Sunday, December 3, 2017


Not too much of a weekend here. Both oldest son and hubby worked Saturday. They were pretty tired out today as they worked 56 hours this week and will be doing the same next week. Having work is good but son has been working overtime for a while now and it's beginning to wear him down a little.

Hubby wasn't in the mood for a long walk today so we decided just to go to the beach and take a walk along. Nothing too strenuous. It was a lovely day, cold at first but sunny. It warmed up later. It's funny to walk along the beach at this time of year as the barriers are up to stop the sand from blowing too much and there is debris on the beach. In the summer everything is pristine.

The slabs on the second photo aren't rocks they are slabs of sand that have fallen down from the cliffs above. It seems some sand has already frozen and then melted causing it to fall.

 I have managed to get some of my crafting done - 2 albums for Mum and 1 for hubby. I was feeling quite good about it - until December hit. This week I am going to write a list so I can try to get somewhat organised.

I am quite pleased with how they turned out.

Tonight was the night of the supermoon. I gave it another go and tried to take a photo. I am quite pleased with how they turned out. I actually worked out how to put the tripod together this time!


  1. I think Andy is ready for his Christmas break....he is shattered too. How lucky we are to have such hard working men in our lives.
    What a gorgeous moon photo.

  2. Your albums are beautiful and capture so many memories. They are sure to be cherished by your mother and husband. Once December starts, it's like the days all swirl into a time vacuum!

  3. The beach is beautiful and wild-looking. Interesting to see the slabs of frozen sand. The albums will be such nice gifts. I am feeling a bit of pressure to get things done, too. I hope your husband and son get a well-deserved break soon. xx Karen


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