Monday, April 29, 2024

Monday Monday - a bit of this and that

Not as much got done today as I hoped. I did get up and go for a walk. The weather was forecasting rain all day, but luckily it held off until after we had got done. I did go and do a little food shop. I haven't meal planned. I didn't want to do it when we got back last night so I wanted to pick up enough for a couple of meals. The rest will be whatever we have on hand. I plan on doing a somewhat meal plan tomorrow. I did a couple of loads of wash but need to do some more. We didn't do any while we were at daughter's house. It was just easier to wait until we got back. I still have some bits to put away. I brought back the rest of what I'd left at daughter's and a few other bits. They have to be found a new home tomorrow, so that's on the list. 

I ended up dyeing my hair today. It has been a LONG time since I had done it. I thought about letting it go grey, but it's a horribly steaky colour, that looks horrible. I didn't like it. I did it myself and I really like it. I took a photograph of the packet, so I remember the colour. Usually, I end up going too dark and it doesn't look right. I have dark hair naturally, but it also gets a lot lighter in the sun. I went a bit lighter, and it blended lovely. I think it looks really natural. 

Also tomorrow, I need to drop off my camera in the mail. Sigh. Unfortunately, while I was away, the bit where one of the straps attach broke. Luckily, I did not drop the camera so nothing else was damaged. There was an issue with this part on this particular camera, but I thought (not a smart move!) that because I hadn't got my camera right away mine wouldn't be affected. I checked and apparently my model of camera is on the recall list. I have registered it and have a prepaid mailing label to attach to get it repaired. I'm hoping it doesn't take long! I didn't get rid of the last one I had so I'm using that. I am realising now that I have been spoiled. My mirrorless camera (the one that needs to be repaired) is really silent as it takes photos, the old one (not mirrorless) sounds really loud in comparison!

Today was Baby A's first day of daycare. Daughter goes back to work next week - how time has flown! - and she wanted to get her started a bit early, so they get into a routine. Apparently, Baby A got a bit teary-eyed when they first entered as it was quite loud. She did settle, took lots of naps, drank her milk and was tired out when daughter picked her up! The daycare sent daughter lots of updates which she sent me, lol.

I have been taking all my Phone Photos - Things That Make Me Smile daily project, but a lot of them last week were of Baby A, so I shall be starting up again from today. 


Back to my walk. It made me smile to see how green everything has got in one week away!

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Normal Service to Resume

We're back from Minnesota. It was rather sad to leave Baby A. She is getting so big. She is cooing and ahing and yesterday she learned to fake cough. Daughter has had a cough the last week or so and Baby A has picked up on it, mimicking a false cough. It is so obviously fake, and she smiles afterwards. She really is delightful. She is copying sticking out tongues and such. She loves trying to sit up though she isn't quite strong enough to do it by herself right now. 

Tomorrow, I have lots of catching up to do, lots of washing to do and then it's back to making lists for the coming weeks ahead. I really enjoyed my time away and it really makes me want to work towards husband retiring so we can do more of this kind of thing. Lots to think about and plans to make. 

I wanted to share this fun video. I drove quite a lot to the Wildlife Drive at the local Refuge. Basically, it's just a huge area of green space. There is a seven mile drive where you can wander along (drive, walk or bike) to look at the local wildlife. There are other areas with trails and such. Anyway, as I was going along the drive I came across a Cockerel! It was there several days. Not sure where it came from. It always seemed to be in the same spot. 

Back tomorrow. I'll be (hopefully) catching up with blogs. 

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Quick Check-in From Minnesota

Having a lovely time. It's amazing how much Baby A has grown in just a few weeks. She is smiling and babbling away. She's trying to grab things too. She is drooling away and trying to shove anything she can into her mouth. She does sleep really well at night, but in the daytime 30 minute naps are all she seems to manage. She does not like to go to sleep during the daytime. It would be rather funny if it wasn't frustrating as she gets really tired if she hasn't napped. She doesn't like laying down when you hold her. I think she then thinks you're trying to get her to sleep! She'd rather sit up though she can't sit up alone yet. She does hold her head up pretty well though. 

I'll obviously have to play catch-up when I get back. I'm enjoying spending the time with daughter and baby and enjoying trips to the wildlife refuge. The computer and daily life will still be there when I return lol. 

Yesterday's Things That Make Me Smile - 115/364 

A beautiful Sunrise

Be Back Soon!

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Off to Daughter's House

We're off early in the morning to visit daughter and her family and to get much needed cuddles from Baby A. I'm debating whether to take the computer or not. I will try to check in, but I really want to just enjoy baby A and spend time with the little family. I can't wait!

I stayed away from sorting anything today. I really didn't have time. I had a couple of stops to make, some washing to do and then some packing. I didn't hear from the opticians, so I decided to stop in and ask about the glasses. They were there. They said they had texted. I told them I hadn't received one. They weren't sure why I hadn't. While I was picking up the glasses someone came out and asked whether I had left a message. Apparently, the messages left are transcribed. I don't know if it's my accent, but the transcription bore absolutely no resemblance to the message I left. We had a good laugh about it. The glasses will take a bit of getting used to. I'm afraid I'm going to trip over my feet. I wore them a while, but they gave me a bit of a headache. Hopefully, it won't be long until I get used to them!

I'm off to bed so I can get up early, early in the morning. Night!


Things are starting to look a lot greener. I wonder how much will change in just a week!

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Slow and Steady

It's not been a bad week. I've been making lists and checking things off. I have added another...ta da...30 books to the donate pile! I have another 2 boxes of items ready to go to the charity shop. I've absolutely smashed the book donation total I wanted to meet this month. It feels good though there are still many more to go. I'm finding it a little easier to let go of them. The craft room is still a mess, but I'm slowly sorting through things and letting go of some of them. I wish I found this a little easier! I am trying to keep focus on what I want the house to look like and just keep chipping away at bits until it might, someday, get that way!

I've been getting out for walks each morning. It's been warmer this week, so it's been lovely to get out. Some storms came through this afternoon, but that was well after I'd got the outdoors things done for the day. We're heading to daughter's for a week-long visit on Friday so I'm trying to get a few things finished up before we leave. It will be nice to have a little break from the house stuff and hopefully I'll come back full of energy and raring to go! 

Tomorrow, I have to go pick up some snacks for the road trip, fill up the car so we can leave early on Friday, do some washing and pack. I'm also messaging with my sister tomorrow instead of Friday. I want to go check on my glasses. They haven't come in yet. Husband got his second pair yesterday and, when he asked, they said mine were in and I would be getting a text today. I heard nothing. I tried ringing them but they didn't answer so I left a message. When I ordered them I was told it would be 7-10 business days. It's been well over that now. Sigh. 

Things That Make Me Smile - all outside ones. The weather has been glorious. The sunrise yesterday was lovely and today it was the clouds that made me smile 




Back tomorrow. 

Monday, April 15, 2024

Sunday Adventure

It was such a beautiful day yesterday. A lovely burst of almost summer-like weather. The sun was shining brightly and the temperature reached 76F/24C!!!! We decided to go for a walk on the beach at Michigan City, Indiana and then down to Indiana Dunes National Park. I really like visiting there. There were a lot of people walking the trails, but we found one that wasn't too bad. It was really lovely being outside. 

The trees are still mostly bare, but you can see the beginnings of leaves and some of the blossom is now blooming. There weren't too many birds around, but we could hear the spring peepers (frogs) making lots of noise. There were a few early ground flowers if you looked closely. 

Later, when we were home, middle son and his girlfriend stopped by. They had gone with our other son (the older one who lives with us) to a Comic Con that was in town. They stayed for a little while before heading back to their respective houses. All-in-all it was a pretty good day. 

Some phone photos from our adventure

They are starting to get the beaches ready for the summer season. This means evening out the sand.

This made me smile today (105). Somebody had left their mark in the sand!

The trail that we walked along

Lovely sunny skies!

Saturday, April 13, 2024


The sun was shining this morning. Really lovely. I got out early and sat and watched the beavers for a while and then had a nice walk. There was a fisherman right by the beavers' lodge, but he moved soon after I arrived and then the beavers came out. I'm not sure why they fish right there as the sticks and tree logs line the bottom of the lake. It seems there are other, clearer areas where the fishing would be better, but what do I know? 

Anyway, it was very relaxing. After watching the beavers, I took a walk. I heard lots of bird sounds. Up in the field the Tree Swallows and the Blue Birds were competing over who would get to occupy the two bird houses. A little Chickadee even took a lot in one of the houses while the Tree Swallows and Blue Birds were flying around.

A little later husband and I went out to do a bit of shopping and to take a look around for poly greenhouses (not sure that's the right term). We don't want anything too big, but something that would protect plants from the deer. It has to be able to be taken down and stored in winter. We think we've found one, but we want to do more research as to what else (food) we can grow there in pots. 

I did actually do a bit of sorting today too. I'm on a roll! No books today but I was up in the craft room. Some hard decisions will have to be made. Sigh.

Question - how long should an item be kept if it's not been used so far? 

Question - when decluttering, is the price you paid for something a consideration in whether you get rid of it or not? Or do you just chalk it up to a purchasing error and - hopefully - going forward you avoid that error? 

Some things I really have to think about. I think that second one is holding me back in some areas. 

One of my beaver photos from this week

Some phone photos from my walk today and my Things That Make Me Smile photo

104/366 - it's sunny!

Friday, April 12, 2024

Friday - Sorting and Decluttering

Ugh. Rainy Day. Most of the day. I tried for a walk but got wet so basically did a tiny one. Later in the day it did brighten up a bit, but it was very windy. I kept looking out of the window at one of the trees in the garden. It's a pine of some kind but looks dead. We need to have someone come cut it down but have been procrastinating. We are going to make it a priority once we get back from visiting daughter. I really don't want it to come down in a storm. It's huge and really close to the property line. 

I spent the day doing quite a bit of sorting. There are another 43 books added to the donate pile. WOW! I'm on a roll. I've done way more than the target I expected and am quite pleased with myself. There is still a LOT to go. I can't believe how I can fit this many books in my house. It isn't that big. I also sorted out a two-cube unit that was mostly books and had camera stuff on the top. The books have gone, and the camera stuff is now in the cube unit so it's looking a lot tidier. 

I also went up in the craft room and sorted through a container full of ribbons. I sorted out several that could be donated. There was some spare space, so I put in some other random ribbons that were not put away. 

Husband also took 5 boxes of (not books) donations to the charity shop. So far, I'm quite pleased with what I've managed to get rid of this month. I need to keep plugging along. 

Phone Photos from the quick walk

Just puddles lol. There was lots of water around. 

Things That Make Me Smile 103/366

A lovely candle that made things a little brighter today. I have a lot of candles and am really trying to actively use them. It smelled lovely!

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Week Flying By

 It was another lovely day yesterday. I spent far too much time outside. Good thing too as today it was chucking it down. The rain is supposed to last through tomorrow too! I am not pleased. 

As I said, yesterday I did spend quite a bit of time walking with my friend, then I (finally) had a much-needed haircut, ran a couple of errands and still managed to get a bit done at home. 

101/366 Lovely blue skies for my walk. Everything was so wonderfully calm.  Quite a change from today lol. I certainly made the most of it!

Today I stayed in. I procrastinated quite a bit and got a little distracted by an unusual garden visitor. 


A Turkey! It was around the garden quite a bit. My neighbour's dog came out for a little while and scared the poor turkey up into one of the large pines at the back of the garden! I did not know that turkeys could fly that high and get up in the trees but apparently, they do!

I did get some house things done 


Another 13 books to add to the pile!!!

I also finished sorting through the clothes. I can check that off the list! There is still a long way to go, but I feel as though I'm starting to make progress!

I also had a video chat with daughter and Baby A. She was babbling away and trying to grab the phone! Then I messaged with my sister. We usually do this on Friday but she's off for the weekend as it's her husband's 60th birthday and their family, daughters and grandchildren included are having a weekend away. We'll do the same next week as we are leaving for daughter's house on Friday. 

Hopefully back tomorrow. More rain, probably, so maybe more sorting progress!

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Monday and Tuesday

Not a bad start to the week. The weather has been glorious. I've been going out for my morning walks. It's been so nice not to have to be all bundled up. I didn't go anywhere for the eclipse yesterday. In fact, I wasn't even going to watch it, but the weather was so gorgeous I ended up sitting in the garden birdwatching and glancing up at the sun once in a while (through glasses). I hadn't thought to get any glasses - that's how much I wasn't going to watch it - but MIL said she had some extra, so I decided to grab a couple pairs just in case. When husband came home from work, he sat in the garden with me and watched. I'm glad I didn't go anywhere else for it though. I'm not a fan of crowds or people so it was nice just to be in the garden - food, drinks and loo close at hand ha ha. 

Today I spend far too long at the park. It was so beautiful I got distracted. It's supposed to rain both Thursday and Friday, so I'll make up for house time then. 

I did get things done though - I managed to sort out another 16 books. So I have already surpassed my goal for the month. I am going to keep going though as I want to get rid of as many as I can especially since I seem to be on a roll! I also got started sorting through my clothes. I managed to gather a box for donation, and several got thrown away. I still have the hanging clothes to sort, but I'm quite pleased with what I've accomplished. 

Tomorrow I finally have a haircut! I haven't had my hair cut since before I went to daughter's. I have a fringe/bangs that desperately need to be cut. It's really bothering me as I have to keep swiping my hair out of my face to be able to half see anything. Oh, one pair of my glasses have come in so I will be picking them up too. Between the glasses and the haircut I'll finally be able to see again. 


Made me smile. Husband looking at the eclipse. 


Beautiful sunrise. 

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Sunday Adventure and a Bit of a Book Declutter

It was a lovely sunny day today. We decided to go to the lakeshore and take a couple of small walks. Soon it will be tourist season and we usually stay away mostly then. It's almost coming into the end of free parking season at some places, so we avoid those too. I don't mind paying a little bit for an hours parking, but a lot of the places do a flat charge and I'm not paying that for an hour walk on the beach. It's then that we tend to use State Parks as we get a year pass for about $12 a year. It's a bargain in my opinion.  

They are starting to get the beaches ready for summer visitors. We saw that some of the snow fences have been taken down and the bulldozers are starting to even out the sand again. 

The clouds in the sky were beautiful

The Lighthouse could do with a coat or two of paint. 

That's my husband lazing against the steps. He made me smile today (98/366). At least he got out of the car today. The wind was quite keen but it was a little warmer. As it hit 50F/10C there were people out in shorts ha ha! 

We got back home mid-afternoon, as we usually try to do. Husband likes a bit of time to relax before he has to think about going to bed (usually at 8.30 or so as he gets up really early in the morning). I did some computer stuff in the afternoon and then got the urge to do some purging. 

DRUM ROLL - I sat down for about 30 minutes and sorted TWENTY books to go to the book pile!!!! I'm really pleased with that. I wanted to get 30 sorted this month and I'm already get rid of twenty - in one go!!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. 

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Lovely Saturday Walk

Was a pretty good day Friday. I didn't get too much done on the home front, but I got to video chat with daughter and Baby A. She is getting so big! She did start 'talking' to me. She is certainly getting loud now! It was really nice. It's only two weeks until we go and see her. I can't wait! Later, I messaged with my sister. It's always good to have a nice chat with her. We are planning my trip later in the summer. She is talking about us going away for a weekend again, maybe this time to Yarmouth. It's been a few years since I've been there. Last time was with Mum. When I was a teenager I worked there for a summer so it holds some good memories for me. 

This morning I got up early and went over just to my local park for a walk. It was lovely but cold and surprisingly pretty empy. I was bundled up well and sat and watched the beavers for a while. I saw six of them at once! It makes me wonder how many there actually are. I was planning on taking some macro photos for my #1day12pics project for the first Saturday of the month but ended up taking photos of the reflections in the water. I haven't sorted them yet but when I do I will share. It was lovely and sunny and the water had patterns in it and rippled as the birds flew and landed. Really nice. It caught my attention so that ended up being my project for the day. 

In the afternoon I did do a bit of sorting, but nothing on the list of what I wanted to get done. Lol. Oh well, at least another bit got sorted.  I 'discovered' that I have a lot of shredding to do so I might have to add that to the list too. I also sat out in the garden for a while as it warmed up a bit in the afternoon and was fairly nice. 

Beavers at the lake 


Those clouds made me smile yesterday


Early morning at the beavers' lodge

Tomorrow we're off for a drive and a walk. Weather shouldn't be too bad so it will be nice to get out. 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Plodding Along

I had posted the other day the video of the Sandhill Crane and had mentioned what a loud, distinctive noise they made. While I was out walking at my local spot the other day there were three of them who had landed on the opposite side of the small lake. I thought I'd share so you can listen how loud they get. 

I've also sorted through some of my photos from the day and this is a close-up of the Sandhill Crane

Here's the noise video

So, what have I been up to? 

I did sort out some more of my craft room. There still seems lots of moving things about BUT I have a got some space on my desk!!! Hopefully next week I'll at least finish up with that and be able to do some crafting. I must make sure that I don't pile things on it that need to be sorted!

I have been out walking. It's been cold and mostly cloudy and there certainly doesn't seem to be a lot of Spring around, but I know it's coming. As I walk along I catch glimpses of buds on the bushes and trees, the geese on their nests and hear the mating calls of the birds around me. If only the weather would catch up!

I've been finding Things That Make Me Smile. 


There wasn't a sunrise yesterday, but just for a moment, the clouds parted and there was a hint of blue skies and sun before it all clouded over again!


This little muskrat made me smile. He climbed right up where I had seen the beaver the day before and started ripping off strips of bark to eat. 

Something else that made me smile - daughter sent me photos of the baby. She's getting so big! I can't wait to see her again. Definitely something to look forward to. 

How's your week going? Plans for the weekend? 

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Ramblings and April Goals

I can't believe it's April already! Today (2nd) Baby A turns 3 months old! Can you believe it? Where has the time gone? She is growing so big! We are going to visit at the end of the month for a week and I can't wait to see her again and give her a big hug. I will be having lots of Nana time lol. 

Yesterday, April 1st, was bright and sunny. I walked with my friend. It was really quite nice and wonderful to hear the birds singing their hearts out. 

Phone Photo - Things That Make Me Smile 92/366

Today was totally different! I thought that I wasn't going to be able to take a walk as the forecast was for rain all day long, but when I woke up it had changed. It was dull and drizzly (at least for a while) but I managed to get a walk in. I was glad to as I saw a few beavers and a pair of coots (they only visit here in Spring). It wasn't a long walk as I had made a list of things to do with the thought that it was going to rain. 

Day 93/366

Made me smile to see a goose on top of the beaver lodge when I first arrived. I hope they don't try to make a nest there lol. 

I did manage to check off most things on my list. Meal planning and shopping is done. I got regular household things done, a couple of extras and worked on my craft room a little bit. There is some space on the table now. My next plan is to sort through everything else on the desk. 

I also worked on a list of goals for April. I'm hoping I'll make a good start on them. We are going to daughter's to visit at the end of the month so it will be a shorter month at home. 

These are the extras I want to work on this month : -

* declutter 30 books

* sort clothes - it's coming up to (hopefully) time to put away the winter things. I want to sort through and donate what I haven't worn this winter AND sort through things I don't think I'll want to wear this summer. 

* Clean up the garden. There's some bits and pieces that need to be cleaned up. I've been putting it off. 

* More magazine reading and decluttering. I've got rid of a lot, there are still more to go!

* Read at least 5 books

* Start a new cross stitch project. I keep meaning to. I keep putting it off. 

* Work on the downstairs bookshelves

* Wipe down the kitchen walls. 

Photography Projects

* Continue with my 366 Things That Make Me Smile project

* Do my #1day12pics project. I have to pick a theme

* Some creative photography. 

I'll have to do some time management to get all these done. I struggle with that, as I'm sure I've mentioned before lol. Some of this may continue on into next month. 

I'm going to add some budget things 

* Continue to meal plan. Look up some more frugal meal ideas to help the budget!

* Don't buy any more craft items! I'm going to allow myself to spend a little when I get to daughter's on craft items ONLY IF I work on some projects before I go. 

* Don't bring any new/used books into the house. Really struggle with this. 

* Continue to list on Ebay to maybe make a little money. I do have to make sure that, after a time, if things don't sell they get donated. I don't want the things to stay in the house. 

Phew. I think that's enough for now. Do you have goals for April? 

Monday, April 1, 2024

Weekend Catch-up

Wow, April already!

Catch-up from the weekend. Saturday was rainy. I didn't go out for a walk. We both had eye appointments, so got those done. My prescription had changed quite a bit but other than that all was okay. We both ordered new glasses. I'll actually be able to see again! I also 'treated' myself to a pair of prescription sunglasses. They will be nice to wear when I'm out walking. 

Sunday morning, Easter, we got up early and decided to take the (long) drive to Kensington Metro Park. It is such a cool place. We paid for a year pass which gets us into any metro park. This park is over 4500 acres. It has a golf course, swimming beaches, shooting range, disc golf, farm shop, trails (biking, walking, biking running). We usually go to the nature centre and do the walks around that area. There are no dogs allowed and no running or biking allowed. It's a great place to see birds and watch nature. The walk takes you around a large pond and through woods. It isn't a difficult walk, and we always see a variety of birds. If you hold out your hand with bird seed some birds will land on you. My husband really likes feeding the birds. 

The Heron Rookery (my day 91/366). I always love seeing the herons build their nests. It's so interesting how they fly off, collect a stick and then take it back to the nest passing it over to the other heron. 

There were two Ospreys on the nest when we first arrived. We went past on our way out and only one was there. They were mating earlier in the day, so maybe there will be babies!

There are also quite a few Sandhill Cranes wondering around. There are signs not to feed them as they are wild animals, but people do and they eat seed left on the ground, so they are not afraid of people at all. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to post goals for April. We'll see how well I do on them lol. 

One more photo, my 90/366. 

Having an eye appointment made me smile as I desperately need new glasses!

I hope everyone had a good Easter.