Saturday, October 17, 2015

There's a place I go where I like to walk. I haven't been going there as much as there was another mugging. Sigh. I like to walk while I'm listening to music so I've just been going around the neighbourhood and, on cooler days, walking on my 'new' treadmill. It's a beautiful place not far from where I live. It's a wildlife preserve and there are clearly signs stating that all dogs must be on leads. Yet every time I am there people have their dogs running free. Don't get me wrong - I like dogs. We've had a couple over the years including Ben, our black lab who died a couple years ago. We took him over there but on his lead. There are deer running around the woods. I go sometimes to walk and see what I can see - which isn't a lot when there are dogs running around barking.

That's my rant.

When I went the other day it was a chilly day and there were signs of autumn all around. I didn't see any deer but I did see what I think is a crane (?). I don't know a lot about birds. It (or a similar one) was in the same place last year. Beautiful creature. It stood very still for a while. If you aren't looking for it you can miss it!

At some point something spooked it and it flew away.

There was also lots of fungus. I like taking pictures of it. I find it very beautiful. The colours and patterns are fascinating.

There weren't many flowers around though there are plenty in the summer. I did see this beautiful blue flower - again I don't know what it is.

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