Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Wildlife in the Garden

I spend far too much time watching the birds and critters in my garden. Yesterday afternoon I spent too much time watching this chipmunk try to get to the birdfeeder. It must have been new to our feeder because the others would go up the pole and along. This one decided to go up the pole and then try to jump over to the feeder. Sometimes it managed it, others it belly-flopped onto the ground. So funny to watch!

Getting ready to jump. 

Just managing to latch on. 

Sharing the bird feeder with an actual bird lol. 

Anybody else get distracted by the things in their garden?


  1. Too funny, but I'm glad he managed to get some seeds! It looks like the sparrow isn't very happy about sharing his seeds, though! It looks like he's frowning at the chipmunk and saying, "Hey, you've got your snout and your paws in my food!"

  2. Such a great photo. I get distracted all the time, the wonders of other Nature.


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