Thursday, June 3, 2021

June - Blog Catch-up

 Ack. Happened again. I am just struggling to keep up with things. I can't believe May is over and we're into June. 

Mum is still in the hospital. I did get to talk to her on Wednesday. My sister had an appointment to go and see her for an hour (that's all allowed right now) and she took her phone and we did Facebook Messanger over it. It was nice, but depressing at the same time. I was hoping for good travel news today but there are no additions to the UK green list. I shall just keep an eye on it. 

We had a nice time camping though I was worried about Mum. Not a lot I can do from this side of the pond anyway and sister is good at keeping in touch. The camp site was really busy but we were fairly secluded. Lake Huron is just across the road from the campsite so I walked there both mornings for the sunrise. I was the only one on the beach and it was spectacular. I watched the sun rise and then watched the shore birds and egrets fish. Before the tourists and beach goers come the birds come in droves to the shoreline. I sat and watched about fifteen egrets fishing. It was lovely.

May was an epic fail. I did manage to get the vitamins started (just) and (so far) no ill effects so I shall keep going on with them. Not a lot else got done. To be fair, we were away for a walk. I am hoping to do better this month. 

Here are a few phone photos. 


  1. Even in my "epic fail" moments, I try to think that even in "that" I learned a valuable lessons, shared without sharing, completed many daily tasks, took one step at a time kind of thing. I've had several days like that lately. Beautiful pictures! I sure hope you can travel soon to visit your mum.

  2. Lovely photos. Fingers crossed that the UK will open up sooner, rather than later so that you can get over there to see your Mum and to spend time with your sister/family. Know everything must sit heavy on your heart these days.

    1. It hasn't been a great couple of years. I really thought this year would be better especially as Covid cases were going down but then Mum got it and now time seems to be against me!

  3. That looks like a wonderfully restful place. I bet it has done you the world of good.

  4. Lovely photos. Glad you got to chat with your Mum. I hope you will be able to visit her, soon.


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