Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Another Week Begins

My crafting mojo has yet to return but I have pulled out a couple of photos that I'm going to do some Project Life journalling with in the hopes it will help kick-start things. I have a few cards to make so I need to get going.

Around the house things are pretty quiet now after our whirlwind of visits (from daughter and middle son). Middle son stayed for a couple of days. It was nice having him around but I had forgotten how he likes to leave his stuff in certain places!

It is definitely getting cooler. I closed the window yesterday as it was quite windy and chilly. This morning I am in sweats and actually have a cardigan on. I need to get moving on the gardening and washing down the side of the house.

Talking of the garden, outside I do actually have a couple of pumpkins growing. Something the deer did not get hold of!

The plant is massive. It grew outside the garden fence along the ground and up by the fence! I've grown pumpkins before but they've never grown like this. I'm pretty sure that I should have got rid of some of these flowers but they were already growing by the time I got back so I've left them. I currently have three pumpkins growing!

Hopefully they will be completely ready by Halloween.

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  1. Yay for your pumpkins!! Halloween will be great at your house! xx


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