Saturday, November 4, 2017

Saturday - dull, dreary, rainy

I should have known that the sunshine from yesterday was too good to last! It was actually pretty clear last night so I decided to go out and try to take photos of the moon. I managed to work out how to put together my tripod (though I apparently didn't raise it as high as it could go) and ventured outside to give it a go. It didn't go too well. Sigh. Apparently I still have a lot to learn!

The sunrise this morning was quite beautiful, but of course it's Saturday and I don't rush out to walk early so no sunrise photos. It was such a stunning colour. We did manage to get in a walk and got back just as it started to rain. It hasn't stopped raining since about eleven this morning!

We ended up doing a five mile walk - mainly because hubby misplaced his directional skills. I have none so I really shouldn't make too much fun of him lol. Skyped with Mum, talked with daughter and then settled in with a blanket to cross stitch. It's at a funny temperature today - one where I can't seem to get warm. I had to dip into my cup-a-soup limited stash and have a cup to warm me up!

Hopefully the rain will stop so we can walk tomorrow!


  1. Weird weather here today. It's cold, sunny and wet.
    Hope today is better for you.

  2. Dull and foggy here, misty when we walked this morning, I should have had a jacket, but I thought it was going to be warm.
    Isn't Skype wonderful! We Skyped with our daughter this morning.

  3. Your picture of the moon looks beautiful to me! I've been meaning to ask how your Mum's health is; I hope she is well and everything is OK?

  4. I think you did pretty well with the shot of the moon! Love the spooky clouds. The power-line looks dramatic, too, among the fall colors. It's cold here, but warming back up for the week. The snow surprised us! I'm not ready for winter....x Karen


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