Thursday, January 14, 2016

Good News!

No, I didn't win the Powerball. I received good news more precious than money. My Mum was diagnosed with cancer in October 2014. She had chemo and radiation. It's a horrible disease. I heard this morning Alan Rickman died of cancer. It seems lately there have been several famous people dying from this horrible disease. It doesn't discriminate whether you have money or not.

Anyway the other day Mum had another test - not sure what it's called but a tube was put down her throat to see if there was any cancer. She had esophagus cancer. She's never smoked or drank. It was just a fluke. She had a body scan in November to make sure cancer hadn't gone anywhere else and it came back clear. They have never been able to see her cancer on this scan. They caught it when they did the tube procedure the first time.

Her test came back clear!!! ! So relieved. She doesn't have to go back until April. This is such good news. I am so happy today.

I have to say I, for one, am really pleased she has the NHS. Her local hospital did such a wonderful job. When she first went to the doctor she was in the hospital the next week having tests and then treatment. Everything moved so quickly. I am in the US and I don't think people in England realise how lucky they are (having lived with both sides). Mum never had to worry about what her treatment was costing. She never had to worry about whether she could afford treatment or whether she could pay for medical supplies. She never had to worry about losing her house because she couldn't afford both medical and living expenses. She could concentrate all her energy on fighting this terrible disease. 


  1. That is wonderful news Sharon I am so pleased for you. I really value our NHS and I agree with you that people don't realise how lucky we are. They also don't realise how hard our doctors and nurses work and the toll it takes on them and their family. Anne

  2. I am sooo pleased to hear that your mum's cancer test came back clear! Here in the UK we are incredibly fortunate to have the NHS. Having just finished my year long battle with bowel cancer and a successful outcome, I am full of gratitude for all that was done for (and to!) me - however unpleasant - it is indeed a brutal disease and the treatment can seem even more so, but a small price to pay for being Alive! I do not take it for granted how fortunate we are here, and count my blessings daily. I am on an international stoma forum and read horror stories of what people have to put up with sometimes in the US - treatment can be very patchy, and it is not automatic that you get assigned a stoma nurse, which we do here, and it's not always certain what the insurance will pay for.

    Hoping your mum remains really well! As for not smoking etc., cancer is no respecter of persons and you can live a completely healthy life in every way, and still get it, while your friends may be drinking to excess, smoking, living a bad lifestyle all round, and they don't get it. It is very much a lottery. Wishing you and your whole family all the very best! Such good news.


  3. Great news Sharon, and yes having the government support in health care is truly a great blessing. In Oz we have Medicare and to say regularly how blessed am to have it.
    ..thanks for popping over , Shaz in Oz.x


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