Thursday, August 31, 2017

My Last Week in England

It's my last week in England. This time next week I will be flying back to America. Sad and happy. I miss hubby and the grown kids but I'll miss England and my Mum. Had my last fish and chips at Felixstowe. It was a beautiful day. Far better than the rain yesterday. We spent a wet day in Ely yesterday. Cathedral was. We also visited Oliver Cromwell's house. Would have been a better day without the rain. We don't have a lot planned for the rest of my time. Mum is tired out I think. I forget that she's getting older. She turns eighty one on Monday! It well be nice to be here for her birthday.

I'm hoping my cross stitch will be finished by then. It will definitely be a squeeze. I've finished the stitching. Now the dreaded back stitching. Oh I did find six cross stitch magazines at Felixstowe today. Six for a pound! Recent issues too.


  1. I know the feeling of leaving family behind and coming back to hubby over here and son. We ate fish and chips in Ely and sat down by the canal. Also have visited the Cathedral and Oliver Cromwell's House. It's nice you were able to do things with your mum.

  2. Always a wrench to leave family behind. Great find on the cross stitch magazines.

  3. It is really very hard isn't it being torn between two countries. You have done some lovely outings with your mum which I am sure she has enjoyed. All in all I think you had some nice sunny days.

    I understand about your mum getting older, 81 is a grand age. What my husband and I found worked for us was to spend time with my mum when we first arrived and then we would go off on a holiday giving her a break and in truth a rest. Then we would come back and have another visit. My mum rode her bicycle until she was 80 and would go out and pick blackberries etc. Goodness I miss her and those holidays.

    Happy Birthday to your sweet mum and safe journey home to USA.

  4. Oh, leaving is so bittersweet, but it is so nice that you had this time with your loved ones. Happy Birthday to your dear Mum! Lovely cross-stitch. Safe travels. xx K


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