Friday, June 12, 2020

End of Week

Another one ending. Feeling a little up and down. Tomorrow we should have been leaving on our annual camping trip to the U.P. Sadly the campgrounds don't open until next weekend so all our reservations were cancelled. I had booked them all in December as it takes a bit of planning and we were staying in our own tents, some cabins and a yurt. Sigh. Campgrounds here book up quite early especially for the weekends so no chance of rescheduling this year. I shall miss seeing the sunrises and sunsets over the lake. I am trying not to let it get me down but...shrug

It's been an up and down weather week this week. Today has been beautiful though. It was cool enough to turn the air conditioning off and open up the windows. I love having a cool breeze with lovely fresh air flowing through the house. The sunshine helps too! I have been sitting in the garden watching some of the new arrivals beg their parents for food. They are so funny to watch. I have taken more photos than I've had time to sort through lol.

I've been doing lots of reading too. I shall have quite the pile of books to decide what to do with soon. I did actually get up into my craft room today too. I've been working on another one of the cereal box mini albums. I forget how much I enjoy crafting. Sometimes I just start feeling a little down and can't get a lot of motivation for anything. Is there something you do when you can't get motivated?

The weekend is supposed to bring nice weather. Husband and son are doing something tomorrow morning so I shall probably go for a walk by myself before Skyping Mum. Sunday we are going for a walk a little further afield as we are allowed more freedoms now. It will be good to go somewhere different for a walk!

Today's photo is a rabbit. They are plentiful where I walk in the mornings. I usually only see the tail end of them as they are hopping away. This one sat quietly for a minute before noticing me.


  1. Awesome picture. When you find out about the motivation thing...let me know...LOL

  2. I'm so sorry you've had to cancel your plans to go camping this weekend. Would you be able to be on a waiting list, so that if there is an opening due to a cancellation or something, you might be able to do some camping at short notice?


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