Thursday, June 25, 2020

Plodding Along

Can't believe another week is almost over. I've got a couple of moans to start off (scroll ahead if you'd rather not hear lol).

1. My foot cramps have got a lot worse the last couple of weeks. I'm not sure if this is due to heat or what. I'm been eating bananas, I thought I was drinking enough water and I have been out walking every day. There have been several nights I've woken up with such bad pains in my foot I've had to jump out of bed! I've always had them, but I find I usually get them after long travels. Just before writing this my left foot started cramping and I had to walk around the living/dining room to get rid of it. Maybe the heat? Maybe I haven't been drinking as much water as I think? 

2. Food Shopping. Groan. I didn't particularly like doing it before Covid-19 and I hate it even more now. It's hot out. I don't like wearing the mask (but I am going to continue to do so). The other day I was in the store and I felt as though I couldn't breathe. I ended up breathing really fast and left without some of things I needed. Sigh.

Those are my only moans (so far anyway!). I have been up in the craft room. I have finished the last album. I shall take photos and share tomorrow. I have been watching a Youtuber who does something called No Paper Left Behind for people who have masses of paper (I put my hand up here). She does wonderful tutorials of simple mini albums/booklets to make. I am going to try a couple. I have started on the stitching but (of course) I'm not sure I like the fabric I am doing it on. It's 14 count and looks as though it's going to be too big for what I want. I'm not sure I have 16 count which is what I'd prefer to do it on. 

Photo of the day : - one of the crows that comes to my garden. I posted this today to my Instagram account My Instagram and a couple of people thought it was hurt. It's not. It was sunning in the garden. Just minutes before it was eating, flying, cawing etc along with the others. There was another one not too far away all puffed up and happy. I guess even birds sun themselves!


  1. Some weeks, plodding is all we can do, isn't it?

    First, the foot cramps - try taking magnesium supplements. That's what the doctor told me to take for my hand cramps. I used to take 250 mg. per day, but, my doctor told me to take 500 mg. Now, my hands still cramp if I've been cutting up 5 lbs. of peaches and stirring a bit pot of chutney for a couple of hours, straight, but, otherwise, they don't. Also, keep track of how much water you are drinking. I've been told to drink 64 fl. oz. a day, minimum.

    As for grocery shopping - does any of your grocery stores offer curbside pick up? That's what I do. I order online and choose my pick up date and time (they usually require a 24-hr. period between ordering and pick up). Then, on the day of the pick up, usually as soon as the items have been picked, I get a text letting me know if they are out of something and possible substitutes. The store I shop at will charge the lower price if they have to substitute something. For example, I ordered store brand condensed cream of chicken soup (cheaper) and they didn't have any, and substituted name brand condensed cream of chicken soup (more expensive) and charged me the same as the cheaper store brand. If you are able to order curbside pick up, you won't have to go inside the store to shop and wear your mask, etc.

    Or, consider having the groceries delivered - but, there will be a charge for it. My daughter is having all her groceries delivered as she is not going shopping (she can't do curbside pick up because she doesn't have a car; she usually takes public transport).

    If you do the majority of the groceries through pick up or delivery, then, you will only have to go in for small items you might have forgotten, etc.

    The mockingbirds that come to my yard spread their wings just as the crow is doing in order to cast a shadow on the ground - it apparently tricks the insects into thinking it is evening and brings them out of their hiding places! I'm not sure how well it works, but, every so often, I see them pecking at something! Wonder if that's what the crow is also doing!

    1. Sorry, I wrote a book! That should be a "big" pot of chutney, not "bit".

  2. If you go for magnesium, another benefit for me is that I am now sleeping very much better. Cramps are nasty and I hope you find some relied. Is your sodium intake high enough?

    There was a blackbird doing the same thing on the lawn at my Dad's over the weekend. He looked blissfully happy!

  3. I have our shopping delivered takes away a lot of anxiety. Great photo.

  4. Many years ago I read that cramp could be an indication of salt deficiency as we all have reduced our salt intake. Cramp is horrible so I hope you do find out what is causing it.


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