Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Another grey day. I'm missing the sun! It was a little warmer. I did get out for a walk, but it's not easy to take photos in such terrible light. I'm hoping tomorrow will bring some sunshine but it's not looking good, though the temperature is supposed to reach a really 81F (27C). My body is having trouble keeping up with these temperature changes. I've given my cold/flu to hubby. He was complaining of aches as well as a sore throat. Mine has progressed from runny nose to being stuffed up, so much so that when I was walking I felt quite dizzy.

I did get caught up with my yearly photo project - I am now on October. So pleased I got this caught up. I also managed to start sorting out clothes. My goal is to get at least one bag for donation and toss away anything stained or holey (even if they are my favourite comfy in-house clothes lol). I was halfway through a second large drawer when my back was hurting so I stopped. I think my whole body is just aching from the cold/flu thing.

I did make sausage rolls - which was on the menu this week. I started to make a menu, had looked through lots of recipes and then given up. I shall finish the menu tomorrow.

And no, I didn't make the pastry from scratch - I cheated. I should make up several batches and freeze so I don't have to cheat. It's just so time consuming. Anyway, that's it for today! It was a semi-productive day.


  1. Your sausage rolls look amazing!

  2. My pastry is terrible so I always get ready made on the rare occasions that I need it. Those sausage rolls look absolutely wonderful!

  3. Hoping you feel better soon. Those sausage rolls look delicious.

  4. Oh dear, sounds like quite a nasty virus. Your sausage rolls look very tasty, I think I only buy ready made pastry now days, life’s too short as they say xx

    1. So true! I think I'm finally getting over it...can't say the same for hubby!

  5. Your sausage rolls look so good! I am tempted to make some, myself! Hope both you and your husband recover soon.


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