Tuesday, February 28, 2023

End of February

This month seems to have just flown by! I managed to get three boxes ready for donation. It is mostly books which isn't a bad thing as I have so many of them! I am hoping husband will drop them off sometime this week so I can start another box for March. I like the idea of having a box to see and remind me that I need to fill it with things that can be got rid of. Although I haven't got my BIG photography project finished, I have been making progress on it. I shall continue with that next month too. 

Yesterday it rained all day long. Well, to start with it was freezing rain but as I wasn't going for a walk I waited until the freezing rain and passed and it was just all rain and went out to run my errands. I had a hair appointment, then I did my food shop and dropped packages off at the Post Office. I have not included in my got-rid of pile all the things that have gone out this month through Ebay. I reckon there have been at least another two boxes worth of stuff. Perhaps I should be keeping track of it!

March is National Craft Month. It seems fitting that I plan to try to do a bit of sorting and organising up in my craft room. Hopefully I will end up getting rid of a bunch of items - some to donate and some to put on Ebay. Also, in March I plan on tackling a bunch of craft and other magazines I have. We shall see. These goals might stretch into April as well as I will be gone for about a week and a half in March. 

Today I went for a walk with my friend. It was rather dull but at least the rain had stopped! It was awfully muddy on the walk though!  I came home, did some housework, sorted some Ebay stuff and worked on my photography project. 

Photo today - lots of Red-winged Blackbirds around. It's a little early for them, but it's lovely to see them again. They are one of the first birds to return after winter!

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Sunday Adventures

We did have a nice day out today. It was rather windy at the lakeshore, but bright and sunny. I had a nice walk along the beach and enjoyed watching the waves. We stopped at several places along the lakeshore and just had a few enjoyable short walks. It was so lovely to see the sun, though the wind made the air feel pretty cold. 

It was surprising to see how much the beaches have changed even in the few weeks since we've been there. We've had a lot of winds and the snow fences, though not buried by snow, were buried by sand. 

This fence was once quite tall, about four feet tall, now there are only a few inches showing!

I think it will be quite the job to clear the snow from the fence when it comes time to remove them for the summer season. 

The benches at this beach were quite buried too!

Video of the wind

It's amazing to think this is a lake

When I came home I did a little cross stitching. I haven't done much but it is coming along!

My middle son came up later in the afternoon to eat with us and stay a while so most of the later afternoon and early evening was spending time with him. 

Good news - MIL texted me this evening to tell me that their power had come back on! She doesn't have television or Internet but she has power! 

Saturday, February 25, 2023


 It wasn't a bad day today. I went out for a bit this morning. We didn't go far, but I did get out and try some more intentional camera movement photos. I'm a little addicted to it now sigh. It's good for dull days as the photos turn out really bright and interesting and it makes for some fun, creative photography. On our way back home we stopped at the store and picked up a couple of items. Son is coming up tomorrow to visit and have dinner. I hadn't bought enough for what husband was cooking so we wanted to get some more items so son could eat too. 

Husband and other son went out this afternoon. I took a leisurely bath and then worked most of the afternoon on my Big Project. It was actually last year's Big Project for photography but, even though all the photos were taken last year, updating my year-long blog is taking longer than I thought. I had planned on finishing it in January. Nope. It won't be completed in February. I am determined to get it done, but it's looking like the project might continue through half this year too! I completed 10 blogposts on it today! 

It is kind of interesting looking back at the photographs and some of the notes I took. I had forgotten that I'd taken some photos! This one of the beavers made me smile 

How adorable is this! 

I will get this finished! 

Tomorrow we're off out. Not sure where yet. I haven't made any plans. 

Hopefully back tomorrow!

Friday, February 24, 2023

It's Friday - made it through

Thanks for the comments on the last post!

Well, the ice came... and it's gone, though it's aftermath is still being felt. It was quite the storm. On Wednesday I didn't end up going for a walk. I did manage to get to the post office and get my packages out just before the icy rain started. By late afternoon there was a coating of ice on the grass and road. It didn't look too bad though. 

Waking up Thursday morning everything was covered in ice. There was a huge tree down at the top of the road that had pulled down an electric power line (not ours thankfully) and the road was blocked off

There was also a tree down at the bottom of the road - not blocking the whole road, just half

The line at the end of our driveway was to the neighbour's internet and it was fixed today

I was going to walk around the neighbourhood and take some more photos but as I was outside I could hear the trees crashing down, saw a couple come down close by and decided not to! We didn't lose any trees - there are a few really big ones at the bottom of our garden. Our neighbour across the street had lots in their garden and one fell and crashed through their window! 

My MIL and FIL are without power. Apparently it will not be on until Monday! It is below freezing. Luckily they have a small generator that will keep the heat going. 

It was so strange being outside as the ice began to melt and fall. It rained ice chunks! Some of them looked quite big. I took a little video - not a lot as I didn't want to get hit by any!

The ice did look quite pretty, unfortunately dangerous too. I did get out in the garden and take a few photos, but that was as far as I went. I managed to take this one (with phone) at the bottom of street

On the plus side, I did get some more books sorted. I am pleased to say that I managed to collect two boxes full of things to donate for February!

Another pile of books ready for donation! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

It's Icy Outside - Quick post

Just a quick one. It's been an icy day today. We're under an Ice Storm warning until early hours of the morning. There is lots of ice building up on the trees and the wires overhead. So far we still have power, though now we can hear tree limbs cracking outside the window. Our neighbour has lost some tree limbs and there is a wire down in front of our driveway. It isn't a power line, so don't know what it is. Our neighbour reported it to the police who told them it would be Friday before someone could see to it! Neighbour told them that they might want to get someone out here sooner to at least put some cones up or something so people don't drag it. The cars race up and down the hill so hopefully someone won't drag it. 

Yikes. Just heard another crash outside. 

Schools were closed today and they have closed them again for tomorrow. It's only supposed to last through the night, so fingers crossed.  I didn't walk today but hopefully if things melt I can go sometime tomorrow. 

Monday, February 20, 2023


It was a lovely start to the week, sunny and not too cold. I'm trying to make the most of it as the weather will be getting (maybe) a little iffy mid-week. I went for a nice walk and then went to the shops to do a food shop. I picked up some fresh veggies and a few odds and ends. It ended up costing quite a bit more than I had hoped to spend but I have supplies at least until the end of the week. I still have to work out what husband will be cooking at the weekend. 

I was a little productive today - at least it felt like it. I got a problem area sorted out, well, at least organised a little more. I also did get some things listed on Ebay. I have several items to package up to get ready for the post office. I'll do that tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be ok weather-wise, so I'll be off for another walk. I am going to work on another problem area tomorrow when I get back and I have some housework to do. 

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Sunday Adventures

We had a nice walk today. It was bright and sunny and not too cold. We renewed our pass to the metroparks on the other side of the state and had a nice walk around the nature centre. We got there early so there weren't too many people around at first. Later on it got a bit busier, but it was nice to be out on the trails to walk. There were a few spots of ice, but nothing we couldn't walk around. 

Not too much growing but there was a lot of little birds around. I'll post some photos when I sort them out. Husband likes to go here as the birds land on your hand and take peanuts and seeds from you. Rather fun. 

There were a few Sandhill Cranes around. They are year long residents at the park, though not many of them usually stay in our state for winter. I suppose it's because they have plentiful food. People aren't supposed to feed the cranes - there are signs telling you not to - as they become aggressive. They are fun to watch though. They aren't at all scared of people. 

I have made myself a list of things I want to get accomplished this week. I am hoping that seeing it in print will give me the motivation needed. There are things I really need to get done around the house. 

Saturday, February 18, 2023

It's Saturday

 I turned off the alarm today and didn't get out of bed until half hour after my usual time. I almost ended up on the sofa again last night. Husband was snoring loudly again. I was so tired I didn't want to move, yet I couldn't get to sleep either. I was just about to get up when I must have nodded off. 

I was debating about whether to go out or not. Husband and I usually take a short 'adventure' in the morning, but as we were away last weekend I told him it was okay, he didn't have to take me out, he could work on his own hobbies. It still looked a bit icy out so I was debating going out or staying in. 

I did end up going out. At least for a bit. It was sunny so that was a plus. It was sort of peaceful being out by myself. I didn't take a lot of photos. I did try some more ICM (intentional camera movement) and just faffing around. 

These are a couple of the phone photos I took

This is one of the ICM photos I took. I hesitate to share these. They aren't traditional, but I really like the way they turn out - a little like a painting, a little dreamy.

When I got home I wasn't too productive. The sun coming in the living room this afternoon was lovely so I took some time to do a little cross stitching. It's coming along. The highlighter I got at the Dollar Tree - green one - seems to be working better than the yellow one. I can tell which stitches I've done!

Tomorrow we are off out for an adventure. It's going to be quite warm - 50F/10C! That's positively warm. I'm sure there will be people out in shorts ha ha. 

Back tomorrow!

Friday, February 17, 2023

It's the end of the week!

Another morning walk. We had some freezing rain last night and then a dusting of snow, so everywhere was a little icy this morning. It took a while for the car to warm up and the ice to melt. I did manage to make it up the hill and drive to the park. My road was the worst of it as they had been out putting salt on the main roads so they weren't dreadful, just iffy. Luckily, the road I have to go on only has a speed limit of 30mph so it's slow going anyway. I hate driving on anything like this, but it's more the other people that worry me rather than my driving. 


A dusting of snow at the stream

I was rather fascinated by looking for tracks in the light snow. I was the first one who had walked at the park in the morning and they were so easy to see. I need to see if I can find a bargain book on tracks as I'd like to know what made them!

Just a few taken with my phone

I admittedly did not get as much done today as I wanted to do. I've been having trouble sleeping and just feel drained by the afternoon. I don't take a nap, though perhaps I should just listen to my body and do it. As it is, it's barely 9pm and I keep nodding off!

Hopefully more will be done tomorrow! 

Thursday, February 16, 2023


 Yikes, it's already Thursday! This week is flying by. Actually, the whole month is flying by!

I went for my walk this morning. It was a lot colder. My walking friend is back from her broken foot. Unfortunately, the day after she got the all-clear for her foot she fell and broke her hand! Definitely more than a little accident-prone. Obviously, she is able to go for walks. The only problem she has is keeping her hand warm as she has to constantly wear quite a cumbersome hand splint. 

After my walk I stopped at The Dollar Tree to pick up a couple of items. I wanted some different highlighters to use when working on my cross stitch as the ones I have are old and yellow and difficult to see what squares I have crossed off. After that I stopped by the charity/thrift shop. They have been having quite a few craft items in. Nothing new there. I checked by the books - nope, I really don't need more - but I was so excited to find a couple of bird books. 

This one was a paperback book

There are lots of lovely photos and descriptions. It was .50 cents!

The second book is an absolute treasure. I was so excited to find it! It is all gorgeous pictures of birds and animals

I thought about using them in nature journals, but I'm not sure I can take the book apart. 

This book was a dollar. I snatched it up really quickly!

Once home I got my Thursday housework done and I managed to sort out the lighthouses I have left from Jane's house. I condensed them all and started listing a few more. I can't believe how few are left. I have decided to only keep a couple. I have nowhere to put them. I would also rather keep a few of the postcards from older times. They are certainly a lot smaller to store!

It's been icy outside this afternoon and evening. When I last went outside there was a layer of ice on the ground and the car. I'm hoping I'll be able to go for a walk tomorrow. I don't have to go anywhere else so it shall be a walk and home. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Mid-Week and Catch-up

I completely forgot to post yesterday until I got into bed and by then it was too late!

We had a lovely weekend away. The weather was just above freezing each day which is really good for the Upper Peninsula at this time of year. The sun shone every day we were there. The roads were nice and clear so we couldn't ask for better. There was lots of ice and snow and that was what I had gone to photograph. It was lovely to be able to get away for a few days. There is just something carefree about going away, forgetting all your worries, not being surrounded by things you should be doing. Just to do what you want and get out and explore. 

We didn't really have a plan, just enjoyed our time away and did what we pleased. The hotel we stayed in was nice - we've stayed there before - and they had a nice breakfast each morning. 

My husband's favourite time of the weekend was the hike down to the Lower Tahquamenon Falls. They close the road down in the winter as it is a hill. It's about a mile walk down to the car park and from there about another two miles to the falls and around the island so in all about a four mile or so walk. We were glad we had our ice things on our boots as it made the walk a little easier. There weren't many people there - probably as you have to walk so far lol. It was lovely though. 

My favourite thing was going to see the piles of blue ice near the bridge. It was amazing. Not as upright as last year and it has not been so cold so we couldn't walk out so far. 

We went down there a couple of times as it was pretty close to where we were staying. It isn't somewhere a lot of people seem to visit and there was only one other person there. He was a bit foolish as he was determined to get out to the piles of ice, not paying attention to where there was some weakness in the ice. He got so far, took a step forward and one leg went in up to his knee! Luckily, he was able to keep on his feet, but we think he hurt his leg as he turned around and limped back to his car. He wasn't close enough to us to ask if he was okay. I couldn't believe he was that foolish. We could clearly see that there were areas of standing water and really weak ice. I'm glad he was okay and didn't actually fall completely through the ice.

Here's a video of the ice

Anyway, a great time was had. I'll share a few more photos as I look through them. 

Now it's back to the everyday. I didn't make a meal plan before I left so Monday evening (we didn't get back until late afternoon) and Tuesday was basically a 'yikes' couple of days. I'm back on track now so meals are planned, food shop is done.  Housework is somewhat caught up and tomorrow I'll start catching up on the clothes washing. 

Monday, February 13, 2023

Just a Quick One - and Sunrise Video

Had a lovely weekend away. Sun shone all weekend and the temperatures were just around freezing (which is good for this time of year in the U.P of Michigan). We've just got back so no long post. I'll catch up tomorrow and read blogs. 

We had wonderful sunsets and sunrises. This is the video I took yesterday morning. Absolutely stunning. 

Thursday, February 9, 2023


No walk today. It rained all morning. Not just a shower but pouring rain. I had to go to the post office. Roads were pretty waterlogged. There are two lanes on a lot of roads and so I kept to the one away from the curb. It was fairly mild out this morning. I think the high temperature hit 51F/11C and then it plummeted this afternoon to 36F/2C. 

I got all our washing done today and some housework. Usually, I do some washing today and some tomorrow but...drum roll...we're going away for the weekend. We usually do a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan sometime in February and this weekend is apparently it. Last minute thing. I booked the hotel on Monday. There aren't many hotels open in the winter up where we go. We've stayed there before. They have a nice breakfast, and the rooms are usually clean and comfortable. 

It's supposed to have snowed up there today. But the weather over the weekend should be dry and just around freezing which is actually warm for up there. Last year when we went it was really, really cold, almost 0F I think. Ultra cold. I'm looking forward to taking icy scenery photos. Fingers crossed. We're just looking forward to getting away for the weekend. Obviously, we will bundle up. I'm not sure I'll be posting over the weekend - I'll try! I will be doing some Instagram stories if anyone is on Instagram 

My Instagram

I'll hopefully post some short videos here when I get back. We really just want to get away for a bit. No real plans of where we're going, just stopping where we want. 

I did do a bit of stitching today. The light was bad, but I closed one curtain and used my craft light so I could see. It's not a lot done, but it's a start!

I'm really looking forward to working on this one. I shan't be taking it with me so I'll have to work on it next week. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Frustrating Day - Grrr Computers

Last night my computer decided to suck the life out of my memory and upgrade to Windows 11. It was stuck last night and went on in to today (once I had got back from my walk). I ended up going back to Windows 10 - which took forever just so I could have the memory back AND because I couldn't get Lightroom to work on Windows 11. Going back to Windows 10 didn't fix the problem as I still couldn't get Lightroom to work. The catalogue is corrupted, I think. I had to start a new one. The photos aren't lost but a some of the editing work (straightening, lightening shadows basically) has gone. It's a good thing I'm not that good at editing lol. 

It just took most of the afternoon to get it all sorted. Really frustrating. And then when I got on my computer to write this Blogger was messing up and wouldn't let me reply to comments. Sigh. Just a generally frustrating tech day. 

I did get out for my walk on a lovely sunny day. It was below freezing when I went out but still nice. The trails were really, really icy though. Tonight, there is supposed to be some rain that will extend into the morning. I shan't go for a walk if it's raining. The trails will be just horrible. 

I'm off to bed now. More tomorrow. 

Here's a couple of phone photos from today. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2023


Went out for my walk this morning. It was cloudy when I started. Above freezing though. All the paths were icy. I was so glad that I wore my Yaktrax on my boots to stop me from slipping! It was very quiet there. Not sure if that's because people were avoiding it due to the ice. Whatever the reason, it was so nice to be alone. There was still someone out ice fishing on the lake. Brave of them as most of the lake has unfrozen and I can't imagine the ice is that thick! I don't think it's that deep, but still crazy to go out on it. 

I didn't have to go anywhere after my walk so I came home, got some housework done, packaged up some Ebay packages to post tomorrow and then worked on my Asylum Lake project. I feel as though it's never going to get done! I'm only up to mid-May. 

I did go up to the craft room today, but I did more moving things from one space to another than really doing anything. Sigh. It needs attention again as that was where I stuck things over the Christmas period when I needed space elsewhere. It's something I definitely have to work on!

I did find up these lovely little paperclips. I didn't make them. I found them at the charity shop for 1.50. I thought they would make lovely paperclips to go in journals (which I intend to work on...someday ha ha). 

I had to rescue them! They took a while for someone to make. Several of them have tiny rolly eyes on them. 

I thought I'd also share a photo of the cross stitch I intend to do. I was going to work on it today, but the afternoon light was pretty bad as it was cloudy and dull out. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny so I shall at least get a start. I did make a copy of the chart so I can highlight the stitches as I do them

There are a whole series of these 'In the Woods' charts. I have the woodpecker , but there are several on my wish list! I need to at least do one first. It looks like all whole stitches so hopefully won't be too bad! I had the fabric and floss in my stash. 

** side note - I think I have caught up on all the comments left recently. I do read them all and appreciate them. I'm just not great on always replying though I shall endeavor to do better!

Monday, February 6, 2023

Monday Monday

Well, the start of another week. 

Yesterday was a pretty good day. We went out to the lakeshore and had a look at the ice. It was quite peaceful out. The temperature was just about freezing, warmer than it has been, and the sun was shining so it was extra nice. 

There was lots of ice in the lake, big, huge chunks too. It was amazing to watch and hear the large pieces of ice moving about. I've included another video.

Admittedly when we got home I did more relaxing than anything!

I went for my walk this morning. It was chilly, but the sun was shining so it was another nice day. The temperatures this week are supposed to be above freezing in the daytime though there will be rain mid-week which will cause a slushy, ice mess to walk in. 

I did manage to get a few extras done today. I finally finished the food cupboards! They are all sorted. I have started on the freezer but that's a project that still needs to be finished! I also took care of a few things that were hanging around where they shouldn't have been and they are now - well, in the rightful room at least. I also got a cross stitch project ready to go. Hopefully, I'll start on it tomorrow. 

Saturday, February 4, 2023


We went to the lakeshore. It was fun. Sun shining. Really quite cold this morning as the wind was blowing too. There was some ice on the lake and some in the channel leading out to the lake. It makes me quite dizzy to look at!

The ice was quite amazing. It is always so different. 

Lots of balls. These are the end result (though not in the same place) of the balls in the video last week. Waves from the lake push these up on top of one another until forming a line of ice balls. It's quite a sight to see. 

It was only half day trip. We usually go out longer tomorrow. 

When I got back this afternoon I sorted out - shock! horror! Gasp! - another 20 books from a bookshelf to donate. Really quite pleased that I'm able to let them go. I think I've almost filled February's box and all with books! I shall have to start another. 

Hope everyone is doing okay. Have a good weekend. 

Friday, February 3, 2023

End of the Week

I can't believe another week is over! 

It was really cold this morning and despite still feeling a bit blah, I did bundle myself up (double mittens, double socks, 4 layers on top, a hat and a hood, hand warmers and toe warmers) and go out for a walk. There was a tiny bit of open water at the beaver lodge but I didn't see any beavers. I had a quick walk, kept moving, took a few photos, enjoyed the unexpected sunshine before heading back to my car. I made a brief stop at the shops to pick up a couple of items. 

I did get a tiny bit of decluttering done this afternoon. There is a small bookcase over in one corner that has a multitude of books piled on two shelves, all higgledy-piggledy, but balanced carefully. Another shelf has a bunch of cross stitch magazines and five folders (binders) containing recipes and printed out material. I got a start on it. I have 13 books that I have so far let go of. I sorted through three folders. Threw out a whole bunch of recipes and organised the others. They are all in plastic sleeves to protect them when I take them out to cook the item. I have to look through the magazines. The plan for tomorrow. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it's a start. I did find some photos of me and mum that I'd tuck away years ago. A little sad but made me smile to. I miss her so much. Sigh. 

I should have - and meant to take photos of the sorting but forgot. Did take a couple of phone ones on my walk. 

I looked up and saw sunshine

And this sign made me groan (?) laugh (?) feel confused (?)

Not quite sure what this means. The beavers came to this place by themselves (ie they weren't introduced), they aren't kept there and can leave whenever. I'm thinking someone has too much time on their hands. 

Not sure what's up for the weekend. Probably a couple of trips to places along the lakeshore. Because the temps have been so cold there is ice building. Next week will turn warmer (above freezing) and it will probably melt, so we want to go see while we can.  Tomorrow afternoon I'll work on the bookshelves some more. 

What are your plans for the weekend? Is the weather going to be good or bad?