Monday, September 12, 2016

September...and back!

Seven weeks has passed by really quickly and I am back in America. I had a lovely time in England. Got to spend lots of time with my Mum. I got to spend her eightieth birthday with her and my family. We went on two holidays - one to Devon and one to Scotland. Both were wonderful and we made some wonderful memories and saw some beautiful sights. I am already wanting to go back to Scotland. It is a really beautiful country.

Now I have to get back into the swing of things - sorting out the house and tidying up and doing lots of washing! I have masses of pictures to sort through. I am going to get these scrapbooked while working on some Christmas (yikes!) projects.

A picture of Mum on her 80th with a surprise flower delivery from her sister in Australia!


  1. Welcome back Sharon! Glad you enjoyed your time back home with your mum and lovely photo of her. Goodness with her sister in Australia and you over here her family is spread about.

    Agree isn't Scotland beautiful. Did you go on a coach tour or independently?

    Hope you found all well back in Kalamazoo and has Autumn arrived?


    1. We went to Scotland on a coach tour. It was great. I am thinking of saving (really hard) and maybe having husband go with me for a trip.

      Autumn hasn't quite arrived in Kalamazoo. It is still quite warm. They are saying the leaf colours are behind this year. I am still hoping maybe we can get away and go see some of the glorious colour at some point!

  2. I'm glad we turned on nice weather for you. Hope your mum liked all your stitching


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