Thursday, July 8, 2021

Here I Am Again

 I can't believe a week has passed since I last posted. I didn't mean to let it go so long but life has a way of getting in the way of some things. 

Jo - thanks for the tip about Walgreens for the Covid tests. They are actually my back up plan as I heard it doesn't take long for the results to come in. Right now I have booked a test at the local airport (where I'm flying out of) as they have a testing place. 

My flight leaves next Friday so there's a lot to do between now and then. I plan on booking my day 2 and 8 tests tomorrow as well as test-to-release day 5.My sister contacted me the other day to say that the care home had let her know that Mum wasn't eating very much. Sister said when she went to visit Wednesday Mum was very confused too. My Aunt did take Mum out today though down to the seafront and they had some chips. Aunt said that Mum remembered that I was coming over for a visit so today was a good day. I think it is to be expected that there will be good days and bad. I'm feeling good about my decision to go, just a little stressed over the testing. I am being extra careful - still wearing my mask when everyone else seems to have thrown theirs away!

It's been hot and humid here the last few days. Today the weather has finally broken and things are a little cooler, but there are so many mosquitoes and biting flies about. They are driving me crazy! I will not miss them. Even with spray on they are still biting. My walks haven't been very pleasant with them about!

Photo today - on the 24th I posted a picture of a little tree sparrow inside the dog poo bag holder. The other day when I went for a walk at the same place a sign had finally been put up! So funny. 


  1. That is a sweet photo about the baby bird and nest. Safe travels to you.

  2. Keeping everything crossed that you will get over to see your Mum.
    Stay safe and safe journey

  3. I'm definitely going to still wear my mask and I know a lot of other people who feel the same. You won't be alone.
    I hope all the arrangements go smoothly for you.

  4. That's great that they put up the Do Not Disturb sign!

    I hope the week between now and your flight passes smoothly and you get all your tests done. It's good that your mum knows you will be visiting. I hope you have a safe flight and get to see your mum soon after you arrive.

  5. Not long till you set foot on British soil. It must be with mixed feelings that you are travelling. I hope you have a thoroughly lovely time while you are here.

  6. I'm glad you are getting all your ducks in a row. Your Mum will be looking forward to seeing you. I wish you a safe "uneventful" journey (see what I did there :) ).


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