Friday, June 25, 2021

Rainy Day

 It absolutely poured today. All day long. The weekend promises more of the same. It did clear up round about six this evening for a little while so I sat out on the back porch and watched the birds. Because of the rain I had no walk, but I did have a productive day! I took back some recyclable cans/bottles. We still have a lot to take back but I took back a bunch and put the money in my Travel Covid Test Fund (that's what I'm calling it lol). I also rang the library bookshop to see if they were accepting book donations. They are, but only on Monday and Wednesday and they couldn't get me in until the 12th July! Not sure I'm still going to be in the US by then, so I declined making an appointment. I then called Goodwill (another charity organisation) and they said they were accepting donations without an appointment. As much as I'd rather have the books go to the library bookshop I need them out of my house so they will be going to the Goodwill shop. 

I also managed to get a bunch of things sorted that had just been sitting around waiting to be taken care of. It felt good to clear them away. I shall work on another batch tomorrow if the promised rain arrives. Between my daily chores I also did some crafting and tidied up some things in the craft room. 

Photos of flowers from a recent walk. I love seeing the wildflowers popping up at this time of year. I'm not so good on all the names but I enjoy seeing them and taking photos. 

If it is raining tomorrow I am hoping to get around to taking photos of some craft projects too! 


  1. A shame about the books but it can't be helped. xx

  2. Send us some of that rain, please! We could do with a good shower of rain! Sounds like you had a productive day! I've a bunch of cans and bottles to be recycled, but, haven't done anything about them, yet!

  3. Well done on a productive days and making a start on your covid test fund! I love the photo of the pink coneflower.

  4. We have had days of rain too which is not conducive to getting the garden work done. Glad you were able to find somewhere that would take the books.

  5. Start with what you can do and do it. This is what I've been repeating to's helped me. Coneflower!


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