Monday, December 25, 2017

White Christmas

We woke up this morning to a snowy Christmas morning. We got quite a bit of snow overnight and everything is coated with a thick layer. It's very pretty but not good for travelling in. It is still snowing quite crazily so there will probably be a lot more.

I was lucky enough to get a new computer for Christmas! So very thankful! My old computer gave up the ghost so this is a lovely and welcome surprise.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. It's a little sad here as I'm away from Mum and other family and middle son has to work today, but I'm thankful for those around me. 


  1. How lovely to have a white Christmas! I know you miss your Mum and sisters, and it's too bad that middle son has to work, but I know you will have a lovely day with your daughter and the others who will be there. I wish you a very blessed Christmas, Sharon. May your heart be filled with joy.

  2. Beautiful photos, a joy to have a white Christmas. Missed my family this year too, but they were in my heart. Best wishes for the New Year.


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