Friday, February 28, 2020

End of the Week - This and That

Well another week over. February is just about done too. Hopefully March will bring a little bit better weather, some more sunshine and a little bit warmer days. It will be a while before anything starts growing around here though. Some more snow did come through, but it is supposed to warm up again on Sunday so it will probably all melt. It was bitterly cold this morning when I went out for a walk - only 23F/-5C with a wind chill of 9F/-13C at 10am. I would have come home sooner, but the sun came out and I couldn't resist being out in the sunshine no matter what temperature. I was all bundled up with my long underwear and hand warmers in my gloves. I can't wait - and am anxiously looking forward - to when I can hope outside in just a light jacket and no need to warm up the car. It won't be long!

I got up in my craft room today for a little bit after the walk, errands and a bit of housework. I have an idea for my sister's 60th birthday card and have to get busy on it soon. I did make a couple of small cards. I'm really enjoying these 3d butterfly stickers I found at the dollar store.

I've also been sorting through my photos from our mini-break. I still have a lot more to go through but thought I'd share a couple.

I had to share this one. Last year when we visited we saw this huge ice thing on the beach in a small park and couldn't work out what the ice was covering. We went back in the summer and there was nothing there! This time when we were up we thought we'd look again. Sure enough ice was there - not as big as last year but still there. We got talking to another couple who were there for the sunrise and they told me that they had talked to a man who said he was involved in creating the ice. The reason we could find nothing in that spot? There is nothing there! This is a totally man-made creation.  Obviously the cold temperatures create the ice, but there is a water thing underneath. Definitely something interesting to learn!

Husband on a snowy beach. I love this beach. It is so wild and untamed. There are lots of tree limbs that have washed up all throughout the year. The beach was covered with lovely fluffy white snow and, closer to Lake Superior, ice that was tall and dropped down into the lake. It is so very beautiful.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Snow Again

I am so glad we had a nice weather weekend AND made the most of it. The snow is back. I saw my garden - dull green and muddy - for a couple of days and now it is covered again.

You can't tell from this photo (taken on my phone when the birds all fled) but the birds were eating like crazy today. They seem to do that when there's a snowstorm. Lately I seem to trust them more than I trust the weather people.

I spent the day indoors. I had big plans to craft and to sort. Epic Fail. I sorted a little bit and got sidetracked looking through some crafty mags. I picked up a book...and then couldn't put it down. I did manage to catch up on some washing so not a complete failure.

I forgot to post photos of my January scrapbook page. A couple of years ago I did an album with a couple of pages for each month. It was a great way to document the months and use up some photos. I'm not sure why I didn't do it last year but I decided to do it again this year as it was such a manageable project.

I think the snow is supposed to stop tonight and they have been through the streets with the snow ploughs so I will probably go out tomorrow. I must admit that when I don't go for my walk the day seems really long! I certainly missed it today. The good thing about the snowfall is that it will have covered up the thick ice that was on the trails at my usual daily walk.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Oopps... where did time go.

Yup that was another unintended break. I meant to write more last week but time slipped away from me and then husband and I went away for a long weekend. We left Friday at about noon and came back later on Monday. We took a trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a winter trip. We had a truly lovely time - the weather was amazing (for this time of year lol). It was sunny every day so I got to photograph 3 sunsets and 3 sunrises and the temperatures were above freezing! We got to see some amazing ice and snow. It was a lovely break and a great time.

We stayed in Mackinaw City. Most of the hotels are closed for the winter, but there are one or two are open. These are in the larger chains. I suppose they are able to deal with loses or not a big profit margin rather than some of the smaller ones. Last year when we went it wasn't very busy, but this year on the weekend we were going there a wedding party had booked into the hotel and it was completely full! Not sure who would want to get married in winter in upper Michigan as the weather rarely cooperates, but they obviously had good luck with theirs! It just so happened that we got into the lift with the groom's parents our first night there. Apparently the wedding was being held at the nearby International Dark Sky Park - a place people go to watch and photograph the night sky. The only lights permitted are red lights. Later, it got me wondering whether the couple had met there or why they decided on there to get married. It was funny they were getting married there as last month I read a murder mystery that was set at that very park - Under a Dark Sky by Lori Rader-Day.

So now it's back to the daily ins and outs for a while. We might go on a trip at the end of March. Might. I have lots of photos to sort through. It will certainly keep me busy. I'm glad we made the most of the sun as by the time we got back to Kalamazoo it was cloudy and today brings another snow storm. Ah well, it was good while it lasted!

I have lots of catching up to do. Hopefully I'll have some photos to share soon.

Today's photo - a lovely Bluebird to brighten up the winter skies.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I Survived...the Dentist

As anybody who has read this for a while knows I have a terrible phobia of the dentist. I had an appointment on Monday for a filling and I must admit that I've been worrying about it for weeks and the anxiety got stronger the closer the date came. The people at the office are great, I really like them and feel comfortable with them, it's just that old fear creeping up again. I did make it through the appointment. At one point I felt as though I was going to throw up and then felt as though my heart was going to beat through my chest, but I made it through. I am SO glad it is over! I think I have a cleaning coming up late next month but I'm not going to think about it for a while!

The rest of Monday was pretty much a bust (the appointment wasn't until 11.30am). I ran a couple of errands and then came home and crashed. I always seem to do that. I think it's the utter relief that it's over. I have plans to sort through a tub of books and magazines, but it's still sitting in the corner. I was going to sort it downstairs (where it was stored) but I had asked husband to double check that the things he had on top would be okay if I moved them (it's in his work area). He ended up clearing off the said items and bringing the tub up. At least it's warmer up here and I have to get it done so it won't sit up here for ever lol. I have a bunch of books sitting waiting to be taken for donation. The bag is overflowing so it should be taken care of soon. It's no good sorting out/reading books that can be donated for them just to sit there.

Photos for today.

On my last post I told of the people wind surfing in the lake on Saturday when there was ice. I did take a couple of photos.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Cold Saturday -

Brrr… the last couple of days have been absolutely freezing here. It was only -14c/7f when we went out this morning and colder than that with the wind blowing. We drove over to the lakeshore to see the ice beginning to form. I'm not sure we'll get much of it this year as overall things haven't been as cold as usual. It's amazing how quickly it forms though. I couldn't believe it when we got there and there were some men wind surfing in the lake! They had to walk along an ice covered walkway to be able to slide off into the water.

As I'm typing this it has warmed up a little (just below freezing though it's 4.25pm so I don't think it will be getting any warmer) and it's doing something outside. I can hear things hitting on the window.  I poked my head outside and it looks like a cross between snow and ice. Yuck. Hopefully it won't stick to the roads too much as we'd like to go out tomorrow for our usual Sunday adventure.

Son did make it home. His plane on Thursday ended up being cancelled. He had to spend the night in the airport and did not make it home until Friday morning. It was uncomfortable for him and not a lot of sleep, but he took it in stride. I was really quite proud of him as he sometimes panics if things don't go just so. I think I was more stressed out than he was! It was another late night on Thursday waiting to see if the plane would leave and he'd need picking up at the airport. I'm glad all that's over with!

I went upstairs to the craft room this afternoon. Still not too inspired but - thinking of Spring - I put together this little card. I can't wait until there is colour in the garden and flowers are blooming!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Week That Wasn't

Yup, that was this week. It's passed me by with the blink of an eye. My middle son had a job interview in Louisiana this week - he left on Tuesday, had to take two planes, a bus, pick up a car, drive an hour and check into a hotel. This was all new for him. He hasn't flown on a plane since he was younger. He sometimes gets overwhelmed so I was a little worried. Is there ever an age that we don't worry about our 'kids'? He made it there okay, but I stayed up until after 1am on Wednesday morning just to know that he made it to the hotel lol. The interviews went well on Wednesday he said. Today he had to do the reverse. But of course this is February in Michigan. We had another snow storm. Louisiana was lovely and warm and he will be coming back to below freezing temps.

Anyway he managed to find his way back to the airport and drop the car off. His plane leaving Louisiana was delayed. The company he had interviewed with (and had made all the travel arrangements) rang to let him know and say he probably wouldn't make the second plane, did he want to rebook for a later plane? He asked what I would do. I said to do that because if he did make it in time for the original connection the airline would probably let him on it if there was space. Good thing he did! His original connection was cancelled. He made it to Chicago airport and is waiting to see if the later plane actually leaves. The weather now isn't too bad here, but I think everything is backed up. Fingers crossed as he has to go to work tomorrow.

Most of the day I've spent worrying. Sigh. The life of a worry guts.

I did start a cross stitch. Hoping to finish it up tomorrow.

While I was sorting this I remembered why I had so many lying around not opened. It's not easy to work out which strand is which - cream, light tan, very light tan, tan - groan - there isn't a lot of difference in colour.

I didn't walk today but, as there were some nice snowflakes, I decided to give photographing them a go. It isn't easy. I did manage a couple.

Friday, February 7, 2020

It's Friday

I haven't been out of bed long. The birds are already out in the garden looking for food. A new layer of snow has fallen and anything that was left on the bird table has been covered with snow. I woke up a little before donning my snow boots and venturing out into the garden. My footprints from yesterday have all been covered up. I am going to wait a little while before deciding whether to venture out or not. Husband texted me (reason I woke up) to say good morning and to let me know that roads were a little icy and it would be better to wait until the morning rush was over before going out. Maybe this will have to be (another) stay inside day. Husband says he might get off work early as he's worked a lot this week so could take me out then. If our road looks bad I might take him up on that!

The weekend doesn't look too promising either so I'm not sure what we will be doing. I didn't get as much sorting done this week as I hoped to. Yesterday I got caught up in a book and spent most of the day reading(!) something I usually try not to do.

It was a really good book. It was one of those books that I wasn't sure whether I wanted to go slow so that I could savour it or whether I wanted to sit down and read it all in one go. I ended up doing the second. I just couldn't help it. It was one of the books that had been on my shelf a little while. I am not sure I will be letting it go though - this might be one I find a place for on my bookshelf.

I am determined to pull out a cross stitch to get started on. I found a little kit - one of those you find on the cover of some magazines - while I was sorting the other day and thought it was really cute. Sadly it was already open, the pattern and fabric were there, but not the threads! Perhaps I shall find them as I sort through things. I probably have a bunch of those little kits sitting around and they finally decided to put the pattern in with them (in the past the pattern was in the magazine) so I shall probably start with one of those. Sometimes it's nice to do a few little projects so you see progress. I think that's the kind of mood I'm in.

Anyway I do need to get moving. There are some general house-y things I need to get done before I can think about anything else. Hope everyone has a good day!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Back to Clouds...

The sunshine has left and the clouds have returned. I think a front must have come through last night as I ended up with a horrible headache. It was one of those that made me feel like if I moved I would be sick. The only thing that usually helps with these is going to bed, so that's what I did. Thank goodness the headache was gone when I woke up this morning. I was still feeling a little blah though so I decided that I'd give the walk a rest (it was very dreary too). I had a couple of things to pick up so I went and got the few bits I needed. I'm doing a little better about not picking up things I don't need. I find that it helps if I use cash as I only have so much in my purse and that has to last me the week. I find myself thinking more of what I am buying rather than just swiping my card.

I also took back some of the recyclable bottles and cans. Here in Michigan we have a 10cent deposit on anything fizzy. We keep them out in the garage, but they have been piling up. It's a job we all hate doing. When the kids needed money they would take back but now it's up to husband and I.

When I came home I did get a few odds and ends done - cleaning a few things I had been thinking about doing. I also sorted the area by the chair I usually sit in as it seems to be a catch-all area and the books and bits were piling up. It feels good to have the area clean. I want to get my wardrobe done again this week. I've been thinking about clothes and have decided to let a few more pieces go. I like them, but realistically I don't wear them so what's the point in keeping them? If only getting rid of books was that simple to me...

I also got up in the craft room and started a little sorting up there. I have to get it tidied up. I think that it being so messy isn't helping me get my mojo back! I did play around a little with a card and a page in my things-I-like book.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Monday, Monday

The weekend was a mixed bag. Saturday was absolutely horrible. Our walk wasn't very nice as we ended up getting caught in something that was a mixture of snow and ice. The place we walked had part of the trail washed out. We ended up walking up a trail someone had made through the woods, to the sand dune and down to the beach...what was left of it. I am getting rather sad visiting some of these places. There was hardly anything left of a beach that used to be quite big.

Sunday was absolutely beautiful. It was sunny and bright and the temperatures were above freezing. I must admit that I didn't want to come home. I wanted to soak up that sunshine while I could! We had a lovely walk along a couple of beaches. There were lots of people out having the same idea as we did.

These were taken with my phone. I took lots of photos with my camera but haven't sorted through them yet.

The first is of the lighthouse and the second is of the view as we drove through Grand Rapids.

Today dawned bright and sunny too so I decided to make the most of it and I took a little drive. We'll be back to clouds tomorrow so I wanted to get out and enjoy it and soak up that sun! There were quite a few people out today, some walking, jogging, fishing and there were even a couple of boats out. That's a really rare thing. Usually at this time of year the lake is frozen, but things haven't been quite as cold this year - just grey, grey, grey.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!