Middle son came up in the afternoon and brought me an early Mother's Day present. 

Hopefully I can keep it alive! I do not have a green thumb. I'd like to. I end up getting distracted and forgetting to water and take care. 

I went out for a walk today. It was lovely out first thing. 

Not much done on the home front. The usual house-y stuff but not a lot extra. Sigh. 

Monday, May 8, 2023


I missed a few days. Not because of anything bad, just keep forgetting to post. There isn't a lot going on right now. I suppose that's good in a way. Just feeling a bit blah too. Don't seem to have a lot of energy! I am out walking quite a bit so at least I'm getting exercise. Housework is just blah. We did go to some garage sales this weekend and I found a nice planner thing to help me (hopefully) keep on track. I know I have some somewhere around here, but can I find one? Nope. 

We had a lovely walk yesterday. Husband and I did a little birdwatching around Indiana Dunes on a Marsh Trail and then went to another park on the way home. It's a new one to us and we wanted to take a look. It was quite interesting. There is a platform overlooking the river and then one down on the river. We decided to take the one that meant we could go down the staircase (instead of up) and walk up a winding hill (it was certainly easier)


Husband out on the platform. It was a weird feeling standing out on it. It moves! It's a little like being on a swaying boat. Yikes. 

My walking friend was supposed to be going away this week. She was booked on a (expensive) river boat cruise in Switzerland and somewhere else (having a brain moment lol) for three weeks. She had it booked for over a year. They cancelled two days before she was due to leave!!!! Needless to say, she is quite upset. I wasn't planning on walking with her for three weeks. I had made plans for this week. However, I did walk with her today as I felt a little sorry for her. Tomorrow I'm on my own. 

Hoepfully I'll be back tomorrow. 

Thursday, May 4, 2023

End of the Week and better weather!

Yesterday was another cold day. I took a walk, but it was cold and windy and not all that nice. This morning started cold, but we actually had a sunrise and by the time I was done with my walk it was quite warm! I got my jobs done and then sat outside for a little bit watching the birds and such. I've been quite fascinated by a groundhog that is building a den under our back neighbour's garage. I don't know them well enough to say anything (they can be quite a nuisance). They are quite funny to watch though. It comes into our garden as our long back garden butts up to their garage. I've been watching it gather leaves and such today. I took a few photos but haven't sorted them yet, so will post as soon as I do. 

I'm on my own for my walk tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. I'm actually on my own for the next three weeks as my walking friend is going to be away. 

I'm thinking of going to some neighbourhood garage sales on Saturday. It would usually be a walk day and I'm so stuck in my ways I feel a little anxious when I don't go for a walk. I don't know how to explain it, but I'm really stuck on a routine and I find it hard to break away. I seem to get so overfocused on something. It's quite annoying, but I don't know how to break it. It makes me quite anxious if I don't go for a walk first thing in the morning and take photos. How do you break away from such a routine? I want to break away from thinking that I 'have' to take a walk and take photos, that I'm missing out on something. Perhaps a beginning solution would be to go to the sales and then go for a walk? Not sure. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Rain Today - Better than Snow

It was another horrible day today. Rain and wind. It felt more like Autumn than Springtime. I did go for a walk, but I ended up wet and cold. Tomorrow looks to be better! Hopefully....keeping my fingers crossed. 

Puddles and reflections. There were lots of them lol. 

I did get a little bit of extras done today. I sorted through three storage cubes by the backdoor that have bags and other bits and bobs in them. I didn't get rid of many bags but reorganised them and now I know what's in there. I also got started on one of the problem areas on my list. So, I feel today has been a little productive. 

Hopefully it will continue tomorrow!

Monday, May 1, 2023

May 1st - But What Happened to Spring?

It's the first of May. Not sure where April went. May is a new month, so things start again. 

The weather today certainly doesn't scream May. There was snow - yes, you read that right - snow showers today. Not a good way to start the month. At least we're not in the UP of Michigan that was supposed to have a LOT of snow. Ours was just annoying snow showers. Yuck. It's been horrible all day. I went out for a walk and got wet - again. 

Yesterday I did my meal plan and worked out what I needed to buy at the shops and today, after my walk, I went and did a grocery shop. There were a couple of items that weren't in stock but I'm hoping to work around them, so I don't have to go back. More trips to the shops = more money spent, and I've spent enough! 

One thing I really wanted to do this week was clean out the freezer above the fridge. I did it today! Yeah! It's been on my list for a while, but today I got it done. I hate doing it as I know there are things in there that have to be thrown out and I feel bad about that. I took a breath and got it done though. Start a fresh. 

Tomorrow looks to be rainy again. Not sure if I will bother going for a walk. I'm tired of getting wet. I shall see. I know that if I stayed home, I could check off a few more things off my list and not have to do them when the weather is better, and I want to stay out!

It was sunnier yesterday and we did manage a walk, so instead of horrible pics from today, some phone photos from yesterday