Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Things Opening

The shops here reopened. To be honest it feels really weird walking into a store now. I hate crowds so tend to shop early so there isn't any waiting around in queues and whatnot. I just feel like I have a case of what my kids used to call the cooties. Everything is carefully wiped down when you use it, most people are wearing masks and people seem to give you a wide berth. I won't be shopping much I don't think. I have decided to stick to my once a week grocery shopping and will probably do the same for other shops - if I feel the need to go.

The park where I walk is a little quieter now that a lot of people are back at work. It is still busier than it used to be but at least the car park isn't full anymore (when I go early in the morning). I can walk for a while without seeing anyone which is nice. It's a great way to wake up and start the day.

It's been quite stormy here today. A strong storm came through last night - for less than 10 minutes - and we lost power from about 6pm last night until about 2am in the morning. We forgot what we had turned on so lights and other things came on lol. Son was sleeping in the living room as it gets really hot in his room upstairs. He does have a window air conditioner up there, but obviously with no power there was no cooling things down.

Photo for today. A lovely view to see as I try to wake up in the morning on my walk.


  1. Sending hugs and good vibes. Sometimes things seem so unreal. It's as if we are in some sort of play or re-enactment. You are awesome

  2. Lovely photo. Shops opened here, too, but, I am not going shopping in person. The virus is still here, it didn't go away, and I am still in the high risk group. I hope you stay safe. Take care.

  3. Shops just open up here too. However I think I realize I can live without shopping after all this time hunkered at home. I saving money and it feels good!

  4. A stunning view - I can't imagine a better 'waker-upper' than that view.

  5. Very beautiful spot for walking and waking


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