Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Making Lists

I am trying to write down a few things I want to get done each day (in addition to the usual). If I don't have things written down my mind tends to wander and I don't get anything done. Before I know it hubby is on his way home and the day is almost done! I know that if I see things written down I keep more on track. It feels good to cross them out as done too. I have got half the week planned for meals, but have to work on the end half. At least it's getting cooler and having the oven on actually feels good!

I still haven't started on Christmas things. Sigh. This really is going to be last minute. Perhaps I should add them to the daily list even if it will feel like a chore then. At least I might actually get something done. What tips do you have to keep you on track or motivated?

Here's a photo from the weekend. We actually got out for a walk. We got up extra early and headed out to one of my favourite state parks - Ludington. It was quite crisp out but it turned into a beautiful day. The weather forecast had said mainly cloudy so we were really lucky!


  1. I couldn't survive without lists. They keep me straight.
    Gorgeous photograph.

  2. I'm a 'list' person too. I'm completely at a loss with a list and never get anything done!

  3. I don't think I would ever get anything done without my list. I am so easily distracted but if I have a list and can tick something off it every day then I am fine.

    I have left a link to the carpet cleaner on my post today.

  4. I love a list, I think they’re good to help me focus, but also helps me remember everything. Beautiful picture, stunning view xx

  5. I am a great fan of a list and as I am a great fan of Christmas I can easily get distracted making little gifts and such. Beautiful photo.

  6. Well, you know me and all my lists I have going at all times! LOL. The lists definitely help me stay on track...most of the time!


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