Friday, September 25, 2020

Dentist and Crafty Makes

I survived my dentist appointment. My dental hygienist explained to me the different changes they had made. Despite my fear of the dentist I have always appreciated how cheery and careful the ladies (they are all women) are. I really felt comfortable (well, as comfortable as I can be at the dentist) and safe. I didn't actually see my dentist but I have to go back to have some work done (that was planned pre-Covid) so I will have my check-up then. There was a couple of bits of sad news - one of the ladies had died suddenly (not from Covid) and my dentist has been diagnosed with early stages of breast cancer. She's younger than me and has already survived two lots of Lymphoma (I'm not sure if she said Hodgkin's or Non-Hodgkin's). She has decided on a double mastectomy so they are not sure how long she will be gone or how the office will work. The last time she had cancer she apparently worked right through it. My hygienist said that because of all the chemo and radiation she's already had she's holding onto that option as a last resort. Dentist is a lovely lady. She's really friendly and caring - very understanding of all my dental woes. She has a daughter too. I could tell the hygienist was quite upset. They are a tight bunch - they even all take a holiday together (I think it's a team building thing but always somewhere nice!).

Anyway... on to nicer things. Some of the crafty mini-albums I've been making. I'm determined to use up some of my paper stash and these are fun to make and use quite a bit of paper. 

And because I was running out of these pieces of leftover papers I made a little half waterfall album. I am happy to say that all these pieces of paper I had held onto from other leftover projects are now all gone!

While I was sorting through my craft room I found two small 12 x 12 paper boxes full of pieces of paper that I had leftover from other projects and these papers were in it. I have pulled out a couple more different loads and am now using those up. 

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Just a Thursday

Yesterday was middle son's birthday.  He did actually come to visit, stay to eat and we watched the beginning of a show on Netflix - Cobra Kai. I wasn't sure I would be interested but it was actually quite funny. For anybody who was growing up in the 80s a huge film was The Karate Kid starring Ralph Macchio (he played Daniel, the underdog and hero) and William Zabka (Johnny, villain). Cobra Kai is about them when they are grown up. This time the emphasis is on Johnny. I really enjoyed it! Can't wait to watch some more next time son comes to visit. 

This morning I got up early and made plans to go to the other side of town to watch the sunrise. Now that it's coming later it is a lot easier to watch. It was really beautiful. I was the only person there watching the sun come up. There really is something so peaceful just watching. These were taken with my phone as I haven't downloaded the others yet. 

I have a dreaded dentist appointment tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it. Logically I know that they will be very careful as they all have families, but I don't like (and stress) about going to the dentist in normal circumstances. I am trying to tell myself that I will get through the day. It will probably take less than an hour. I can survive that!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Fail Again - no posts

I was trying to do better and post at least 3-4 times a week but I look and almost a week has passed! I think I just needed a little break and a little time to reset. Take a deep breath, clear it away and start again. I shall do better.

Things have been...okay. I'm still having cramps but the latest stuff I found - Hylands Leg Cramps PM - seems to help when I wake up in the night with them. I wish I could sleep better. Luckily with the darker mornings if I do end up getting back to sleep the light doesn't wake me. This means later walks too. 

The sorting is coming along. There is still a lot of stuff but I like getting through it and knowing that I am downsizing. It's at that point now where I can see a difference. It's just a matter of not bringing more stuff into the house. I find that a little difficult as I tend to buy things - books especially - when I'm feeling down and that seems a lot lately! However I am happy to say that I have been resisting temptation on that end. I haven't even been to the library bookshop. Some of that is due to the fact that it requires mask wearing and when I have a hot flash - phew - that can be overwhelming! I have had fun looking through books as I sort through them and making a pile of ones to read next. That's almost as good as going to the bookshop lol

I have been sorting out my craft room too. All the books that were daughter's are gone from the room (it's only a small one) and that has created more room to sort and reorganise. I've been making sure to create too! However I have failed not buying new craft items. It's Autumn - my favourite season - and there are lots of new papers out! Have I mentioned I'm a decorative paper hoarder too? Lol.

Hope everyone is doing well. I have blogs to catch up on!

Here are a couple of Autumn cards. I have a couple more mini albums but will save those photos so I post again within a couple of days. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


I feel as though I am just plodding along. Sometimes it's a slog to get through a day. Sigh. 

Things are still leaving the house. I'm still going for walks. I'm crafting. I'm sitting in the garden sometimes. Perhaps it's because there was no time away this year I just feel as though I'm on a hamster wheel doing the same old thing over and over again, a bit like a record (yup, showing my age!) being stuck. I'm sure it will pass.

Photo today - while I was out in the garden the other day the blue jays were going crazy. They were making lots of noise as they have since the babies found their voices. I thought it was more of nothing until I caught a flash of wings and saw this hawk land in our neighbour's tree. 

They seem to come more often as the autumn approaches. Maybe they are just passing through. 

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Another Week Bites the Dust

Another week over. This week I could certainly see the beginnings of the changes in the seasons. Things were certainly a little cooler, the mornings are taking longer to dawn and the nights are drawing in. There have been several cloudy days in a row. I don't mind the cooler temperatures but I do miss seeing the sun. I think as the days grow duller and cooler I might be spending more time indoors. I walked several mornings, but a couple of days not as far as I usually would.

In the home I am still trying to sort and tidy. I am working a little on my craft room, but with moving everything around it is looking quite a mess! I wanted to give myself time to have a little fun while cleaning too so I took time to make a couple of projects. 

While sorting the craft room I came across lots of paper bits and scraps. I sorted out the biggest of these to use on little mini albums. The first lot I worked with were some dog papers that I'd bought to make an album for daughter. I made and gifted the album a while ago but these were leftover pieces that were too big to throw away. As a side note I think in the future I might make up a large bag and add these to the donation pile if I haven't used them after x amount of time. 

There was more paper than I thought as I was able to make two mini albums with the bits and pieces. I really like how they turned out!

This first little album was made from 6 cards and envelopes. Each one has a pocket and I made a little journaling card from some cut outs that were on one sheet of paper.

This second one is a little waterfall album. I used more journaling cards on the top of the pages and patterned paper on the bottom. I really like both of these styles of albums as they are perfect for using up small pieces. 

I have another pile I am starting on as well as - gasp - thinking about starting Christmas cards. I say this every year but as I am home more this year I am determined to get a start on them so I'm not rushing at the last minute!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Spoke too Soon and Ruby Wedding Anniversary Gift

Well, I spoke too soon on the leg cramps. Friday night I had the worst one I've ever had! I woke up and had to walk around the house. It was still dreadfully painful Saturday morning. We went for a little walk. I thought that might loosen up the muscles that perhaps had tightened with the cramp. Saturday afternoon my leg started to swell. I thought that perhaps I had a (yikes!) blood clot in my leg, but I put ice on it and sat with my leg up for the rest of the afternoon and evening and it went down. Sunday it was still painful. We did go out but not much walking. When we got home I put it up and iced it again. Monday it was starting to feel a little better and today better still - almost back to normal. I'm not sure what I did. Perhaps the cramp ended up pulling the muscle or something. Yikes!

I have been taking Magnesium but that doesn't seem to have helped. When I was out today I saw something that I'm going to try. It's specifically for night leg cramps and does include Magnesium as well as some other things. The reviews on it seem good. Probably too much information but I know my hormones (menopause) are dancing all over the place as I've started having the hot face thing again. I'm sure these increased leg cramps are due partially to that. If the new stuff doesn't work I shall try some multi vitamins. The last time I took them I felt really sick, but someone said to try the childrens' vitamins.

On a plus note the Ruby Wedding cross stitch that I made, laced the back of and sent to Mum made it safely. She has FINALLY managed to find a frame that specific size and my middle sister helped her frame it and wrap it today ready for my oldest sister's ruby wedding anniversary on the 13th. I'm so pleased how it turned out!

Friday, September 4, 2020


Another week over. I was having a not-too-bad week. At least until today. Although I've been having a few leg/feet cramps they have calmed down a bit. I think the heat has something to do with the extra bad ones as now that the heat has eased off again so have the really bad cramps. I always have them, but nothing like recently.

I have kept going with the sorting. The shredding is mostly done. I have one more box to sort through before I put the shredder away again. More books have left the house, more magazines have gone (and several sold!) and the pile of other donations from the front porch have gone to the charity shop. I had hubby drop them off today as he had to leave from work early (they aren't allowed overtime and he had to work extra the other day). When he got to the shop they said they do accept donations - by appointment only! He managed to talk them into taking the stuff (thank goodness).

Anyway that brings us to today. It's my Mum's birthday today. She turned 84.  I miss her terribly.  Even though it's not my day to ring her I said I wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday. Last night I had nightmares that I had forgotten to call her. All throughout the day I had to keep reminding myself. I did remember. We didn't talk for long as it was later for her and we shall Skype tomorrow. She spent the day with my sisters. They all went out together, down to Felixstowe, had Fish and Chips, a walk along the seafront and then back to Mum's for cake and presents. Sigh. I just about cried when I got done. It's so hard sometimes. Sigh.

I did just get a lovely message from daughter. She went shopping at Tuesday Morning and picked me up some crafty bits. It's nice to know she's thinking of me. Also as hubby was home early he made me a new bird table with scrap wood we had around. I almost forgot this (well, I did and had to edit and add) my oldest son went to the bookstore today as he had an extra day off and he came back with a lovely little bird book for me that I can take out with me while walking.

How cool is that? The chipmunks are still trying to work out how to climb up it. The blue jays are loving getting peanuts from the top part.

Well, I guess over all there were some nice pluses to the day. I am lucky that I have people thinking of me.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020


Wow. September. I'm not sure whether this year is dragging by or going quickly. Well, another month starts and we shall see what it brings.

I am pleased to say that in August I joined in, kept up with and finished a 30 Days of Composition project for the online camera club I am in. I actually stuck to it! Below is a collage of the photos I took. We could choose a theme for the daily prompts or not. I chose to take photos in my garden as home is where I seem to be spending much of my time.

I am glad to say that the sorting and decluttering is continuing. It's a bigger job than I actually thought (hoped) it would be so it will continue into September and probably the rest of the year. I am also happy to report that a large lot of old post that needed to be sorted and shredded has now been seen to and is in the recycle bin. Phew. It is so nice to sit and not see that pile. I am keeping the shredder handy as there are a few drawers I want to sort through before putting it away.

My house actually looks a little like a bomb has hit it BUT things are being sorted and put out. It's a matter of reorganising what is still left in such a manner that I can go back and sort out more at a later date (the things that are a little tougher to make decisions on). This method seems to be working for me.