Tuesday, December 22, 2015

This will be the last big Christmas I do. I have decided. We are thankful to be able to have our kids all spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with us but it will probably be the last. They are getting older and beginning to have their own lives and I know that, at some point, I will have to share.

I am still working on a crafty project for Christmas. Aarggg!! Not sure why I thought - a week before Christmas - that putting MIL together a scrapbook of our time in Washington would be a good idea. I suppose I might have been doing better if not for daughter's birthday and graduation.

Gifts are all wrapped now (except the ones arriving tomorrow!) so I will be working on the project all day tomorrow and will hopefully have it done!

It is fun looking through all the pictures again.

Korean Veteran's War Memorial. These stainless steel statues are so very detailed. This is truly a moving piece.

The above two photos are both part of the Vietnam memorial. The first one is The Three Soldiers (or The Three Servicemen) and the second is as labelled. They are both so very detailed - truly amazing up close.

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