Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Had a lovely day Christmas Day. Went to MIL. I got lots of goodies for my new craft room and an IOU from hubby for a desk!! 

MIL had her tree up. It was beautiful. A lot of the ornaments are handmade. I couldn't resist taking pictures of them.

She was really busy this year - she made us all blankets, beaded us all Christmas ornaments (backed with a felt pocket so she could put in a money gift) and crocheted us all dish clothes and hand towels. WOW! Made me feel quite inadequate lol. She LOVED the scrapbook I made her. FIL was very pleased with his gift too - while daughter was in Washington she picked him up a statue of The Lone Sailor (he was in the Navy) and while we were there hubby and daughter took a picture with the actual memorial. I enlarged and framed the picture and presented with the statue. He was very touched.

My MIL really appreciate hand made gifts. I am going to have to try to think of something special next year especially since I have the time!

Hope everyone had a good day!

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