Thursday, August 30, 2018

A Kind Word Goes a Long Way

I think that sometimes, rushing through life as we do, we sometimes forget to extend a kind word to someone. Something so little as a few words can really make a person's day. Take today for example. I was just having a generally sh***y day. Nothing seemed to be going right. I was ready to sit down and have a cry. Out of the blue my phone pinged and an old friend sent me a really sweet video of an older lady in Japan taking the art world by storm with her photos. She had only learned photography at 72. My friend posted how she thought that would be me in a few years. I replied with lol I wish and then she sent me a really sweet message about how much she enjoyed seeing my photographs and she thought I was talented. Those few words cheered me up more than she will ever know.

They taught me that it doesn't take much to extend a kind word and you never know how much those few words could change a person's day.

I know I don't always reply to comments but I do read them and I really appreciate them!


  1. This is so true. It really doesn't take much to give a kind word and cheer somebody's day.

  2. It never hurts to speak out that kind thought and share the joy you feel with the one who created it.

  3. I'm so glad your friend thought of you and took the time to share that video and had something really nice to say about your photography and your talents. You do take very nice photos and I enjoy seeing them when you post them.

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