Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday Morning

Ug it's Monday again. The weekend was SO hot. We still haven't got our window air conditioners in and apparently hubby didn't feel like putting them in so we suffered through heat. It was horribly hot and stuffy. Despite leaving the windows open last night it is still hot and stuffy in the house. He says he's putting them in tonight when he gets home from work. It is supposed to be cooler today but the air conditioner will help with the humidity too. I don't put them on all the time as I don't like it too cold, but a little relief would be nice!

It must be egg laying season for the turtles other at the lake. I've come across several of them on the path laying eggs.

These two I saw today. They were in different spots along the path and stayed still while I took their photos. There were a lot of broken eggs where I saw the second one. I hope they were broken because they hatched and not because someone had uncovered and damaged.

Even a chipmunk sat still (or rather froze trying not to attract attention) while I took its photo. I've been seeing deer too (finally). I think now that things are growing in the woods they are out eating. This is one I saw the other day. I think we startled one another and just stood staring. I managed to snap a few photos and then go on my way leaving the doe where she was.

Hope everyone has a good Monday!


  1. I hate it when it is hot and muggy. We don't get too many really hot days here in WA state, so when we do, it is hard to get used to. Wonderful photos of the wild things. Hope you get your AC installed! x Karen

  2. Hope it has cooled off a bit for you. I don't like it when it is hot and humid. Hope the air conditioner has been installed.

  3. What gorgeous wildlife photos, Sharon! All the pretty creatures around you... Very well captured, too. Sorry to hear you are suffering with heat. Quite the reverse, here. It's been really cold for mid-June, and pouring with rain - more like November than summer! This always happens after I've washed all my winter woollies and put them away... Thank you for your lovely comment - yesterday I made some progress on the latest mini-album and I've just updated my blog if you want to hop over and have a look. I can't wait to get back to it and do some more!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #34


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