Friday, November 20, 2015

Aarrggg I'm getting distracted by these mini albums lol. I can't seem to leave them alone and they are distracting me from what I'm supposed to be doing.

Well doing the albums is distracting me from my computer problems. Grrrr. I made the (mistake) of upgrading to Windows 10. I didn't realise that I would lose all my stuff. Sniff. Sniff. I managed to find my Word files which I was extremely relieved about. I enjoy writing and I had a lot of started stories/ideas. I did manage to 'find' them again which was a huge relief but I couldn't find saved pictures and other files. My computer did another update and everything appeared back in place - all the pictures and files - except my Word files all disappeared!!!! I cannot find them anywhere. I am really sad. I have some of them saved, but not the writing I have done recently. Grrr. Wish I'd never updated. IF I ever find them again I will try to save them to a USB drive more often.

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