Saturday, January 30, 2016

It's the weekend again. I actually got around to working on the card I was supposed to be getting done. I think it turned out well. I hope my friend will like it. The stamp is from a Penny Black set.

I have not found my phone (lost on Wednesday) nor my lot of scissors. I hope losing things doesn't come in threes. Sigh.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WOYWW Jan 27th

Another Wednesday again. Here we are again checking out what's on my desk while I check in with Julia over at Stamping Ground for What's on your Workdesk Wednesday. It's a great way to take a look around and see what others are up to.

It's still freezing cold here in Michigan though temps are supposed to get above freezing this week! Wow! Doubt that will last. My daughter says she might come visit today depending on the roads. She lives about an hour and a half away. If she does we'll be out and about so I'll be checking out desks later on.

Anyway enough babbling. Here's what's on my desk mid-week this week.

There are a stack of stamped images waiting to be coloured. There are a couple of completed stamps ready to be putting on cards and there are a few mini-albums in progress. What does that mean? Lots of things started and not any of them finished!!!! Aarrrgggg.

I started working on some mini-albums, decided I would use my decorative edge scissors and can I find them? NOPE! No clue at all where they are. I used them just before Christmas so I know they are around here somewhere. If only I could find them.......

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday rolling round again. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can go outside and explore on the weekends. I think we are all going a little crazy but I certainly don't want to walk around while it's freezing cold and snowy. It is actually supposed to get above freezing this week! I keep telling myself that we are almost at the end of January and the days will be a little longer and maybe the temperatures will go up just a little bit. It seems like I'm wishing the days away lol.

Been doing some more crafting. I keep getting pulled back to making mini albums and can't seem to stop! I'm definitely not an expert in them and, at some point, I will have to actually use them, but I am enjoying making them.

This one is a cute little one made out of one page of 12 x 12 and extra for the cover. It's a cute little thing. I was thinking of either using it for small pictures of maybe a book of sayings I like.

I used ideas from a couple of videos I saw on Youtube. 12 x 12 mini album is one of the videos I watched.

I really enjoyed this one. I'll change a few things next time but it worked out well and I liked the way the pages are big enough for small photos.  This was from here

 I do HAVE to finish at least one card though so I'm off to try colouring some more.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WOYWW Jan 20

Brrrr. It's cold here in Michigan on this Wednesday. I'm joining up with Julia and the gang over at Stamping Ground for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday. To be honest it's been cold all week. A little whine here - I'm tired of being cold. The other day I just could not get my feet warm. It didn't matter what I did just couldn't get warm. The only good thing is that my craft room is quite warm.

Now what's on my desk this week? I've finished up a couple of books and have moved on to some stamped images I am going to colour and put on cards. My friend has a birthday coming up at the beginning of February so I'd like to make her a fun card.

I ended up with a new set of colouring pencils at Christmas as I'd originally purchased them for daughter and ended up getting a great price on a larger set for her so, of course, I had to keep these for myself. Lol.

I'm off to see what everyone else is up to. Hopefully someone will be somewhere warm and I'll be able to see a little sunshine. I want to thank everyone for visiting and for their kind comments.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This is the picture I took for my 366 Photography Challenge on Sunday. We had gone to pick up my son from where he lived to come home for a bit. Anyway sun was shining when we left Kalamazoo. Got on the road and it was terrible! Blowing and drifting snow and white-out conditions. The way back was even worse. Later in the day there were accidents on the motorway. No surprise. People were going way too fast for the conditions. It took us 3 1/2 hours for a journey that should have took 40 mins! I was actually pretty scared despite hubby being a great driver in the snow. At one point a lorry/truck ended up speeding past us on the side of the road where you can see more snow. The snow whirled up in front of us creating such a blanket we could see nothing. I admit to closing my eyes at that point!

On a good note I finished the Gorjuss book I was making last week. It turned out nice. BUT I am going to put aside doing them for a while and concentrate on other things. Here is the finished product.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Good News!

No, I didn't win the Powerball. I received good news more precious than money. My Mum was diagnosed with cancer in October 2014. She had chemo and radiation. It's a horrible disease. I heard this morning Alan Rickman died of cancer. It seems lately there have been several famous people dying from this horrible disease. It doesn't discriminate whether you have money or not.

Anyway the other day Mum had another test - not sure what it's called but a tube was put down her throat to see if there was any cancer. She had esophagus cancer. She's never smoked or drank. It was just a fluke. She had a body scan in November to make sure cancer hadn't gone anywhere else and it came back clear. They have never been able to see her cancer on this scan. They caught it when they did the tube procedure the first time.

Her test came back clear!!! ! So relieved. She doesn't have to go back until April. This is such good news. I am so happy today.

I have to say I, for one, am really pleased she has the NHS. Her local hospital did such a wonderful job. When she first went to the doctor she was in the hospital the next week having tests and then treatment. Everything moved so quickly. I am in the US and I don't think people in England realise how lucky they are (having lived with both sides). Mum never had to worry about what her treatment was costing. She never had to worry about whether she could afford treatment or whether she could pay for medical supplies. She never had to worry about losing her house because she couldn't afford both medical and living expenses. She could concentrate all her energy on fighting this terrible disease. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Another Wednesday. Wow it's gone quickly. I say that every week.

As it is Wednesday I'm joining up with Julia over at Stamping Ground for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday. I love joining in with this. I feel like it keeps me on track.

It's a cold (-11c) and snowy day here in Michigan. Still not sure why I moved here lol. I don't like winter and I don't like snow. At least this year I don't have to go outside in it. I am off to lunch today. I have no car (loaned both of them to out-of-town kids) so my friend is coming by to pick me up. Once a month a group of ex-employees from the place I used to work have got together for lunch. It is fun. I don't miss the place that much but I do miss the people I worked with. It's a great time to gossip and eat out!

Back to what's on my desk. Not too much. Started another book. I am going to use Gorjuss papers (can be seen in the background) for this one. I love these papers and haven't used them despite having a lot of them. I have also started working on another paper bag wallet album. Now that I'm making these I really need to start putting pictures in them lol.

I am off to exercise then look around the rest of the desks. It is still early here - not nine am yet. I don't have to go out shopping today - thank goodness. I dread to think what the lines at the lottery counter look like. The jackpot is up to 1.5 billion (nope not a typing error). I admit to buying a couple of tickets. Can you imagine that much money? It is ridiculous!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

New book

I actually took a break from organising my craft room to actually do something crafty! Hubby finished up  more cereal so I had to make another book lol. Now I have to put some pictures in one. I really enjoy making these. I found out how to make these by watching a wonderful video by Dawn's Inspirations. Please check out her site. Dawn's Inspirations. She has such wonderful tutorials!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WOYWW New Year

I'm joining up with Julia over at Stamping Ground for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday. I haven't been up to a lot creatively this week though I am still taking photos for the 366 challenge. Yes, I've lasted a whole six days lol.

I am still working on getting stuff up into my new craft room. I haven't decided on a desk yet. For now I'm working on a table. It is actually working quite well. I might just use the money for a new computer as my computer broke - as well as my Kindle. I contacted Amazon who was quite helpful  but didn't tell me anything that I didn't already know. However they did give me a small credit towards a new Kindle which I have now purchased. It's not as fancy as my old 8.9 HDX but it will do. I use my Kindle a lot.

Anyway now onto my desk. I've included a couple of pictures of the rest of the room. It's getting there. I am pulling out a project so hopefully next week I'll have more to show!

I did not realise I had so many craft books! YIKES!

I still have some of my daughter's things - boxed up and ready to go. Lol.

I'm off to look around at some of the other desks

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Poor Kindle

My poor Kindle died...right in the middle of me reading a book. I've tried resetting it, tried plugging in (though it was charged). It just died. RIP.

My Mum says broken things always come in threes. I've already broken my laptop in the past couple weeks, now my Kindle. Sigh. I better start saving....

Friday, January 1, 2016

I joined a photography challenge. It's a Facebook group. I rarely use Facebook. I have a page as an ex-work friend wanted me to 'friend' him so we can keep in touch. I like posts, make comments but that's about it lol. Hope I've posted a picture correctly. Guess I will find out.

'Fresh' was the prompt today.

Freshly cut cheese - of which I ate a piece of.