Friday, May 29, 2020

And Another Week Ends...

It seems to have gone quickly this week but I think it's because there was a holiday at the beginning of the week. It's been a wet one here in Southwest Michigan. More rain. There are several places flooded but we've been lucky.

Today I watched Hairspray on The Shows Must Go On (YouTube channel). I love the musical but it's not my favourite performance. Jennifer Hudson was fantastic though - what a voice! With all that's going on here in America it seemed like such a timely showing.

I admit that I am growing restless. I'm not in a hurry to go out shopping but I wish we had a little more of a timetable as to when things are going to reopen. It seems strange that if I was inclined I could go to a socially distanced church gathering but I can't go into a store to shop. I can go to the dentist or the doctors but I can't have my haircut. I suppose it's more frustration than anything that states around us seem to have plans and there really doesn't seem to be one here. I think everyone is getting a little frustrated.

When the shops do reopen in your area and you feel comfortable enough what is the first shop you are visiting? To me it's the bookshop. I really miss it, even if it is just to have a good old look around. I also miss the library. There is a pile of books sitting on my table gathering dust that has been there for a long time - since before March. Every time I see them I realise how much I miss the library. I think it certainly makes me appreciate them a lot more. Do you have library books waiting to go back?

We also have a lot of drink bottle/cans in the garage. Here in Michigan we pay a deposit of 10 cents on every fizzy beverage (coke, pepsi, beer, wine coolers). They have not accepted returns since the beginning of the lockdown. I'm not sure when they will reopen. I am really tempted to just put them in the recycle bin but there is quite a bit of money there. I was (of course) behind on taking them back when this started and now they are just piling up.

This is a bit of a blathering post, but just thoughts running around in my head lol.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.

A deer on my morning walk. He sat down to take a rest.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Picking out Glasses in the 'New' Normal

I am desperately in need of some new glasses. The ones I have are horribly scratched. It's a long story but they are really bad and I need them to drive. My prescription is still good. Last week the eyeglasses place (where I usually have my eyes tested too) reopened. They are only allowed to have so many people inside and you have to make an appointment even if you just want to purchase new glasses. I made an appointment, got there, a lady came out to let  me inside as the doors were locked. I had to wear my mask (our state says you must wear them in shops), have my temperature taken and clean my hands. Once inside I was seated at a desk. The lady then asked what kind of frames I was interested in. She went around and picked some out. I tried them on until I found one I liked. It felt a little strange. The new glasses aren't exactly like my old ones (pictured) and I don't love them, but I really needed new ones. I wonder if this will be how it is for every appointment?

Friday, May 22, 2020


I didn't think today was supposed to be rainy - according to the forecast there was only a 15% chance of rain - so off I toddled for my walk. Yup. It rained. Well, more like a fine drizzle. Sigh. I ended up having to come home early. I did however get to see a couple of deer having an early morning drink at the lake. A lovely sight to see. I love how their antlers look all fuzzy at this time of year.

I did brave the shops. It actually wasn't too busy. Probably because I got there quite early. I had trouble sleeping again. I have decided that rather than feeling guilty about taking a nap in the daytime I am just going to go with the flow. I had a wave of not sleeping and being really tired before and I think it might have to do with menopause so I'm thinking it will just pass like it did last time.  The only problem is that if I do nap I always end up feeling really grumpy. I just made sure I gave myself time to wake up. I do feel better for it.

I did a little crafting today - caught up with my daily pages and made a quick card - before it was time to finish up the laundry and cook dinner. Of course, by the time the evening came the sun was peeking out. Sigh. Hopefully the weekend will be better.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Officially 50

I am no longer sliding into 50. I am 50. I had my birthday on Tuesday. It was quiet. We didn't get to go away for the weekend. Oh well. Best laid plans and all that. It rained that day too so no walk. It was a horrible weekend and beginning to the week. We had so much rain there was flooding. Things are brightening and warming up now. Things are looking up too. The restrictions are loosening a little. I have no plans to rush out to the shops (not that they are open yet lol) but I think a little more freedom will feel good (even if I don't use it). The roads are definitely busier as more people are going back to work.

I did spend the rainy days inside and got a little bit of sorting and what-not done. I did a little crafting too. On the brighter days I have been sitting out watching the birds in the garden. There are so many coming by to eat now. I've been reading quite a bit too. For a while I was stuck on a book that I just couldn't get into and, though I hate to do it, in the end I just gave up and put it on the donate pile. I have quite a pile stacked up ready to be donated. My pile of library books has been read and is sitting on the table gathering dust while waiting for the library to re-open! Who knew back then that things would be closed so long!

I am determined to get back into the blogging again. I have been terribly neglectful but feeling a little low. Sometimes I think we all need a little break.

Photos for today - blossom. It's popping out everywhere! It's such a beautiful time of year.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Week Over

I almost failed on my one thing I wanted to get done this week BUT I did do it today! Papers are all sorted and ready to shred. I have a couple more drawers I want to sort through before I start shredding. The only reason I actually got it done was because it rained again today. All day. No outing for us today. Sigh. I did manage to get the sorting done, I put away most winter clothes and got out some summer ones and did some cross stitch. So I suppose that even though we didn't go out I didn't sit around doing absolutely nothing today.

Yesterday it wasn't too nice in the morning, but we did manage to get out for a walk. We went back to a local bird sanctuary and had a walk around. When we got back I Skyped with Mum. She has been out for a couple of walks this week and she does feel a little better. I think she is hoping she can do a little more soon. Aren't we all? Though I am very glad that at least I can get out - when the weather cooperated.

Oh, I forgot that today I also made a card for my sister's birthday. Just a quick one. I am trying to use up some more things I have on hand. Tomorrow looks like another rainy day so I think I might do some crafting.

The cupcake is a shaker sticker. The colours are quite pretty but they don't show up too well on the photo - I blame the bad lighting.

Smile for the day - this squirrel. She is trying to see if there are any peanuts on the post without alerting me. So funny to watch.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Another Week Begins

Thanks for all the comments on the last post. I really do appreciate them.

This week will be good. That's my mantra for the week lol. I am just going with the flow and hopefully I will be getting some things done.

 I did finally tidy up the dining room table - I don't think anyone noticed, but I like it lol. I have decided that I need to pull out the shredder and sort out some paperwork. I was looking for something in particular and came across all sorts of things that have been saved because I don't want to just throw them in the regular rubbish. They need to be shredded. I think this week my goal will be to gather together as much of this sort of thing so that I can shred. I will get a box or a tub to put them all in. I'm writing this down so maybe it will make me want to get it done!

It's been really cold here the last couple of days but that isn't bothering the return of the spring birds. I have had Orioles come visit my feeder and I saw Hummingbird today! I was so excited I didn't focus the camera properly lol.

Today I was putting food out for the birds and saw a baby squirrel. I got quite distracted by it. It was so cute to watch. It climbed up the tree not very nimbly and I thought it would fall off! It ended up getting really tired - I think Mum was down eating at the table - and tried to fall asleep on a branch. At one point it looked like it yawned - can squirrels yawn? (a question for Google, I think).

I did make a card this weekend for my MIL. I wanted it to be bright and cheery.

Saturday, May 9, 2020


My absence was longer than intended. There's just been a lot going on and I needed a little break. I am doing a little better. I am trying to go with the mantra - Let it Go. I can't control certain things and dwelling on them only upsets me and causes me anxiety and feeling down.

I have been spending lots of time  too much time out walking. I have met another lady on my walks. We always seem to walk around the same time and usually 'bump' into one another. It's nice to chat with her (at a distance) and walk along somewhat together. Although the weather has been chilly the last couple of days Spring has been popping on the trees - I see leaves and blossom! Today we visited the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary so we could renew our membership. They have goslings!

Certainly made me smile. This one was quite brave. I stayed at a distance but it began to walk towards me. I was careful to back up as the parents were watching very carefully and I didn't want to scare any of them.

Talked with Mum today. She has decided that she might get up early one morning and go for a walk along some back roads. She has been completely inside for about eight plus weeks now and would really just like a walk. She isn't planning on going to the shops as my sister has been picking things up for her, but she would like some air. I can't say I blame her.

I hope everyone is doing well. I have some reading to catch up on!

Friday, May 1, 2020

Quick Post

Just wanted to say thanks for all the comments on the last post. Glad it made you smile. It's been a bad week mentally. I'm going to take the weekend, have a good cry and hopefully be recharged again on Monday.