Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sun is Shining!

Let's hope it keeps shining as mum and I are off to Cornwall on Saturday. I've never been before so really excited. I'm sure there will be lots of photo opportunities. We went to Felixstowe again today. Although it was a little breezy we found an enclosed spot where it was quite warm. I think I added to the tan line on my feet.

Tomorrow we might pop over to Colchester. The castle had beautiful flower displays. It's really peaceful to walk around if the weather is nice though we always seem to end up with a full day when visiting.

This is an old photo of the castle. I do miss my computer as I can't look or transfer the photos from my camera. I'll fave so many to look at when I get home.

Thanks for all the lovely comments. I'm sure I'm behind on news from the blogs I usually visit. Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Glad to hear you are having such a lovely holiday.

  2. Lovely Cornwall.
    It's so long since I have been there but we are planning a holiday for next year and it will most definitely be Cornwall.
    Glad you are having a good holiday-x-

  3. My aunt lives in Colchester and I love to visit the castle and grounds.


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