Wednesday, November 22, 2017

All is quiet...

It's quiet in the house. Hubby is all tucked up in bed and oldest son is playing video games downstairs. They are both glad to have a day off tomorrow. Hubby worked OT last week. He's getting older now so those 55+ hour weeks take a toll more easily. Son has been working 55+ hours for several weeks now so he's keeping his fingers crossed that he will have the whole weekend off. It depends on the jobs that have to get done - they might call him in. They will be off tomorrow and we'll be over at MIL for Thanksgiving.

The holidays always feel strange to me. I try to keep a cheery face but it's a little sad when I'm not actually spending time with the rest of my family. Daughter and middle son won't be around this year either so feeling a little more down than usual. I will enjoy spending time with MIL and chatting with her sister who always has good stories to tell.

I have finished putting photos in two albums now! So happy. I have to do embellishments and hopefully they won't take long. If I can work on Mum's calendar it will be all three of hers done and I can actually get them in the post early. My goal is to at least finish with the embellishments by next week.

I'm still getting out and about for walks. There has been a chill in the air, but no snow yet so I'm still getting out while I can. Saw this lovely stag/buck this morning. Truly a magnificent sight. I stood and watched him as long as I could until he ran off. I think he's the biggest one I've seen. It felt quite magical.


  1. I use to enjoy Thanksgiving a lot more when we could share it with our daughter, but since she moved to Japan we've been on our own and I don't "feel" the holiday much.

  2. Holidays are hard when members of the family are missing. I remember that first year after my mother's death - it was difficult. So far, my daughter has been home to celebrate the holidays with me; I am hopeful that will continue.

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