Sunday, August 27, 2017

Back in Ipswich

We're back home again after our week away in Cornwall. I loved it! Another place I'll have to revisit. There seems like there are so many walks and footpaths along the coast that would have just gorgeous views. It's a really lovely part of the country with just breathtaking coast lines. Our last day out was at The Lizard. Just gorgeous. The lighthouse there is beautiful and the views spectacular. I can hardly wait to sort through all my photos.

We had a good week weather wise too. Sunday was our only day of rain. The rest of week was bright and sunny and quite warm. We had expected a lot of traffic as it's a bank holiday here this weekend but our coach ride home was almost traffic free. The did at the hotel was pretty good. I had my share of afters with lots of custard. Also a lovely Cornish cheese and onion pasty. Yum.


  1. Love the sound of the pasty, I am a great fan of pasties.

  2. Sounds like you are having a lovely holiday, Sharon. Enjoy!


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