Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I'm days behind!

Sunday was my FIL's birthday (as well as my niece's but she lives in England) so we went with them to the Living History exhibit at our local fairgrounds. There were rooms packed with all kinds of old-fashioned goodies from around the 1800s. I love history. I'm not really up on my American History but I am interested so I went along. I could have spent hours looking at all the old stuff. MIL has mobility problems though so we weren't there as long as I wished we could be. I think next year hubby and I will drive alone so we have more time to look around.

It was a Sunday morning - pretty early when we went - so it was quiet. A good thing for MIL so she could take her time. She only took her walking stick with her. I think she realises that she's going to have to give in and either be wheeled around or take her walker.

I persuaded MIL to come watch the Native American dancing with me. There were a small group performing from a branch of the Pottawatomi Indians. It was fun to watch.

 The drumming was fantastic to hear. It is so rhythmic and energetic. There is just something about Native American drumming that is haunting.
This little boy did a hoop dance. He was having so much fun! He ended up taking his shoes off and dancing without them!

The girl below did a great hoop dance. They do this with about eight hoops and pick each one up from the floor with their feet and dance until they intertwine and raise them linked on their arms or in a ball around them. It looks really difficult!

It was really great to see the young kids being taught their culture. The older man drumming was telling us stories of in the 20s and 30s where the kids were taken from them and taken to 'white' schools in an attempt to wipe out their culture and silence them  It was a horrible time in American history.

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