Friday, April 2, 2021

Fail Again

 😕 Didn't do too well this week with keeping up with the blog!

April. Yikes. Where have the months gone? I've usually planned my trip home by now but with things such as they are things are up in the air. I shall just have to wait and see. I do want to get back to see Mum as soon as possible. 

My second vaccine dose is on Tuesday. I am looking forward to it. My middle son was able to get his first dose. He drove 30 miles for it, but thinks it was well worth it. When I spoke to him yesterday he said his arm was sore but that was it. I haven't spoken to him today yet but I hope that was all that he had. 

I Skyped with Mum on Wednesday. She's about the same. I'm not sure if some of why she's lacking motivation is that she doesn't want to go home. I think when she came down with Covid she had such a fever and trouble breathing that she was hallucinating. I really think she thought she was going to die in her chair and no-one would know. Sister took a video of her flat when she went to check on it and showed it to Mum but she didn't want to see it. Mum is still very confused and I'm not sure that's going to change. Sister spoke to the therapist who is coming again next Thursday and is going to try to talk to Mum about her flat. 

Now I remember why I didn't post. I was going to on Wednesday but after Skyping with Mum the post would have just been a rambling one about what's going on with Mum. I decided it was better not to do it. I really enjoy seeing and chatting with Mum but it makes me sad too as sometimes now she's such a different person. I keep saying to myself 'that's not what Mum would say'. I have to learn how to stop doing that. I am really glad she survived the Covid. 

Anyway, I shall end this post now before it does become a whole rambling post. I hope to be back tomorrow sounding a little more upbeat. 

Photo today: - 

Funny little squirrel. He knows there are peanuts up there, but he isn't sure how to get to them! 


  1. I'm glad you were able to Skype with your Mum, Sharon. Hope she continues to recover and show interest in her flat, etc. Perhaps reassure her that if she does return to her flat, someone will be checking on her a couple of times a day to make sure she's OK; maybe that will help?

    Aw, that squirrel is so cute!

  2. Sharon love, ramble away if you need to.I am more than happy to read your ramblings. Heck, I can ramble for Britain when the mood takes me.

  3. So sorry that there seems not to be much improvement with your Mum. This Covid thing is causing so many long term problems. Hope the therapist and the anti-depressants will help.

    It's no wonder that people love watching squirrels when the look so cute

  4. It must be so difficult for you being so far from your Mum at this time. Maybe if you can all get to the bottom of whether she's worried about going home and can set her mind at rest, you will start to see some improvement in her condition.


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