Tuesday, October 6, 2015


The days seem to be flying by. I still haven't done any crafty stuff though I did find a bunch of photos while I was sorting out my underwear drawer. How funny is that?

Hubby is back to work. He enjoyed our two days away and then went back to work on Sunday. He is now working twelve hour days for a while so no getaway for us anytime soon. We are doing lots of planning and some saving for next spring when work will slow down and we'll be able to do some overnight trips.

While we were away we were driving up to Grand Traverse Lighthouse when we whizzed past a cheese shop. I LOVE cheese. Has to be one of my favourite foods. We decided to stop on the way back. Unfortunately at the same time we stopped so did a coach load of women! We ended up in the small shop and it was packed solid. The cheese was good though and we did pick some up.

Also while we were out walking we saw lots of different plants/flowers. I'm not great gardener so I wasn't sure what they were. I am looking at books to maybe have a guide while we're out and about. I would like to know what plants/flowers are and what they can be used for.

Hubby says this is a milkweed pod. Inside there were seeds and really fluffy white stuff. I did look it up to see what they could be used for. I guess that 'fluff' is used for filling pillows. Milkweed fibres are also used to clean up oil spills. Who knew?

There were also plenty of raspberry bushes around though it's a little late in the season. I imagine in season there would be loads of them. No picking though as it is a State Park.

There were also some of these lovely things. Not sure what they are. I might have to check with Mother-in-Law. She might know.

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