Thursday, June 28, 2018

I packed my bag and in it I put...

...probably too much! It's an early start for me tomorrow (long story) and a long layover in Chicago (part of the long story) but I'm stocked up with books on the kindle and music. This is one time I really like reading on my kindle otherwise I'd have to take a stack of books with me.

I plan on checking in now and then, but I won't be online much as I plan to be spending time with Mum and getting out and about.

One more photo of The Lake of the Clouds and I'll be off.  Going to try to have a somewhat early night - if I can sleep lol


  1. Kindles are just brilliant for journeys and holidays. Have a splendid time.

  2. Hope you have a fantastic holiday.

  3. Have a safe flight and a lovely time.

  4. Hope you had a safe flight and that you are having a wonderful time with your Mum. You certainly picked a great time for a visit with all this beautiful weather.


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