Sunday, March 20, 2016

Not a bad weekend in all. Not much crafting going on but lots of going out and staying busy.

On Saturday morning hubby drove me to a scrapbook store he and his dad had passed on their way to a shop they were going to. It was a little way away but rather fun. It was a very big place. Scrapaloo was its name. Not sure how they came up with that one!

They had everything imaginable. I could have spent a lot of money there. I didn't. I was very good (only because I'd already spent enough this week!). It will be a great place to go when I do Mum's calendar. Everything is arranged by theme.

I did buy some Washington D.C themed headers as they looked very unique. I liked how wide and open everything was and there was plenty of space to wander and look.

That afternoon we took a drive down to South Haven to visit the lighthouse. It was very, very cold! There were people sitting out there along the pier fishing - brr.....

The sand was frozen into shape! Looked really weird. Sunday was a busy day too - we went to a Living History exhibition. I'll post pics tomorrow!


  1. great spot by your hubby and father in law, that certainly does look like a large store (certainly by UK standards anyway).
    Happy belated WOYWW
    Thanks for visiting my desk already

  2. Great pics, Sharon, and that scrapbook shop looks totally amazing! It sounds as if you had a lovely day out, despite the cold.

    Thank you for your lovely comment and your kind words! I had fun with the baking. It's all toooo delicious for the good of my diet so I have to ration myself lol! I'll certainly be posting when the Zentangle book is out - it should be sometime in May. It's very exciting.


  3. That store looks amazing. I've never seen frozen sand like that before, very intriguing. Have a great week, Cara x

  4. Belated WOYWW Sharon, thanks for visiting me last week. LOVE the photos, that craft store looks amazing..I am envious of your talent for not overspending in there. The lighthouse is stunning. Cx #51


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