Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Dentist and Other Bits

 I had my dental appointment on Monday. I did okay. I had to have a filling in a very back tooth and it was quite difficult to get to. I felt at one point quite sick but I just tried to breathe through it and reminded myself that it was almost done. Ironically the bit that was the worst was polishing the tooth when done! I thought that perhaps my mouth would be sore today as it was wide open for a while but it actually feels pretty good. 

Today I had a haircut. I had it cut a bit shorter as we've had warmer weather recently and I was wearing it up all the time. Unfortunately today was a lot colder. We even had snowflakes.  Yikes. The couple of pot plants that I had outside I had husband bring in tonight as we have a freeze warning. Tomorrow is supposed to be bright and sunny (and cold) but there might be some nice frost to take photos of in the morning. I shall have to see. 

A little bit of news that I'm quite proud of. The local park where I walk asked permission to use one of my photos on the information boxes they have at the entrances to the park. Made me quite happy. 

My image is the one on the bottom right of the beaver. I was so pleased to see it. 

Tomorrow is Skype day with Mum. I will go into the day expecting ups and downs and feeling a little sad. I will try not to wallow in it or spend the rest of the day feeling sad. I hope she's having a happy day as I do like to see her smiling!


  1. Well done! Dentistry can be pretty traumatic. I'm glad it wasn't sore afterwards.
    And snow???? < shiver >

  2. Well done getting your photo published like that. It's funny but I never thought about the photographer when I walked past those kind of sign. I will from now on. I bet it was lovely getting the hair cut and the poorly tooth sorted. Enjoy your skype with your mum today and don't feel sad afterwards. Just smile and say 'I chatted with my mum today'. Then make yourself a nice cup of tea/coffee and relax.

  3. Well done on getting through the visit to the dentist! I hate having cavities filled!

    Congratulations on having one of your photos on display at the nature preserve! How wonderful is that?

    Hope your Skype call with your Mum goes well. (((HUGS)))

  4. Great job on getting your photo on the notice board. I expect it will be the first of many.

  5. We were without internet for almost 3 weeks!!! We have a new provider coming today...we are rural and in a "hole"...hard to ping off anything. I am happy to see your post today! Also, congrats on the park photo, you are so deserving of it! I hope your mum has a good day too...hugs!


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