Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lazy Saturday

It's going to be a hot one today - looks like it's going to be a hot week in general. Temperatures are supposed to be above 30C most of the week and even the lows are going to around 20C. It sounds really good but can be stifling after a few days. It means early morning housework and walks before gets too hot. I'll have to work out cooler meals - lots of salads, veggies and maybe a slow cooker recipe or two. Hubby grills food but I'm not that good at it.

Even though it's getting hot I'm still doing some knitting. Sounds weird, right? I haven't been learning too long and I'm afraid I'll forget it all so I'm keeping my hand in, so to speak. I've just finished this scarf. It has a pattern which includes yarn overs and knitting together. I'm finally getting the hang of following a pattern ha ha.

There are more scarves in my future. Not sure what I'm going to do with them all but they seem a good way to work on patterns. This one is nice and thick. I'm sure it will work good in the winter.

Flowers from my walk this morning. I've been trying to improve my flower photography. I have trouble making the colours pop, but this worked out okay. Daughter says I should start marking my photography somehow (now that I'm improving lol) but haven't figured out how to do it. Sigh.

I'm off to Skype my Mum. Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday.


  1. Currently 23C, dull and wet here but it felt warmer while I was chucking meself about doing
    Have a lovely weekend-x-

    1. Hopefully it will brighten up. Mum said she finally had a day of sunshine after all the rain. She even took a bus ride down Felixstowe and got a little burned!

  2. Lovely "blue" post, Sharon (blue in the nicest possible way lol!) - great knitting, and the flower picture is gorgeous. Goodness, it does sound hot where you are - we continue to have cold, wet, unseasonable weather for June - it's more like November here at the moment and everyone's getting pretty fed up with it.

    Thank you for your lovely comment - most interesting to read about the tornadoes. We are so fortunate here in the UK not to have tornadoes or hurricanes (although we did have a hurricane once). I've now finished my hurricane book and done the final blog post about it.

    Have a great weekend.


    1. I didn't even notice all the blue until you said something! I remember the hurricane - Mum and I sat up half the night. The aftermath was horrible. One of the nearby forests had devastating tree loss.

  3. That flower shot is gorgeous - I think all the flowers are nicer in your country than ours. Australian sun bleaches the life our of everything.

  4. Thanks for your return visit, Sharon, and for your great comment! Like you, we had some adventures surrounding the British hurricane, too! Not a time to be forgotten! I am so pleased that you like my little book. The Coptic binding really isn't hard to do if you follow it step by step - you get into a sort of rhythm with it really. Cancer certainly is a wake-up call. It changes your attitude to so many things and makes you realise what's important and what isn't. Talking to loads of other people in the treatment room at the hospital, nobody talked about "my expensive car" or "all the money I made" etc. but all spoke about their families, quality time, friendship, things like that. Getting your life back afterwards, it's on a different level, and this applies to families as well as people with cancer themselves. Cancer comes out of the blue and it's a tremendous shock getting the initial diagnosis - nobody expects it to happen to them. My first thought was "That's ridiculous - I don't get cancer - it's what other people get!" (Silly... it's no respecter of persons!) I'm so happy to hear that you and your mum are now valuing your special time together. Long may it last! You wouldn't think there could be anything positive about cancer, but there is. You just have to use it well.

    Hope you are having a really lovely weekend!
    Shoshi x

  5. Sounds like it is warmer up there, right now, than it has been down here! Hope the a/c is up and running! Love the colors in your scarf. It'll keep you nice and warm when winter comes back, again!

  6. Oh gosh that is hot, it sounds like you get into a rhythm with it though. Your lovely scarfs will be all ready and waiting when autumn comes around xx


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