Friday, December 8, 2017

First Snow

It's always something magical when we get the first snow of the season. By January we'll be tired of it but there is nothing like waking up that first morning and seeing the white snowflakes glistening in the morning sun.

This Thursday I was up bright and early. I don't like driving in the snowbit I decided to brave it so I could rush out and get some photos. I just managed to get up the hill that we live on and on the way back I almost slid past the driveway but it was worth it.

I would have added more as these are on my Instagram account but my computer is playing up again and doing nothing.


  1. Snow in North west of UK but not here in Suffolk - don't want it this year because of the hospital visits!

  2. Oh the snow on the red beautiful.

  3. It's always beautiful when it first starts to snow, isn't it? No snow here, of course, so thank you for sharing the pictures! Hope you have a lovely weekend.


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