Wednesday, March 2, 2016

WOYWW March 2nd

It's Wednesday again. Time to join up with Julia and the gang for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesdays over at Stamping Ground. It's a great place to visit and see what everyone else is up to.

It's just a part of my desk - which is a mess. People were right - if you get a larger desk you just spread out more lol. Mostly it's just paper as I finished up another mini-album. I posted pictures yesterday as there were quite a lot of them.

It's snowy here again. A reply of last Wednesday lol. We're getting teased with glimpses of Spring. On Sunday it was beautiful 15C and I ended up not wearing my coat (just heavy jumper) when I went out. Now it's back to -6C. Next week it's supposed to be up to about 16C. That's Michigan for you!

I'm off to visit some other desks!


  1. We didn't have a winter whatsoever here in Belgium, was it 15°C with snow outside? special. Thanks for your visit and kind comment, happy WOYWW Vicky #3

  2. We have snow here in the UK as well Sharon, a bit of a surprise actually, as it was much warmer first thing. Hopefully Spring is only just around the corner! Your album looks great, but a project like that does take a lot of clearing up afterwards I always find. Thanks for sharing your craft space, Judith xx

  3. Hi Sharon,
    I love paper! I just moved & putmy allout yesterday. I hoard it - and I keep saying I need t use it - The snow is beautiful, I am a coast hopper - with a home in CT an apt in LA. I have been in LA all winter heading back to CT tomorrow. Hope to see some snow. Donna #44 WOYWW

  4. Oh so true about the larger desk! They say a messy desk is the sign of creativity in progress so that's all well and fine. The snow, however, that stuff has got to go! Bring on summer! PJ #47

  5. oh my gosh you have snow... ( that was a surprise, I had to go glance to the side to see where you lived again) ( all of ours melted last month I think)) so, when we get new snow its like an inch and melts soon. I like the richness of the colors of the papers you are contemplating too. :) ~Stacy #53

  6. Cool looking desks and (very) cool looking pix!!! How do you get on with your Fiskars trimmer? I seemed to be forever changing the blades!

    WOYWW #15

  7. Ugh, sorry about the weather- after abeautiful day earlier, it must feel like more than -5! Stay in make another album - that one is fabulous, love the choice of bird papers for the covers.

  8. I scrolled down to check out your's fab, love the papers you've used! I laughed at you filling up the larger desk, it's so true :-)
    We've had some wild weather today too, but not and much snow as you've had. Looks pretty though!
    Hugs, LLJ 14 xx

  9. Hi Sharon, Yep, the more space you create the quicker you will spread:)

    Hope your weather improves. We had a snow shower this afternoon, but it was too wet to lay.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #19

  10. I want so much to do a mini album...but March/April/May are heavy on birthdays. Hopefully Iowa is done with snow. Next week talking 60's I'm so ready. Thanks for the visit last week. your kind words meant a lot. Happy Sunshine ahead. Have a great WOYWW

  11. We had snow today in the north of England - but it didn't stick! Not that I am upset by that as I love to see it but not be out in it.
    Yes, true, the bigger the desk ... but I would just love to have some clear space in my crowded area.
    Hugs & Thanks for visiting me earlier in the day

  12. It may be cold, but it does look really pretty.

  13. Sometimes I miss the snow.... Yeah, I'm nuts. But we used to ski with the kids and I do miss that. We rarely see snow in southern Arizona. Your desk is nice and busy. Thanks for the visit! Hope you have a great week!
    Carol N #40

  14. Wow! and I thought it was cold here today because we had a little sprinkle of snow! Love the look of the papers you used to make your mini album, I will have to go peek at your previous post now :o) Have a great week! Annie C #25

  15. Similar temp swings in Upstate NY; but we missed the snow this morning...again. Love the papers! Have a great week,
    -K #59

  16. Love the pretty paper on your desk. Have a great day!
    Diane WOYWW #31

  17. Brrrrr! You just reminded me why I moved to Portugal. No more minus temps here. Your snowy pictures look so beautiful, but freezing.
    Yes...bigger desk equals more spread. Totally agree with that.
    Sharon #56

  18. You've certainly been busy Sharon. Well done on the two albums - I took a sneaky peek! The weather does seem a bit tipsy turvy, doesn't it? I've just visited my dad in Rugby - in the middle of England - and driving back this morning I drove through blizzard conditions - but none of it was settling - so no lovely snowy images for me, I'm afraid. Shame!
    Thanks for the visit.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #55

  19. Hi Sharon, looks cold there but it also sounds as though you've been pretty busy. Thanks for the visit to mine, have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 22

  20. Nice busy desk, Sharon, and what interesting papers. And what a lot of snow! We haven't had a single flake this winter but then we live in a very mild corner of the UK. Thank you for your lovely encouraging comment! Giving something back is exactly how I feel about going back to the chemo unit with treats - I know how much I appreciated it one day when I was having my chemo and a lady came round with cake - I thought "I could do that, too!" I had some lovely conversations with people today, and the biscuits all went down very well - the nurses had quite a few too! I'm really enjoying getting back into the guitar playing despite the sore fingers. I'm so glad you like my kitty art journal page!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #28

  21. Yep - the more tabletop space - the same amount of available space to work. LOL
    April #41

  22. Although I'm ready for Spring myself, I would love to witness that gorgeous scene with the snowy covered home and pine tree. I love in the SW, so that's not a scene I get to see. I took a peek and love the mini albums you made. Happy WOYWW!

  23. Hi Sharon! That's so true about more space, more clutter! I wouldn't mind a bit of snow here, but you know what it's like in Britain - we get a dusting of snow and life stops! We haven't had snow in Gloucestershire since January 2013. Enjoy it while you can! Thanks for visiting earlier! I always make a mental note that I will visit you first and I always forget! Mental note firmly in place now for next week! zsuzsa #34

  24. I checked out the mini-album. now watching the video. You Enabler! :-) Love the snow. We have had a very mild winter here in SE Missouri. Creative Blessings! Kelly #49

  25. Hello!

    thanks for stopping by my desk.

    Congratulations to you too - fellow Great Aunt! I hope your new little Great-nephew is fit and well and healthy, as is his Momma...

  26. ooh it looks cold, stay warm and keep crafting

  27. You are right, the bigger desk, the bigger spread, the more you collect and then you find yourself taking over every surface in the house..oops, like me.
    I envy seeing your beautiful snow, we missed seeing it this year but only one brief moment.
    Enjoyed your blog!

  28. The bigger the desk the more you can spread out and not end up with a 2" spot to work on, at least that's the theory lol! It was in the 60's here and now we have snow on the ground as well, I'm happy about that but it won't last the day as the warm rain is on the way. I didn't get enough winter this year, my daffodils came up 6" in Dec. I need winter for crafting!!! Thanks for the visit Angie #48

  29. glad you got the snow and we didn't! :-) It has been a balmy 70 degrees here most of this week. I am starting to plant the vegetable garden. I love the desk and papers. As you read on my blog this week if you have more room you always tend to fill it up! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! Vickie #58

  30. It snowed here too and I love how it looks outside little chilly but beautiful none the less. I guess we all work with what we have more space more room to enjoy
    Happy late WOYWW hugs Nikki 4

  31. brr I am cold just looking at your photos!
    Love your album in your most recent post too.
    Thanks for visiting my desk already (belated WOYWW)
    kyla #17

  32. Aaahhh... snow... we had the 'wet kind' this morning. I hate it - just like you I am longing for Spring to come! The daffodils already bloom, but the temperatures stay low, grrrr... Thanks for your visit to my blog last week... it's already a new week and I'm laaate with my visits... enjoy your week and see you next Wednesday! Love from the Netherlands, Marit #57

  33. Hi Sharon,

    Wow, you got slammed (again). We are expecting snow tomorrow. I'm so ready for spring; my neighbors daffodils are blooming and they are beautiful.

    Thanks for visiting me. I'm finally getting around and it will be Wednesday before I know it!

    Kay (45)

  34. Ooh, that checkerboard paper looks interesting! Give in to the snow (and use it as an excuse to stay in and play with pretty paper!)

    Thanks for visiting earlier in the week x

    Clair #8

  35. HI Sharon yes will be Wednesday again tomorrow (where does it go?)...
    ..... and only just getting back to you.. and so agree on the desk size, nice work in post above!
    and love such pretty snow pickies even if you'd rather them a few months back, not now!!
    Thanks so much for popping over and for sharing.
    Shaz in Oz.x #11

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}


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