Monday, May 14, 2018


It was Mother's Day here in the US on Sunday. Usually I make Mum at least a card, but this year I didn't. I was too sick to make one and get out and post it. Sigh. I did honour her on UK Mother's Day back in March so all was not lost. I told her I owed her a meal out when I come to visit. I can't believe it will just be seven weeks and I'll be there!

We went over to MILs where hubby grilled out. It made quite the nice change as I haven't seen her for a while. My MIL is a lovely lady. I am so lucky to have her in my life. She could have been a bit funny when we met as we didn't meet until hubby and I were already married. She welcomed me with open arms and when we first came to the states and things were tough she helped us out a lot with the kids.

We did go out for a little walk in the morning but the weather wasn't too good. There has been a lot of rain, cooler temps and storms. I'm more than ready for some sunshine again! The beach was pretty quiet but in a few weeks things will be completely different!

I am starting the week as I mean to go on. I've actually made lists! Yes, me. Lists!

Food :- taco, sausage rolls, chicken quesadillas, sausage pasta, homemade chicken tenders.

Petrol prices are still quite high so I want to shop for all the food needed for recipes in one go. I actually cleaned out the cupboards last week (in small bursts lol) but they are now nice and tidy. I want to make sure to buy only what we need with a few staples on hand to make some quick meals if needed.

To do list - things will probably be added to this but these are the extras I want to get done.

* finish up April Pages
* do at least 8 pages in my All About Me book
* make & post card for sister's birthday
* sort at least 10 books to get rid of
* at least 5 Ebay listings

It's a good start. Small steps that I can follow through on.

I do hope it stops raining so I can go for a little walk. I need to get my stamina back and small walks seem the way to go. I hope everyone has a lovely Monday. I'm leaving with this photo I took in my garden. I love this bird.  I need a caption.


  1. Sounds like you are on the road to recovery now Sharon thank goodness.
    That beach looks so peaceful. I wish we lived nearer to the sea.

  2. Good Mother-in-laws are a gift, I had one too and still miss her.

  3. I have a wonderful MIL too - she is a blessing! What a funny bird...let me think...about a caption. In light of mother's day, it reminds me of when you sass your mom or say something behind her back and she hears it....LOL...I don't know why, but the eyes maybe and the attitude. "I heard that!"

  4. Sounds like you are feeling a little better. I am a great fan of a list, they really do help to keep me focused.

  5. Yay for making a list! And sounds like you've got yourself a meal plan for the week, too! Well done!

    Birdy looks like he's saying, "Where's my food, then?" :D


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