Monday, September 19, 2016

Camping - Another Lighthouse

A week to recover and then we were off on a camping trip. This was something hubby and daughter booked up while I was in England. We spent the weekend camping at Port Crescent, Michigan. It is across the other side of the state from us - a four hour drive away. We didn't get off very early and ended up at the campsite when it was dark. We had to put up the tents in the dark. Well to be honest hubby put the tents up in the dark! Saturday dawned with rain. It rained until about two in the afternoon. We didn't let it get us down.

We took a trip to Point Aux Barques lighthouse. Very pretty.

Daughter with her dog, Shasta at the lighthouse. It was built in 1848. This lighthouse was also home to Michigan's first female Lighthouse Keeper after she took over for her husband, Peter, who drowned in 1849.

I dropped my phone in the rocks - almost lost it - couldn't see it and there was no service so couldn't ring it. Luckily hubby found it after about five minutes of looking! It had fallen between some of the rocks and (even luckier) didn't get wet at all. Phew!

Harder to see - Harbor Beach Lighthouse. Quite drizzly weather and the only way completely out to the lighthouse is by boat. I didn't fancy taking a trip in the pouring rain so walked out as far as we could. I think this might be one to come back to on another trip!

Shasta was quite fascinated by the waves!

Once the weather had cleared to took her down to the pet-friendly beach so she could play!

This was a stunning beach. Not sign-posted at all. If we hadn't asked at the campground we wouldn't have even known about it!

She had lots of fun! 

Love this picture!

As the weather had cleared there was a beautiful sunset.

I have more photos to share - probably a Tuesday post! Nice relaxing weekend. I'm glad we decided to try camping this year!

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  1. Shasta is a lovely dog. She looks so excited at being able to run about on that wonderful beach and in the water. The area where you went camping looks atmospheric in the mist, also beautiful in the sunshine and at sunset. Interesting fact about the lady lighthouse keeper. Glad you found your phone!


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